Alyssa Lynn, Dual Finalist Nominee For Nashville Universe Awards

Alyssa lynn


This 16 year old natural born singer / songwriter has “country” in her blood. She may be growing up up in a small town outside of Knoxville, TN, but there is nothing small about her distinct vocal style. She has an EP coming soon, so make sure you check out her release plans. I had the pleasure of meeting Alyssa Lynn at the Nashville Universe Awards and I agree that her dynamic personality will carry her far! We caught up again for this interview and this is what Alyssa had to say:

Danielle: You are known for your distinct vocal style. Who are your vocal inspirations and why?

Alyssa Lynn:

Vocally my inspirations are the Dixie Chicks and Miranda Lambert because of their range and their voice characteristics fit my voice well. 

Danielle:  Like your inspiration Dolly Pardon, you are becoming a role model by finding ways to give back. Can you tell your fans more about how you sing as a volunteer?

Alyssa Lynn:

I am part of an organization called “Musicians on Call”. This organization sends artists to hospitals all around the United States to sing to the patients. The organization requires the artists to be at least 16 years old so I just started volunteering with them. I will be singing at pediatric hospitals which can range from infants to 20-21 year olds. The age group that I plan on focusing towards is people my age because teenagers are harder to reach. Little kids typically don’t fully understand why they’re in there and are just happy hearing you sing. Teenagers usually shut people out and think the worst. I know what it feels like to be hooked up to an IV and see doctors for months at a time so my goal is to show teenagers that no matter what they are going through, they can get through it and still do what they love to do because I got through it for the past 3 years doing what I love to do and that’s music.

Danielle: Congratulations, because you made the final Nashville Universe Awards nominations in not just one, but two categories, Rising Star of the Year and Song of The Year. What was your initial reaction when you saw your name on the list and to attend the awards?

Alyssa Lynn:

“Wow” was my first reaction because this was my first time being nominated for anything and my first award ceremony. I was honored to be nominated and I loved getting to meet new people and also meet some of the people that I have communicated with before. I would love to go back next year, even if I’m not nominated again or don’t win again. I would love to go back and meet more people and see the performances.

Danielle: You have participated in singing competitions since you were 4 years old. How have the singing competitions helped move your career forward and explain the excellent opportunity that you were given at age 14 when you were found at a competition by a representative from PCG Nashville.

Alyssa Lynn:

When I was four, I started singing at this really small karaoke place. That helped me figure out my career because I loved singing in front of people. When I was 7 I finally figured out that singing actually could be a career. My first biggest competition was for Taylor Swift tickets when I was 6 years old. I came in second to a 30 year old. The competitions gave me the opportunity to grow and figure out song choices. At 14 years old I was singing in a competition and one of the judges gave me a pamphlet with the information for PCG which is an artist development company. I signed with them at 15. This past January makes 1 year since I have signed with them. They have helped me a lot with my performance skills and my confidence. Before them I didn’t know how to do interviews or how to talk to people. Because of them I have been able to continuously grow.

Danielle: What’s next for you? Are you currently working on an EP? Do you have any performance dates / locations coming up that you would like to share with fans?

Alyssa Lynn:

I have been working on my very first EP album. It comes out May 27th. My song “You Keep Me Wild” is on it. I’m having a big party in Florida to release it. Also, I will have merchandise and my CD’s will be on my website soon. There will also be an option when you buy anything, that you can have me sign it before we ship it. I’m really excited because I don’t think that there’s really anything like that out there right now. As far as my tour goes, I will be doing a tour starting with my Florida release party where I will be doing a 45 minute acoustic performance of my album. Next, I’ll be in Marion Kansas for Drake White and Montgomery Gentry. After that I will be in Rich Hill Missouri for John Michael Montgomery, July 20th. Next, I will be in Hillsboro Missouri opening up for Montgomery Gentry again. I also have a couple more dates in the works but they aren’t official yet.






Alyssa Lynn, Dual Finalist Nominee For Nashville Universe Awards

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