Teenage Indie Artist Aut Ratchaphom A Natural Talent

Aut Ratchaphom

Aut Ratchaphom is an 18 years old Thai-Australian singer-songwriter and an independent pop artist.

When he was almost 13, Ratchaphom became a big fan of Taylor Swift. Then 4 years later, Swift’s music, songwriting and musical talents inspired him to play guitar/piano and become a singer-songwriter like her.

Aut’s music and songwriting have always been inspired by the main pop artists such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and many more. On 29th of February 2020, Ratchaphom released his debut and a self-written album ‘LeadOFF’ on the major streaming services.

 Teenage Indie Artist Aut Ratchaphom A Natural TalentIndie Artist Teen Talksreams Of Playing at the Greek Theatre

MT: Who are some of your musical influences? When did you know music was your calling and when did you figure out why you needed to pursue music as your career?

Aut: My musical influences is Pop, rock, country and a little bit of R/B. I’m always interested in music since I was a kid, but for some reason I hate the ideas of becoming a musician, because my dad’s family side are all musicians maybe that’s why I don’t want to become one and wanted to do something different. However, things started to change when I was 15 almost 16 when my bestie who was in school’s music specialist program heard me singing and asked me whether I would want to join the program and be a singer for his band. I said yes because why not. Later, I began to sing seriously, took some singing lessons and started to play guitar which later it got me to write songs. The more songs that wrote the more I realised that this is something that I specialise at and not many people can do it. Plus, it’s something I enjoy doing it the most. Music for me right now is already part of my life and I just can’t do anything without thinking about it. I wanna perform in a big stadium and have millions of fan enjoyed my music as much as I do. Also, I want to sing, write a song/s and perform with my idol Taylor Swift. So yeah that’s the brief story of my life in music.


MT: Who do you enjoy listening to as a fan?

Aut: Definitely Taylor Swift. The one and only artist that got me started to sing and write songs.


MT: When did you first record and step into a studio and how did you feel?

Aut: My first time that I first recorded was in February 2019. It was for my first song that I released ‘Move On’. It was done in school studio, but somehow I felt really excited to the facts that after I finished recording the song I will finally have at least a song to put out for the whole world to hear.


MT: Do you write your own songs? How did you discover the art of writing songs?

Aut: Definitely I write my own songs and it’s something that I’m really good at. I write songs base on my love experience, my past romance, sometimes by movie that I watched or other people story. I actually got forced to write a song when I was in music program for my final assignment. Which later got me to continue writing it from then.


MT: Can you explain a little bit about your song-writing process?

Aut: I find my song writing process is really easy though. It’s also really depend on a song, but mostly I always got the song titles first and begin to play some random guitar chords and sing some random melodies at the same times with a specific word that I was thinking of at the moment. When I feel that it’s something I was looking for or accidentally sing out some cool melodies then I started to put the lyrics in it.


Indie Artist

MT: You have just released your debut album, ‘LeadOFF’, can you tell us what this album is about and do you have a favourite song? 

Aut: I hope you enjoy the album. Well, I didn’t come up with the ideas for LeadOFF at first until I wrote ‘Don’t Worry About Me’ and ‘All You Ever Do Is Let Me Down’, because these two songs described how’s I was being attacked by some people whose telling me that music isn’t the right choice for me and I won’t make it to wherever I wanna be. So, I was like well this is such a great theme for my first album. I was gonna name it Origin but on the same day my favourite band Imagine Dragons announced the name for their upcoming album and it said Origin and I was like No I have to change the name and I found a new name for it which is LeadOFF. My initial thought was damn it’s such a cool name and nobody got this name on their album yet. The reason why I picked LeadOFF is because I believe that this album will lead me off to some where in music industry either soon or later but definitely somewhere in the industry which later will land me into the place that I dreamt to be. You can’t start off the football game without a kickoff, the plane won’t fly if it didn’t take off and my journey in-music won’t start until LeadOFF. My favourite song on the album is Cruel Summer, because it got the whole 80s vibe in it and I’m a big fan of 80s music. I planned to make a whole 80s album for my fifth Studio Album, because you know I need to bring back some OLD SCHOOL vibe back for the world to hear.


MT: Who produced the album and where was it recorded? What did you learn from recording your first album?

Aut: The producers that assisted me to produced this album are: Renea Moso (11 Songs), Thomas Crogan (Move On), Chanon Paopatimakorn (Slow Motion). It was all record at home except for Slow Motion and Move On, they were recording at the school studio. There are many things that I’ve learned from it, but one main thing is I learned how use my vocal, learned how to sing on key and time and got to say after I finished recording the album my vocal has been improved so much.


MT: What has been your biggest challenge in your music career so far? How did you overcome that obstacle?

Aut: Only obstacle is the money. I don’t have anyone sponsor me, because I’m an Independent artist at the moment. I got no label to support me. So, what do is I worked at the restaurant to earn the money so that I have the money to pay for music production. Everyday I keep telling myself that I have to do it for music and of course many time I cry and many times I was thinking about giving up, because I was so tired working there, but if I don’t work I won’t have the money to make music. That’s how I overcome it by stay positive, stay passionate and stay inspiring.


