Classic Pop Rock For ‘All Of Us’ From The Rallies


Indie Rock Band Album Cover

The Rallies

“All of Us” from the “Upside Down” Album

In the doom and gloom world we’re leaving, it’s sometimes hard to find music that’s uplifting and genuinely fun… If you’re nostalgic for the kind of classic pop rock that started with The Beatles up and until Tom Petty, you’re going to love the new The Rallies album!

Jangly guitars, great harmonies, fun tune, positive message, and the kind of timeless sound that will bring a smile on your face, it’s all there! With this “All of Us” song, they are bringing the best of the fab four epic, starting with vocal harmonies, and a hooky chorus that’s in line with “All you need is love” with its positive memorable message.

The whole album packs up great songs one after another, and you can’t help bobbing your head and singing along to the simple yet extremely effective hooks. There’s no pretense in that collection: just great songs, delivered with conviction and a production that’s modern enough not to be confused with 70s parody. Well worth extended listen, if you ask me!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating


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