Alyssa Marie Coon

SingerAlyssa Marie Coon may describe herself as quiet and shy, but this singer/songwriter/musician from Florida is already making great strides in the music industry.

The 13 year old musician plays piano, drums, guitar and ukulele. She is so passionate about her music she plans to add even more instruments to her list of possibilities.

With music as a huge part of Alyssa’s life for as long as she can remember, she recalls entertaining her family on car rides with her singing of the songs from the Wizard of Oz by age two.

Much to the family’s surprise Alyssa was on key and had every word memorised.

Knowing music would continue to be part of her life forever, Alyssa started taking voice and piano lessons at age 6 allowing her self-confidence to grow.

Don’t mistake her reserve personality for lack of self-assurance, because Alyssa has been performing at local events and for charities since she began her formal lessons.

Enrolled in a performing arts school as a vocal major, Alyssa also sings in chorus, chorale and girls ensemble. However, Alyssa’s talents don’t end there.

Since she loves and listens to all varieties of music, Alyssa applies that to her lessons as well. Always striving to improve her voice and challenge herself she has vocal lessons in and can sing and play classical, opera, folk, country and pop music.

Regardless of genre, Alyssa loves to learn the meaning behind songs and why they were written. Expressive music encourages Alyssa to write impactful music of her own. Her accomplishments have provided her with opportunities to play at various venues, events and competitions throughout the state of Florida. Recently she became part of Phil Collins’ Little Dreams Foundation.

Music has benefited Alyssa in all aspects of her life. Music has given her the ability to memorize things quickly, site read and has given her a photographic memory.

Since Alyssa can’t stop thinking about music, she has made her motto: “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it”.

Alyssa is working towards her dreams every day. She stresses not to let anyone stop you.

Alyssa can be quoted as saying “Only you can make your dreams a reality by working and not accepting no for an answer. Focus on your dreams and don’t worry about what others are doing. Learn from others but don’t compare yourself to others. Be supportive of others and they will support you. Stay away from negativity.”

When Alyssa is not working on music, she enjoys photography, playing volleyball and getting together with my friends. One thing is definitely clear. No matter what Alyssa is doing, she is well on her way of accomplishing her goal of being a professional musician.

There is no doubt that we will continue to see Alyssa’s name more and more in the music industry.

She is definitely here to stay.






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