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Belz is a new 18-year-old emerging pop artist that began singing when she was five years old. Growing up being inspired by her favorite artists including Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, Judith Hill, Tori Kelly, Michael Jackson, Demi Lovato, and more, Belz was always singing and performing around the house.

When she was ten years old, she signed up for voice, piano, and guitar lessons, and she has been developing herself as an artist ever since. When she was twelve, she wrote her first song, and this changed her life.

Belz considers songwriting one of her greatest creative outlets, and she has performed her songs and cover songs in numerous music competitions throughout her career around New England. In fact, her favorite aspect of being a musician is performing. Through studying classical and jazz piano, being pushed by her music teachers, and taking workshop sessions in the summer at Berklee College of Music, Belz has been able to grow even more as an artist and discover her specific sound and direction.

In addition to this, her journey has given her the opportunity to collaborate with many talented songwriters in Nashville who have helped her get to where she is today, and that is releasing her own songs for the world to hear! Belz is extremely excited for what’s to come, and looks forward to sharing new music.


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MT/Danielle: Who are some of your musical influences? When did you know music was your calling and when did you figure out why you needed to pursue music as your career?

Belz: Some of my musical influences are Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Judith Hill, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson, Demi Lovato, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Tori Kelly, Anthony Ramos, and Bruno Mars. Their songs have always resonated with me, just as I hope my songs resonate with others. I knew music was my calling by listening to these artists and feeling so inspired, but more specifically when I performed in front of my first grade class for the first time. I prepared “Love Song” by Sara Bereilles and stood in front of my fellow students and sang it, and that is when I knew that music was something I was meant to pursue as a career. The joy I got from performing that day was something I will never forget, and it pushed me to sign up for music lessons and begin to perform locally. Performing is what really solidified my dreams in my mind.


MT: How long have you been singing and performing for?

Belz: I have been singing since I was 5 years old and have been performing locally since I was 10.


MT: Who do you enjoy listening to as a fan?

Belz: As a fan I love listening to Bruno Mars, Tori Kelly, Ariana Grade, Judith Hill, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, and more. I also have a soft spot for Broadway Musicals and listening to those soundtracks, including Wicked, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and Disney Musicals on Broadway.


MT: When was your very first recording and release?

Belz: “Dirty Sneakers” was actually my very first recording and release! I recorded the song in July of 2020 and released it February 12, 2021!


MT: You recently released your single “Dirty Sneakers.”.  Can you explain how this more about the meaning of the song and how it ties into your music goals?

Belz: “Dirty Sneakers”…. “Dirty Sneakers” is a fun song about a girl who really likes this hardworking guy, but he is with another girl who is the type of person that is always begging him for stuff and complaining, and she’s just not his type. The girl that the song’s point-of-view is from is trying to convey that she is not afraid to be herself and “get her hands dirty” and just have some fun! That is where the “dirty sneakers” comes from. The song is very playful and fun and honestly geared to make people feel confident about being themselves. That is honestly my goal with my music and main priority. I want people to be able to resonate with my music, and sometimes that might not be exactly in the lyrics. Sometimes that could be a feeling that the song gives off, and I think “Dirty Sneakers” is that type of song that gives off a happy and confident vibe that anyone can relate to. I want to make catchy music that sticks with people for reasons such as the feeling they get while listening to it or their love for the melody or production. I think to make others happy is the ultimate goal in the grand scheme of things. When others are happy because of my music, I, as a result, am happy. As far as my music goals, I hope my music reaches people globally and people enjoy listening.

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MT: How old are you now and how old were you when you wrote your first song? Can you describe your current sound? Has your sound changed since you wrote your first song?

Belz: I am 18-years-old now and wrote my first song when I was 12. My first song was definitely memorable to say the least, as it was about my love for singer Harry Styles from One Direction. While my sound was very different at 12 years old, I think it is fair to say it has definitely matured. Lyrically the words I write are more in touch with my deepest feelings, and the concepts I come up with have become far more creative. 12-year-old me would have never thought of calling a song “Dirty Sneakers” and coming up with a fun concept that doesn’t literally mean sneakers that are dirty. My ideas have definitely branched outside of the box. I think my current sound falls in the pop category for sure and is catchy and simply fun.


MT: How has performing helped you as an artist? Do you have a favourite performance to date and why?

