Progressive Grunge band Underwing shows diversity in their latest release

Progressive Grunge Band Underwing Shows Diversity In Their Latest Release

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The band released “Progressive” on the 5th of November which showcase exactly where their self-claimed genre “Progressive Grunge”.

Underwing released their second EP “Spirals” on the 1st of June this year, followed by an extensive tour from June-August to promote the new release. After playing the final show on their “Spirals Tour”, the band has been hitting the studio regularly to write and record new music.


 2019 has been a great year for Underwing, they’ve been touring a lot, multiple tracks has surpassed respectively 200k and 100k streams on Spotify – and they’re finally getting some international buzz. Now they are back with yet another release to keep things interesting.


The song in question is a slightly different version of the title track from their latest EP “Spirals”. This version of the song “Spirals” is toned a bit down instrumentally, giving more room for the introspective nature of the lyrics.

It’s name, “Spirals (Underswing Sessions)” hails from an idea the band had back in 2018 about a band with the same members and same songs as Underwing, but packed into a more mellow mix of genres that the individual band members like, such as funk, ambient music, swing and eastern music. The alter-ego band is called Underswing, and the idea of the whole concept was inspired by The Beatles and their Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band.


The band puts it like this: Underswing is Underwing’s happy go-lucky little brother who likes to dance.

The release features a music video recorded in a mine from old industrial times in their home town of Arendal, on the southern coast of Norway. The cave was also presumably used as a trench during the war.


Progressive Grunge Band Underwing Shows Diversity In Their Latest Release



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