MT: From what you have learned about your challenges in the music business so far and what advice would you like to give upcoming young independent artists?

Aut: I’m just gonna tell them to keep passionate about it, don’t give up, stay inspiring and keep it going.


MT:   Besides singing, do you play any musical instruments? How long have you been playing them?

Aut: I play guitar and piano when I was 15. I picked them up the same time when I started to sing seriously.


MT: What’s a typical day for you? Do you work on your music every day? What other activities or hobbies besides music do you like to do that your fans may like to know about?

Aut: Well, I finished writing my second album now and finished writing the draft for my third album already. Right now I’m just doing some side projects like writing some droplet songs that won’t be on any album and do some research on music industry.


MT: Have you performed live? Are there plans for any live shows after our lockdowns?

Aut: I had and I was planning to do some gigs but it’s all canceled because of corona.


MT: Thank you so much for your time Aut, I really appreciate it and all the very best



A bright Future for Junior Eurovision Star Efi Gjika

A bright Future for Junior Eurovision Star Efi Gjika


Teenage Indie Artist Aut Ratchaphom A Natural Talent

A Bright Future for Junior Eurovision Star Efi Gjika

Efi Gjika

When you’re at the age of 11 and have already found your passion in life, many adults would realise just how lucky you already are. 

Efi Gjika is one young lady who is barely into her teen years and not only knows what her passion is, but seems to have it all worked out as to what’s important in life; have fun, do what you love and use the freedom to express your big imaginations. 

After Efi competed in the Junior Eurovision contest in 2018, there was no stopping this young talent, as you will read from our interview, Efi has a bright future filled with determination and confidence.

Julia Jade Teen Indie Artist DJunior Eurovision Artistreams Of Playing at the Greek Theatre

MT: Hello Efi. Can you tell us how old you are, where you are from and who are some of your musical influences?

Efi: Hello Music Talk, My name is Efi Gjika and i am 11 years old.I am from a country in Europe named Albania. Some of the artists that influenced on my musical taste are Alan Walker, Imagine Dragons, ect.


MT: How long have you been singing and performing for?

Efi: I have been singing for as long as I can remember. Music has always been my passion. My first performance was in the musical “Frozen” as the main protagonist Elsa.


MT: Who do you enjoy listening to as a fan?

Efi: I enjoy listening to different artists, my favorite one although would be Demi Lovato and Little Mix.


MT: When was your very first recording and release?

Efi: My first song was “Barbie” and it was first presented on Junior Eurovision competition 2018.


MT: You recently released your single ‘Cool Kids’.  Can you tell us who wrote ‘Cool Kids’ and more about the meaning of the song?

Efi: The song is written by Ada Satka and as for the meaning of the song, it’s about the kids all around the world and how they pass their everyday life. It’s mostly about dancing, having fun, singing, visiting new places and most important of all expressing their imagination.


Junior Eurovision Star

MT: Is there a message you hope to make people aware of with your music?

Efi: With my music I would like to inspire young kids nowadays to follow their dreams, have more fun and that nothing should stop them to do so. My music will be a way for them to find themselves and give them strength to move forward.


MT: What has been your biggest challenge in your music career so far? How did you overcome that obstacle?

Efi: The biggest challenge was participating in Junior Eurovision, but everything was wiped away by having a strong self-confidence and reassuring myself that nothing can stop me.


MT: Can you tell us what the experience was like for you at Junior Eurovision? What did you sing and what was involved?

Efi: At Junior Eurovision I had an amazing experience, I got to enjoy the competition and to do what I’m best at- Singing my heart out. The song that I sang in Junior Eurovision was “Barbie” and it was a solo performance.



MT: From what you have learned about your challenges so far in the music business, what advice would you like to give other upcoming new artists?

Efi: To the new upcoming artists i would say to them that any obstacle can be passed. Hard work and passion always pay off with love from your fans. I must say that is the greatest feeling someone can get. Music will guide you through.


MT:   Besides singing, do you play any musical instruments? How long have you been playing them?

Efi: I have been playing piano from a young age and i do enjoy it a lot.


MT: What’s a typical day for you? What other activities or hobbies besides music do you like to do that your fans may like to know about?

Efi: My day involves a lot of different activities, school occupies most of my time. I attend three times a week singing classes, piano courses, dance course and enjoy the rest of the day with my family. Aside from singing i am involved in different fields of art such as acting, ballet, painting and dancing.


MT:   Who helps you and supports you with your music?

Efi: My family has helped me and always supportive of my music.


MT: What do your friends think of your music? Are they supportive?

Efi: They love listening to my music and always praise me about the message that I try to get across. My friends are pretty supportive of my music and will always do so.


MT: Where do you hope to take your music? Have you recorded any music videos and do you perform anywhere?

 Efi: I want to make it even higher than i already am, so it can reach everyone across the world. I have recorded a few music videos that are popular on the internet. I have performed on music competitions and in concerts.