Belz: My performances have been really amazing experiences for me and great opportunities to grow. I think while performing I am never focused on hitting every note, but I trust that if I concentrate on what I am actually singing and feeling the words and the meaning, then I will give a great performance because of that connection. In addition to this, I am a firm believer in the idea that if I am connected to my music, other people can connect to it. With every live performance I have felt growth in my abilities and confidence, and I am grateful for that. I think my favorite performance was at a competition at the Hard Rock Café in Boston, and I sang two songs while playing them on piano: “Angel in the Dark” by Judith Hill, and “Building a Ladder” by Hiatus Kaiyote. This was my favorite performance because it is by far when I have felt the most connected to the music during any performance. When I got off the stage I didn’t even care what place I came in or what awards I got because I was honestly proud of myself and happy with what I was just able to convey. When I am connected, the performance is just automatically 10x better, and I will always remember that moment. I did happen to win first place at that competition too, which was a confidence booster for sure.


MT: What has been your biggest challenge in your music career so far? How did you overcome that obstacle?

Belz: While I am really all about promoting self-love and confidence, I will admit that I think my biggest challenge in my music career so far has been a lack of that sometimes with myself. There are times when I have doubted my music and ability because I am uncertain of the outcome that will come after a release. It is a feeling of vulnerability that has been challenging to deal with. However, I have overcome that obstacle through reminders that I am proud of what I am doing, and I am happy because I love what I am doing, and that is enough. I had to get over that leap of not caring too much of what other people may or may not be thinking.


MT: From what you have learned about your challenges in the music business, what advice would you like to give upcoming new artists?

Belz: I would give the advice to be consistent and be confident in yourself and your abilities. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything. I would also say keep practicing and working hard because that is what will make you better with each performance or each song, and it is so important. Never give up on your dreams! Study the greats and conform that into something original and artistically you.


MT:   Besides singing, do you play any musical instruments? How long have you been playing them?

Belz: Yes! I play piano and guitar and have been playing since I was 10 years old. I was trained on classical and jazz piano, so piano is definitely my strong suit out of the two instruments.


MT: What’s a typical day for you? Do you work on your music every day? What other activities or hobbies besides music do you like to do that your fans may like to know about?

Belz: A typical day begins with waking up and going to school until 2:30. I try to work on my music every day, whether it be starting a new song or networking for my music because it is really important to me that I do something I love every day. As I take all Honors and AP courses, I have loads of homework, so scheduling is very important so that I can fit everything I want to in a day. For me music is always a way to take off so much stress and forget about reality, so I try to work on it every day. Besides music, I am captain of football and basketball cheerleading at my high school, so I go to practice twice a week and games every Friday! Cheer is super fun and another outlet for me. Lastly, I love to read murder mysteries at night and watch horror movies.

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MT:   You have another song which was out on March 26. What would you like fans to know about the meaning behind the music on your latest single? Where can fans find  your music when it is released?

Belz: My next song is called “Tip of My Tongue” and I think it is such a cool song because I feel like at some point everyone will be able to relate to it. It is about a girl who likes this guy but can’t find the words to say so, as if the words are stuck on the tip of her tongue. You know what you want to say but can’t seem to get it out, and that is what this song is about. I think most people can relate to that feeling, so I am excited to see what everyone thinks! Fans can find my music on all digital music stores and streaming platforms including Spotify, apple music, iTunes, amazon music, and more.


MT:    Do you have any up-coming performances you would like fans to know about? Is there anything else you would like to announce for your fans or anything you would like them to know? 

Belz: Unfortunately, because of the pandemic I do not have any upcoming performances, but I look forward to a time where I can start playing shows again and performing live for people! I would love my fans or anyone that has been supportive of my journey to know that I can’t even describe how thankful I am for your continuous support and motivation. It means the world and makes me want to work even harder.


MT: Do you have any specific rituals or do anything specific before you head out on stage or even before you record your vocals in the studio?

Belz: The night before a performance I do this thing called Creative Visualization, which is the process of manifesting a situation the way you want it to happen. I visualize the way I want my performance to go and put only positive energy into that thought. I do a similar thing before recording vocals in the studio, but of course I know that visualizing it is not enough, as practice is necessary for a good outcome! However, creative visualization always seems to provide comfort and confidence.


MT: Where can people see you perform next; are you planning on taking your music out to the fans?

Belz: Sadly because of the pandemic I do not have a schedule to perform live, but as soon as things start opening up and venues start allowing it, I will be the first one there! I would love for anyone that likes my music to come and hear it live, as that is my favorite thing to do!


MT: Thank you so much for your time Belz, I really appreciate it and all the very best with ‘Dirty Sneakers’!

Thank you for this opportunity!!

Indie Pop Teen Belz Sings on The Tip Of Your Tongue










Indie Pop Teen Belz Sings on The Tip Of Your Tongue

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