How To Download Youtube Videos For Free?

How To Download Youtube Videos For Free?

Entertainment is the lifeblood of creativity, imagination, and fun in life. No one can deny the fact that listening to good music, watching entertaining and informative movies, and learning new skills online can help people grow in their respective fields. YouTube is among the best streaming platforms that have enabled people to achieve all these goals. However, many people don’t have 24/7 access to the internet and can only use it at specific timings. How can they make the most out of their limited internet access? Downloading youtube videos when they are online can help them stay informed and entertained even if they’re offline. This article shows how anyone can download youtube videos for free, so keep reading!

Use Your Smartphone

Portability and ease of use are the two biggest reasons why people use smartphones. And most internet users prefer using their mobiles to watch videos online. However, as mentioned earlier, limited internet access is why many people can’t make the most out of their online time. A youtube downloader app can help them download videos for offline infotainment. SaveFrom offers a great smartphone app that allows smartphone users to download videos on their mobiles. These are some of the amazing features of the SaveFrom android app:


  • This app is available free of cost. 
  • You can download any video in all the available formats. 
  • You can download videos from YouTube and various websites with it. 
  • Using this app, you can manage all the videos you have downloaded. 
  • SaveFrom android app doesn’t put a watermark on the download videos. 
  • This app features a background downloading option for seamless productivity.

On Your Desktop 

Even with all the superior features of using smartphones, desktop PCs and laptops are still the No.1 priority of power users. Watching videos is always better on a bigger screen, and this is why movie lovers prefer laptops/PCs over smartphones. But the limited access to the internet can even limit desktop users from enjoying infotainment when they are offline. Desktop users can download the SaveFrom helper app to easily download videos from youtube and all popular platforms. This app is 100% free and doesn’t feature any subscription plans as well. Using this app, you can ensure that you are connected to the world of entertainment even when you’re not using the internet. 

From Your Browser

People running low on storage space may not want to install the desktop client of SaveFrom video downloader. The best solution for such people is to use the browser extension of the SaveFrom website. SaveFrom is the most-trusted platform for downloading videos because it supports all major platforms and lets the user download videos in all available formats. After adding this desktop extension, you will see a “Download” button on all the supported websites. You can click on the button to download your desired video within seconds (depending on your internet speed) without installing any app. 

Follow these steps to get the “Download” button on YouTube and various other websites:


  • Visit the Google Web Store. 
  • Install the Chameleon Extension in your browser. 
  • Now visit the Opera add ons website and add the “ Helper” extension. 

Boom! Now you will see a “Download” button on the supported websites to quickly save your desired videos. 

Download Instagram Videos

Instagram has been the Torch-bearer for years in the fashion and entertainment industry. Most people follow celebs and influencers on this platform to stay in touch with the latest in fashion. However, like YouTube and other mainstream services, you can’t download videos from Instagram by default. But you can download instagram video on both your desktop and mobile devices by using the methods mentioned above. 


How To Download Youtube Videos For Free?