MT: What more can we expect this year? Will we see more music in 2020 from you? 

Efi: Of course, I have a few projects that will take place in 2020 that I am sure will make a strong impact so stay tuned!

MT: Thank you Efi for the interview, have a great 2020!


A bright Future for Junior Eurovision Star Efi Gjika

A bright Future for Junior Eurovision Star Efi Gjika


A bright Future for Junior Eurovision Star Efi Gjika

Teen Indie Artist Livvy K’s Music is Beyond Her Years

Livvy K

Livvy K pairs catchy pop beats with a vocal performance beyond her years.
Livvy K is a diverse new artist who also models and dances alongside her career as a songwriter and singer.

Having released her debut EP in 2018, Livvy K has since enjoyed plays on BBC Introducing. Livvy K also teamed up with MIND and Men Unite, two mental health charities in the UK to release her previous single ‘Broken’ which was written to raise awareness about mental health.

Julia Jade Teen Indie Artist DTeen Pop Singerreams Of Playing at the Greek Theatre

MT: Hello Livvy. Can you tell us who are some of your musical influences? When did you know music was your calling and when did you figure out why you needed to pursue music as your career?

Livvy: Some major influences of mine are people such as Lady Gaga, Ava Max, Jessie J, Brandy and Becky Hill. These artists influence me the most because of how they show their passion, and love for music through their songs and each of these artists stay true to themselves and the art that moves them, that is really important to me as an artist. Ive always been a creative and artistic person but I figured out music was my calling about two years ago when I went into the studio to record my first song and film my first music video. I just fell in love with it all, and I havent stopped since. Its definitely what I was brought here to do.

Teen Indie Artist Livvy K’s Music is Beyond Her Years

MT: How long have you been singing and performing for?

Livvy: Ive been singing since I can remember, music always moved me wether it was through dance or singing. But only in the past two years have I started concentrating on it as a career. So Ive only really been performing for about 2 years!


MT: Who do you enjoy listening to as a fan?

Livvy: I enjoy a lot of different styles of music. My favourite rapper is Joyner Lucas, I love pop artists like Becky Hill and Jessie J, I think H.E.R and Roddy Rich are really cool and also sometimes listen to soul music by The Walls Group, it all moves me in such different ways and thats what I love about music.


MT: When was your very first recording and release?

Livvy: I released my first EP when I was 16 years old, on February the 2nd 2018. Such a special day for me, I will never forgot it!


MT: You recently released your single Way I Do. Can you explain how/who this was written with and more about the meaning of the song and how it ties into your music goals?

Livvy: My newest single “Way I Do” was written in Colorado USA with two very close friends of mine, Soli Ridge and John Gillette, both of whom are incredible writers and creatives that I love to work with! We all came together to write this song as it talks about something quite a lot of us deal with or have dealt with before, and that’s catching feelings for the wrong person. Love is great but it can be difficult sometimes and I wanted to express the thoughts and feeling I was going through at the time and make it into something that people can relate to and listen to, as a way of forgetting about the negatives and embracing the music and having a good time!


MT: How old are you and when did you write your first song?

Livvy: I am currently 18 years young. When I first started my journey into the music industry, I spent a lot of time with writers in the USA, learning how to write and express my thoughts and put it into a song. I worked together with these great writers to create my first EP and am lucky enough to still work with such a great team of creatives that I continue to learn from and grow with everyday! I only recently wrote a whole song myself about 6 months ago which I can’t wait for everyone to hear.


Teen Indie Artist

MT: Can you describe your current sound and has your sound changed since you wrote your first song?

Livvy: I would describe it as a Pop sound and melody with more vocals than typical pop. I like to play with vocal textures and colours and add a slight urban/dance vibe as-well! I like exploring and trying things outside of my comfort zone when it comes to my sound 100%, but I would say this is defo my current vibe and where I see myself staying for now.


MT: What has been your biggest challenge in your music career so far? How did you overcome that obstacle?

Livvy: Myself. We can often get in our own way and have doubts when it comes to achieving our dreams. Its scary and uncertain, but nothing worth having is easy. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your vision!!


MT: From what you have learned about your challenges in the music business, what advice would you like to give upcoming new artists?

Livvy: Be consistent and work hard! Hard work out weights talent, you have got to be willing to give it everything you have!


MT:   Besides singing, do you play any musical instruments? How long have you been playing them?

Livvy: I am currently learning the Piano, I started by teaching myself about 6 months ago, but am starting to get lessons soon! I absolutely LOVE it!


MT: Whats a typical day for you? Do you work on your music every day? What other activities or hobbies besides music do you like to do that your fans may like to know about?

Livvy: A typical day for me is WORK WORK WORK! I never stop, from dancing, gigs, recording, events, gym, travelling, photoshoots, painting, cooking and writing, everyday is go go go! And that is what I love about what I do, even though sometimes things get difficult to manage, my work is what I do for fun and I wouldnt change it for the world!


MT:  You have teamed up with MIND and Men United to raise awareness about mental health. What is your association with mental health and how important is it to you to spread the awareness?

