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Xylo Aria is a singer, producer, entrepreneur and true visionary. Born in India, identifying with Australia but residing in the UK, Xylo brings her global perspective into her music and everything she does. Her journey in mu-sic began during her formative years while being introduced to traditional Indian Car-natic music by her grandmother. Sparking her interest, she began creating originals at the age of 12 and collaborating with numer-ous Melbourne based producers. This lead to her debut EP release, Arrow, followed by the single Paradigm both of which got significant coverage on Australian publications including Tonedeaf, Music Talks and Australian Music Scene as well as radio coverage on numer-ous independent radios such as PBS and Tri-ple R.

In 2017 Xylo took the decision to produce her own music, after which she released her first self produced track Pig which was the first of a few tracks with an environmental message. The track was hailed as “A haunting slice of downtempo electronica dealing with some heady issues” by music blog Pile Rats and it did indeed have a unique ambient quality which would soon become her signa-ture.

After the release of collaboration track MRI, Xylo began reflecting on the hardships she faced as a female musician working with a choice of only male producers and also the challenges of learn-ing to self produce one’s music in an area of music which was heavily dominated by men. This self-reflection planted the seed for the online education platform MPW – Music Production for Women. Launched in 2019, which she founded and created.

MPW was created to go beyond the realms of educating women, and become a movement in the music industry which would empower and encourage more women to take their first steps into music technology. Within it’s first few months of conception MPW has been asked to participate in a Lever-hulme Trust funded study undertaken by Portsmouth University exploring the causes of female un-der-representation in music production, featured in numerous podcasts and included in various arti-cles on the topic and received support from music software giant, Ableton Live. The MPW workshops

will be taken on tour through Europe in August 2019. Xylo’s sheer determination and persistence in proactively equipping any interested women with the skills she needs to enter music production is truly inspirational. “It’s time we started empowering ourselves and each other, if we wait for others to provide the stepping stone, we’ll be waiting forever” she says. Logo





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Greed Album Cover

Xylo Aria and Stacey Foxx release their brand new collaboration track, ‘Greed’.


“I’m beyond excited about getting this track out into the world! I’d love for it to be an enjoyable way of starting conversations about environmental topics that are close to my heart”, says Xylo Aria, Melbourne artist and founder of online education platform MPW – Music Production for Women. 


The collaboration came together in the eastern boroughs of London where Aria and Foxx decided to combine their separate influences of ambient, electronic and lo fi hip hop. “Stacey and I had so much fun piecing this track together and creating the music video for it. I hope that that translates to everyone that listens to it!” 


Premiering on the 10th of July, the music video, shot by videographer Becky Dorgan of BooTV is an artistic feat in itself and conveys a strong message of minimalism within a world of over consumption. For the track to have a tangible impact, Aria and Foxx have introduced a #GreedGarbJuly Challenge to encourage listeners to not purchase any new clothes for the month of July. 


Xylo Aria is well known for her downtempo and ambient production but the slight R&B/Pop influences in this track adds a refreshing element to her sound. Her EP ‘So Far’ to be released in the following months will continue to shed light on important topics using music as a medium. 

Foxx and Aria are likely to extend their partnership with follow up works with heavier Hip Hop influences.  


Tour dates 

1.08.19 – Urgen Disk Records, Geneva 

4.08.19 – Kulturehaus, Bielefeld 


XYLO ARIA – On The Buses






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Music Production for Women: a Revolutionary Initiative by Xylo Aria



London-based artist and entrepreneur Xylo Aria has launched an innovative learning platform with an aim of improving the horrendous statistic of female music producers, currently at 5%.

Writing music since age 12, Indian born Xylo eventually took the decision to produce her own music, and after a period of experimenting and tutorials, released her first self-produced single in 2018, Pig. Her tracks have received significant coverage on publications in home country, Australia, including Tonedeaf, Music Talks and Australian Music Scene as well as radio cover-age on numerous radio stations such as PBS and Triple R.

Reflecting on her own experiences as a female musician relying on other producers and the challenges of learning a skill in an area which is so heavily male dominated planted the seed to empower other women in similar situations.

After the tragic and unexpected loss of a close friend, Xylo quit her job and began developing Music Production for Women. Xylo believes the Music Production for Women course and community will instil confidence in other women to help realise and achieve their artistic potential.

“It’s time we started empowering ourselves and each other, if we wait for others to provide the stepping stone, we’ll be waiting forever” she says.

The Music Production for Women platform utilises Ableton Live, who have generously pro-vided a 40% discount to any MPW members. The course consists of a free online introductory masterclass, access to the web training portal, the online community and full email support & monthly group calls. MPW are currently planning workshops in UK and Europe as well as a podcast for which they are open to sponsors.


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