Landon wall

SingerLandon Wall is a 14 year old Country Music Artist from Trinity North Carolina. Landon regularly performs in Nashville, playing great songs like his ‘Lost Boys’ who he recently performed to Kelsea Ballerini. We are grateful to Landon for taking time to answer our questions.

Q. How old were you when you first started performing?
A. I was 7 when I first started performing musical theater.

Q. Whose your musical influence?
A. That’s a hard one …… I like the classics like Johnny Cash ,Merle Haggard . I love
Story songs like Garth Brooks sings, but I also love the new country Artists like
Chris Young , Brothers Osborne , Drake White, and Hunter Hayes .

Q. What do you like to do when your not playing music?
A. When I’m not playing music , I like chillin with friends and family, playing with my
dog ( Roscoe P Gravy-train ) playing video games and a little backyard football.

Q. If you could perform anywhere in the world what country would you choose?

A. Well , it would be great to travel the world and I’m sure I would enjoy seeing all the
sites, I would love to visit England but there’s no place I’d rather perform in
than right here in the good ‘ole’ USA.

Q. What’s your fav school subject?
A. That’s an easy one…My favorite school subject is Music .

Q. What was the last movie you saw?
A. The last movie I watched was AWESOME!! It was , “l can only imagine “ A movie
based on the life of the person who wrote the song .

Q. What’s your fav song in the charts at the moment?
A. My favorite song in the charts right now is “shoot me straight “ by Brothers
Osborne .


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