Livvy: Its very important to me, I have just started touring around schools all over the UK to help raise awareness and talk about my personal experiences with my mental health. After struggling with depression and anxiety myself, I felt like people needed to know that they are not alone and that there is help out there! So far the response has been so heart warming, knowing that my music and my struggles can help and change peoples lives makes it all worth it. So I have recently released a single called “Broken” along with a mini documentary, both of which talk about my mental health story and a few other brave peoples stories. All the proceeds were donated to two very important charities which were Men Unite and MIND both of which support mental health. I will always try my best to use the platform Im given to help others, that is so important to me.


MT: Do you perform much? Do you have a favourite performance to date and why?

Livvy: I perform a lot, as much as I can really!! Oooo thats a very tough question, I have had so many fun ones, to name a few I would say BBC Highest Point Festival, Radio City Box on the Docks and CMXX in Las Vegas. I am so excited for the ones I have coming up this year too, there gonna be fab!


MT: Do you have any specific rituals or do anything specific before you head out on stage or even before you record your vocals in the studio?

Livvy: This is such a cool question. Theres quite a few, when recording I always have to have the lights either off or down low, it sets the vibe for me, and sometimes I take gem stones and crystals into the studio to help with my spirituality and mood depending on how I feel.


MT: Where can people see you perform next; are you planning on taking your music out to the fans?

Livvy: Ive got loads lined up for 2020! I always post up and coming performances on my social media so make sure to check out my instagram for updates! Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with me today, all the best!

Instagram – @whoislivvyk


MT: Thank you Livvy for the interview, have a great 2020!


Hear Why Teenage Pop Singer Katie Kittermaster Will Be HUGE

Teen Indie Artist Livvy K’s Music is Beyond Her Years


Hear Why Teenage Pop Singer Katie Kittermaster Will Be HUGE

Hear Why Teenage Pop Singer Katie Kittermaster Will Be Huge

Katie Kittermaster

Katie Kittermaster is a British 18 year old singer/ songwriter. Her vocals are haunting, emotive and distinctive. Her writing is based on relationships, which resonates well with her target listeners. Her writing is fresh and honest. She’s funny and entertaining and her stories about her song writing are popular with the audience.
In August 2017 Katie performed to over 10K people opening for Louisa Johnson and dance group, Diversity.
In September 2018 Katie opened for Jools Holland and Marc Almond at Kimbolton Castle in Cambridgeshire. Katie supported Olly Murs in December in the same year.
Following on from her A Levels, summer 2019 saw Katie perform at many festivals including Penn Fest, Eldorado, Deebsday, The Big Feastival and CarFest.
Katie has opened for Ronan Keating at 2 gigs this summer and has just completed supporting 
Boyzlife on their winter tour; playing 15 gigs over 22 nights. 

Julia Jade Teen Indie Artist DPop Singerreams Of Playing at the Greek Theatre

MT/Danielle: You recently released your single “Sunday Afternoon”.  Can you explain how this title and the meaning of the song ties into your music goals?

Katie: Sunday Afternoon was a song that I wrote for my boyfriend as birthday present. It’s about being in a very comfortable and happy place in a relationship. I’m hopeful that this track is relatable to many people. My aim through my music is to connect with the audience but also allow them to interpret my music in a way that is personal to them.  The story telling in my music seems to resonate with fans, young and older and this is something that’s important to me as I would like my music to have longevity and mass appeal.


MT/Danielle: You are now 19 and you wrote your first song when you were 15. Can you describe your current sound? Has your sound changed since you wrote your first song?

Katie: My first song was one called ‘Mine’. I sometimes listen back to it and realise that the structure is quite basic. I have learnt a lot over the last 4 years in terms of melody, build, timing and other elements but I think the core to my writing has stayed constant, in terms of the story telling approach. I haven’t had any formal training regarding my song writing and I am confident that with practice as well as collaboration, my songwriting will continue to develop. I would describe my sound as ‘acoustic pop’ with a hint of country perhaps. I want to retain my ‘sound’ and although some of my songs take a slightly different musical journey, I am keen that my vocal still sounds unique. I have been told that I sound very British and one fan mentioned that I sound quite ‘posh’; I always want to be true to myself and record songs that are ‘me’ but I don’t necessarily think that this means you have to pigeon-hole yourself to a certain style.


MT/Danielle: You’re originally from Kent, but you moved to Dubai for 3 years. Can you share how moving to Dubai changed your music career and opened doors for you?

Katie: I moved to Dubai when I was 11. I was lucky to get a few opportunities that not only opened a couple of doors but they also gave me confidence in my ability and the drive to work hard. I was involved in a school initiative which led to a few of us singing live on national TV and from this performance, I was then asked to open an event for The Global Gift Foundation; this was hosted by Eva Longoria and Ricky Martin and attended by 50Cent and Maxwell. Following on from this, I was also asked to perform at the Help For Heroes Charity event at The British Embassy. These two high profile events ignited a passion and made me realise that performing was something that I wanted to pursue.


