Indie Folk Rockers Union Duke are Back with the Atlas Of Love

Indie Band

The brand new tune from Union Duke, “Atlas Of Love,” is an ode to everyone who feels like a burden in their relationship.

What begins as a mellow, chugging acoustic number soon travels through introspective verses and a sing-along chorus before wrapping up in a wistful blanket of organ and pedal steel.

Produced by Jeff Hazin, “Atlas Of Love” was recorded between his studio and Toronto’s Taurus Recording. The organ and pedal steel is definitely a departure from our previous work, but it still maintains the pieces that make up our trademark sound – catchy melodies, thoughtful lyricism, and powerful vocal harmonies.

Union Duke are More than just bandmates, they are also best friends.

Union Duke

: a raucous collision of alt-rock and twang, bringing crowds to their feet with songs from the heart.


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Indie Folk Rockers Union Duke are Back with the Atlas Of Love

Impressive Debut Single from Folk Pop Band The Pairs






Indie Folk Rockers Union Duke are Back with the Atlas Of Love

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Union Duke’s New Single ‘123’ A Desperate Act Of Escapism: Whiskey & Sleeping In

Indie Band

Union Duke’s latest single, “123,” is a tune about modern apathy.
“The original plan was to write a balls-to-the-wall drinking diddy with shades of psychedelia and no social commentary – apparently, we’re too jaded for that now.”


Pretty quickly, it turned into a song about being young and getting drunk as a desperate act of escapism. “123” is basically Brave New World: The Song.
Instead of soma, it’s whiskey and sleeping in.


Jeff Hazin produced the track between his own studio and Toronto’s Taurus Recording.
You can hear Alan Zemaitis featured on the organ.


In the two years since our last record,

Golden Days , we’ve been steadily travelling and unravelling across the country. Now, we’re ready to share our lessons learned.

Keep your ears, eyes and hearts peeled for even more new songs of love, distance, heartache and revelry over the coming months.

a half-ton truckload of foot stomping folk rock From union Duke

Single Cover

Union Duke



From Toronto, Ontario, comes a cool band of “five guys, twenty-four beers and a half-ton truckload of foot stomping folk rock”. And this new song of theirs is in line with their motto and will not fail to put a big smile on your face.

With an enthusiasm and youthful energy that is highly communicative, this song cleverly alternates between a swing beat and a ternary slow waltz. It’s simple but efficient in how it helps propelling the song’s upbeat parts especially the “ladidadida” extended gang vocals, which concludes the song in orgasmic fashion.

The instrumentation here is stripped back to one acoustic, one electric guitar, bass / drums, and a banjo, in line with their goal of reviving Canadian’s folk music, yet it works really well, leaving room for the vocals telling its tale of hitting the road, making it back in one piece, the desperate high/lows in between when you’re back to your true love. If you’re not sure about what folk-rock is about and feel that a modern indie take could do the trick then this song, and this band, is for you.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




Get the song on Bandcamp at:


Infectious & Superb Indie NEW SINGLE from ‘Union Duke’ LADIDADIDA


Indie Folk Band

In the age of streaming and instant gratification, old traditions of Canadian folk music are all but forgotten by today’s young music lovers. We may be young ourselves, but we’ve sure got stories to tell.


Let this be that rambling road, weary song that’s stuck in your head while you drive the last stretch home. Our new single, “Ladidadida,” is the story leaving behind what you love; the unbridled bliss of making it back in one piece, the desperate highs/lows in between.


Sometimes songs take a long time. Sometimes they come out of you like they already existed. “Ladidadida” was written in about five minutes and aside from arranging it as a band, the song itself changed very little from inception to now.


Ladidadida” is a gateway for those unfamiliar to all that folk music has to offer. We want it to restore faith in those nostalgic for the past that the traditions of folk will live on in good hands.


Why can’t folk music be youthful and energetic while also being folk?
Why can’t modern indie music contain great stories and tender lyrics?


Union Duke- ‘Ladidadida’