MT/Danielle: You’ve opened for some amazing artists. Can you share some of the artists you have been able to open for and how those experiences have helped you grow as an artist? What has been your favourite performance to date and why?

Katie: I have been lucky. In fairness I have enjoyed all the performances that I have done, whether they have been with seasoned artists or performances in my local pub! My first major gig where I performed my original songs was at The Big Day Out in Maidstone. This was when I was 16. Louisa Johnson was headlining and other artists at this event included Atomic Kitten and Diversity. There were over 10,000 people in the crowd and although it was quite daunting, I loved it. I hadn’t actually performed any of my songs outside of my bedroom at that stage!!! So, this memory will always be very special. Since then I have opened for Jools Holland and Marc Almond, Olly Murs and Ronan Keating. The first gig with Ronan Keating was amazing at the most beautiful setting of Castle Howard, just outside York. It was certainly a very memorable night, as half way through Ronan’s set the heavens opened and thunder and lightning reigned overhead which caused the whole event to be called off. The second gig with Ronan was also very special. Once again, a stunning location, but what makes these events so special sometimes is who is there. A lot of family and some friends came to the gig with Ronan in Cambridgeshire and it means so much when you can share these moments with people who are close to you. Being on tour with Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy was incredible. Both of them are so friendly and supportive; singing on stage with them every night is something I will never forget. So generous of them to let me join them on stage and publicly call me ‘a female Ed Sheeran’. WOW.


Pop Singer Katie Kittermaster

MT/Danielle: Who are some of your musical influences? When did you know music was your calling and when did you figure out why you needed to pursue music as your career?

Katie: This is hard as I listen to a lot of music. Ed Sheeran is a huge influence and inspiration. His back story is so motivational. Maisie Peters and Gabrielle Aplin are two other singer-songwriters that have definitely influenced my style. I love Lily Allen, Kate Nash and Joni Mitchell. I listen to a lot of music! I think ‘The Big Day Out’ event was probably when I realised 100% that this is what I wanted to do. Up until then I had sung covers of other peoples music. Music is central to my life. I cannot imagine not doing what I do. When I have had times that have been challenging, music has been a way for me to express myself and deal with things that are at times hard. It’s a very competitive arena and I am realistic about that. But, despite the fact the market is flooded and the odds are stacked against me, I will do everything that I can to get my music heard.


MT/Danielle: What has been your biggest challenge in your music career so far? How did you overcome that obstacle?

Katie: The biggest challenge was probably writing my first song. I had no idea where to start. I was feeling the pressure to write as everyone kept saying ‘you have a great voice, but you need to be able to write’. It’s not something that you can force. It wasn’t until my first teenage ‘heartbreak’ that this door unlocked and I’ve been a prolific writer ever since – there are over 30 songs ready to be recorded!


MT/Danielle: Besides singing, do you play any musical instruments? How long have you been playing them?

Katie: I play the guitar and piano – I use the word playing quite lightly. I have never had formal training and have taught myself what I know. I use these instruments mainly for writing but also play my guitar on stage. I am lucky to be sponsored by Taylor Guitars and Roland. 2020 is definitely my year to improve both of these instruments as it will facilitate my writing and my versatility.


MT/Danielle: What’s a typical day for you? Do you work on your music every day? What other activities besides music do you like to do that your fans may like to know about?

Katie: Since leaving school in June, having done my A Levels, I have been non stop on the road. The festival season was pretty busy with The Big Feastival, El Dorado, Carfest and others. Following that I went straight on tour with Boyzlife for a month. I am now on tour with Lucy Spraggan until mid December. I have a writing trip planned for January and will then be recording some new music. So, yes music is an everyday thing right now. But if I wasn’t ‘doing music’ I’d be with friends for sure. Touring can be quite lonely so I love to catch up with friends on days off.


MT/Danielle: You have an EP called “Coming Home At Dawn” Coming out on November 1, 2019. What would you like fans to know about the meaning behind the music on your upcoming EP? Where can fans find  “Coming Home At Dawn” when it is released?

Katie: Coming Home at Dawn will be on Spotify – it’s on pre-order now https://music.apple.com/gb/album/coming-home-at-dawn-ep/1480033715. As well as on the digital platforms, it is also available on my website shop page. The CD has been selling really well on tour; the sadness is that very few people have access to a CD player anymore. The music on Coming Home at Dawn is a body of work that I felt was cohesive. There are 2 songs on there that I wrote when I was 15 – Kaleidoscope and T-shirt. I think that it gives fans a selection of tracks that get them to know me as a person and artist. All the tracks are all written from personal experiences. I am pretty sure that my new music will be an extension and development of this music without detracting away too far.


MT/Danielle: You are currently on tour. Where can fans find information for your upcoming performances during this tour? Is there anything else you would like to share with fans about the tour or is there anything else you would like to announce for your fans?

Katie: I post as regularly on the social platforms about what I’m up to on tour. I try and show some behind the scenes stuff too. The dates are all on my website – Lucy has the tour dates on her site too. The shows have been very full/sold out as her fan base is huge and very loyal. It’s a great tour for me as I think our music is quite similar in some ways. As a support artist you have to work very hard to win the crowd over as they are clearly not there to see you; but thankfully Lucy’s fans are very respectful and I really get the sense that they are listening to my lyrics and enjoying the music; this response gives me a huge sense of gratitude and I feel very humble to be in this fortunate position.


Hear Why Teenage Pop Singer Katie Kittermaster Will Be HUGE

Hear Why Teenage Pop Singer Katie Kittermaster Will Be HUGE


Hear Why Teenage Pop Singer Katie Kittermaster Will Be HUGE


Website: https://www.katiekittermaster.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katiekittermaster/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kkittermaster

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kkittermaster

Hear Why Teenage Pop Singer Katie Kittermaster Will Be HUGE

Julia Jade Teen Indie Artist Dreams Of Playing at the Greek Theatre

Julia Jade 

Julia Jade is a young singer/songwriter with a bright future! She graduated the Berklee College of Music at the age of 19 in May of 2019, and her unique songs are bound to get stuck in your head! Here’s a little more about the talented musician!

Indie Artist

Julia Jade Teen Indie Artist Dreams Of Playing at the Greek Theatre

MADDIE/MT: How did you first get into music and/or decide you wanted to pursue it? 

JULIA: My parents are both musicians and started me on piano lessons when I was 3.5 years old so it wasn’t super surprising. When I was around 6, I told my sister that we should both go to our rooms and not come out until we both had written a song, so I think it was always a little bit inside of me. I grew up doing children’s theatre and found a passion for acting for a while, and ended up attending the LA County High School for the Arts, where I switched from theatre to music during my freshman year. At that time, I applied to the Berklee College of Music on a whim and it was the first school I was accepted to. That’s when I really started thinking, hmm.. maybe I could really do this. 


MT: What instruments do you play and/or which would you like to learn most?

JULIA: I play and write on piano and ukulele. However, I studied music education in college and because of that dabbled in many instruments, learning the basics just enough to teach them—so I can noodle around on some unexpected instruments. However, I’ve always wanted to play cello, but when I was in elementary school my parents thought it was too big for me to carry around, so I settled on flute. But the dream is still alive and well and maybe one day I could pick it up !


MT: You have a brand new release called “Speed Dating”, what can you tell us about the inspiration behind this song? 

JULIA:The song was honestly inspired by my partner and how right before we got together  I had given up on the prospect of dating for a while because I was about to graduate college early. I thought it would be fun to paint the concept of an apathetic speed dating attendee who spots that special someone in the room and gets swept of their feet. When I produced it, I decided I wanted it to sound like what the inside of my head sounds like when my partner is around. When submitting it to blogs, a few of them said it was a little bit bright sounding for their taste, and I liked that feedback because that means it’s an authentic depiction of how I feel when I’m with her. 


MT: What is your favourite lyric from the song and why?

JULIA:This is a toughy because I have a few I enjoy, but I think my favorite would have to be: “she speaks in works of art.” I think sometimes I overthink when I write my music, wondering if a lyric is clever enough or will resonate with my audience, but this one felt so simple because it was so true & authentic to the person I was writing about. 


Singer Indie Artist

MT: Who are your major influences? Musically and also who you look up to as performers in general? 

JULIA: I think those are one in the same for me. I absolutely worship David Bowie and think he’s probably the reason I’m such an outer space case. I’ve always loved how he has painted mystery as such an exciting thing. I also grew up listening to a lot of Elton John and Billy Joel and feel that they have absolutely influenced my theatrical and eccentric use of the piano. In terms of my contemporary influences, I am heavily influenced by Tegan and Sara, Regina Spektor, Kate Nash, and Dodie—and I pepper in some old Taylor Swift to stay true to my roots. 


MT: If you could write a song with one of these people, who would you choose, and what do you think you’d write about? 

JULIA: I’d die to write with Dodie and think we could write a killer song about bi/pan erasure because we both think representation is important. 


MT: What has been your favourite venue that you’ve played at and/or what is your dream venue? 

JULIA: It’s hard to pick a favorite so I’ll pick the place I played my first ever gig. It’s called Genghis Cohen and it’s a combination chinese food and music venue and it was the first time I had performed a set of originals, and at the end of the night they handed me a stack of cash and I couldn’t believe someone would pay me to have so much fun ! They have a really nice set up and it’s always a really nice place to be. In terms of my dream venue, I’ve always dreamed of playing at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. It’s an outdoor venue that’s a really nice size and I’ve seen some of my favorite artists play there. Whenever I’m there, I always catch myself daydreaming about what I would say if I got to be on that stage, how I would want to tell the people in the nosebleed section that I see them and I’m really glad they came, and other things like that. 


MT: Is there a song that you wish you wrote because you feel so connected to it? 

JULIA: The Shell by Lucy Dacus. That song is a work of art and is a beautiful representation of meeting people where they’re at. 

Indie Artist Julia Jade

MT: What are you currently working on? What can fans look forward to in the next few months? 

JULIA: I’m recording two new singles, and one of them is a Christmas song! So everyone can expect to be hearing from me around the holidays, and otherwise I’m working on a few more self-produced projects as well. I’m excited to be gigging a bit in Nashville and will be in a couple of other cities as well including Los Angeles and Chicago for a little bit. 


MT: If you could give one piece on advice to your younger self, what would you say? 

JULIA:Nothing is as scary as you’re making it out to be and everything is going to be okay. 


MT: And just off the topic of music, if you were able to go tomorrow, what place would you travel to? 

 JULIA: Can I bring my friends and family? If so, I’d like to go to London and see the sights and experience great live music and shows. If I can’t bring them, I’d like to go to Boston, because I haven’t seen my friends in a bit and a bunch of them are over there and I miss them.  


MT: Where can we find out more about you? Links/social media’s etc! 

JULIA: Find me on instagram at: julia_jaded. That’s where I’m the most active. Otherwise, I have a Facebook page under Julia Jade, a website at the URL juliajade.net, and an inactive twitter with over 100 incoherent tweets about The Beatles. 


Julia Jade Teen Indie Artist Dreams Of Playing at the Greek Theatre


Julia Jade Album Cover


Captivating Blend of Country Rock And Soul From Isobel Holly

Isobel Holly 

Hailing from Bath, Isobel Holly is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter, whose exciting blend of country, rock and soul makes for a truly captivating live performance. Influences such as Fleetwood Mac and Aretha Franklin are reflected in her heartfelt song-writing and powerful vocals. This November, see her play live alongside her incredible band, all of whom study at the Royal Northern College of Music. You’ll have a taste of her debut upcoming album, which is set for release in February next year. Expect intense guitar solo sections combined with delicate lyricism. 


Captivating Blend of Country Rock and Soul  From Isobel Holly

Maddie/MT: How did you first get into music and/or decide you wanted to pursue it? 

Isobel: My sister and I used to write songs together; she definitely inspired me to get into it. I realised I had to pursue it when I couldn’t imagine my life without being involved in the industry. 


MT:  What instruments do you play and/or which would you like to learn most?

Isobel: I’m a singer and I play guitar but I’d love to improve my lead guitar skills so I can play the solos I imagine in my head myself! I’d also love to learn how to play the harp. It’s such a beautiful instrument. It would be really fun to sing while accompanying myself on the harp. 


MT:     Can you tell us a little bit about your most recent release “Atticus”? What was the inspiration behind the song, and what was the writing process there? 

Isobel: I’ve been a fan of the Instagram-famous poet, Atticus, for a couple of years now. He wrote the line ‘thinking of you is a poison I drink often’ and gave me permission to use it. I was immediately struck by the power behind the words and also how they resonated with me. I think a lot of people have been in toxic relationships and that it was a theme with which a lot of people could relate. Once I had that first line, the rest of the lyrics came to me very easily. I wanted a big chorus. A long note held over full instrumental accompaniment for impact and emotive effect- Almost like crying. As I usually do, I wrote the chords on my guitar first and the rest of the riffs came after, with the help of my producer, Corben, who played all the other instruments on the recording. 


SingerMT:  What is your favourite lyric from the song and why?

Isobel: Of course, it would have to be ‘thinking of you is a poison I drink often’, but that’s the one I didn’t write! Some of the lyrics in the chorus are ‘I can’t decide what’s hurting me the most; your ghost, or that I have come too far to turn back now’. By this, I mean to say that she can’t work out what’s causing more pain- the memory of him, or the way she can’t undo what’s happened to create that memory in the first place. 


MT:  Who are your major influences? Musically and also who you look up to as performers in general. 

Isobel: Missy Higgins and Carole King have been huge musical influences for me; they’re fantastic songwriters and I love that they write with so much heart and soul. Kacey Musgraves is a wonderful artist. The way she presents herself and performs inspires me every day! 


MT:   If you could ask one of those influences one question, what would it be? 

Isobel: I would ask their opinion of my music- how I could make it better. 


MT:  What has been your favourite venue that you’ve played at, and what is your dream venue? 

Isobel: My favourite venue would be Komedia Bath, UK, but my favourite gig would definitely be the Bath Festival Finale Weekend I played with my wonderful band this summer. Hometown gigs are always special. 



 MT: You have an EP! What is “The Right Way Up” inspired by? Do you have a favourite track from it? 

Isobel: Tricky question! I wrote these songs when I was rather young. The title track and Yours Was the One were inspired by my experiences as a young teenager, but the other two weren’t based on anything too personal. More stories I amplified and wrote there and then. 

MT: What are you currently working on? What can fans look forward to in the next few months? 

Isobel: I’ve got a couple more singles in the pipeline- one being released at the end of October, which is super exciting. I am also creating an album I hope to release in February! Just a few more tracks to record. I’ve got some gigs around the UK coming up too. 


MT:  If you could give one piece on advice to your younger self, what would you say? 

Isobel: Don’t let one bad comment override all the good ones. But this is a hard one to remember even now I know it! 

Links To Isobel

Website: https://www.isobelholly.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isobelhollymusic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/isobelholly

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isobelhollymusic

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCRUPdQNv3ctmzdzwc0FzuA

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7xULtBABTiR4G539YC8PdC


Captivating Blend of Country Rock and Soul  From Isobel Holly


I look Into Ways Of How I Can Blend Other Genres Into My Own sTyle

Cheyne Greene

Cheyne Greene, pop and alternative singer/songwriter who grew up and lived in Dubai for the majority of his life. Born in Dundonald, Ireland in January 2002, he started singing at a very young age and began learning the keys at 9 years old. Throughout his music career, he’s performed at school music venues showcasing the types of music he writes and songs of artists that he loves to listen to.

As someone who loves to write his own music, he focuses a lot on the alternative side and really wants to create his music where every track has a different style and tone to it.

Independent Singer

His first EP “Into the Night” is a body of work which he’s extremely proud of and contains the tracks that’s most resonated with him when he started songwriting. 


Interview with Danielle Haskell

Danielle: You recently released your album titled “Into the Night”. Can you explain the title and how this title reflects your music goals? You have four songs on the album, can you give your fans a little insight into the meaning behind each song?

Cheyne: All these songs on the EP were written back when I was 14-15 and are the one’s that’s most resonated with me when I started songwriting. None of these songs were based on my own experiences and were based more on my own imaginative thoughts and ideas.

The first track “Into the Night” which I used to title the EP tackles a man’s breakup and his own refusal to go into the deep dark depression which I symbolize as the night. The one he’s in love with still remains in the daylight while he’s slowly transitioning into the night. I find it very interesting as well as it’s this massive electro pop track however the lyrics are actually very sad. How the title reflects my music goals? Well I’m not going to say I’m moving into a state of depression, but I can see this track to be more of a push to get me out there more to others around the world as one of my goals is to write records that resonate with people’s hearts.

The second track on the EP “Say Goodbye to Melodies” was a scenario I came up with where a soldier who had left his loved one and his home to fight for a war immediately comes to regret and wants to see his loved one again. He experiences many lives that are lost through the shocking moments he endures and here I symbolize that each life lost within the war, it represents its own melody, its own motif. While this soldier is continuously saying goodbye to the melodies within the war, he wants to hold onto his own memories with the loved one he so desperately wants to see again.

“Today” and “Watching You” are both connected to me, with “Watching You” being more of a sequel to “Today”. They’re about a man who constantly checks on the one he loves bedridden. His insanity and him being unable to know if she’ll be better when he remains astray from his path are reflected off the heavy guitar played throughout “Today”. The pop-rock track “Watching You” shows that he’s finally pulling himself together and will continue to remain by her side.


Danielle: You were born in Dundonald, Ireland and then moved to Dubai. How did growing up in these two locations influence your music?

Cheyne: When I was born in Ireland I only lived there for a few months haha. So it was mainly Dubai that influenced my music with me growing up and listening to what everyone else listened to; Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Charlie Puth, or Shawn Mendes. I’ve seemed to move off from that path now and listen to more alternative and contemporary music. I look into ways of how I can blend other genres into my own style, so occasionally I’ll come back to pop music to see if there’s anything that catches my attention.


Danielle: It’s well known that you like to write your own music. Have you ever collaborated with anyone? Who are your musical influences?  If you could pick any one artist to share a stage with, who would that be?

Cheyne: Other artists? No, I haven’t yet but I really look forward to in the future. My musical influences I’d say come from a number of artists. The two major ones being Declan McKenna and Tom Odell. The creativity in their songs is just outstanding for me. Tom Odell is also an artist I’d love to perform with. I watched him live a few months ago in Dubai and my piano playing can’t even compare to his. The effort that he puts into his live shows amazes me so much that I actually aspire to be like him one day.


Danielle: If there was one message your fans could take away from your music, what would you want that to be? 

Cheyne: Not to take anyone or anything for granted. You won’t realize someone or something is there until they aren’t anymore.  


Danielle: How long have you been singing? When did you know that you wanted a career in music? Besides singing, do you play any musical instruments?

Cheyne: I started singing at a very young age, I think I was around 3. My family background was always very musical, my grandmother was a stage actress who played the piano, violin, and had an incredible singing voice. She had amazing vocal control and her range was amazing. My father also just loves music, you could show him any song from the 1960s to 90s and he’d know it immediately, he’s an absolute music guru. And I guess this all kind of rubbed off on me. When I was 8 I started learning the guitar and a year later I began learning the piano although I hated learning them at the time because I was playing classical and had no interest for it. It was when I was 12 and started writing my own stuff that I profoundly grew a love for music. Then I realized that this was what I wanted to do, this is what I would enjoy doing for a career.


Danielle: What’s a typical day for you? Do you work on your music every day? What other activities besides music do you like to do that your fans may like to know about? 

Cheyne: I used to work on my music every day. I’m so focused on school now that I can hardly find the time for it. When I graduate however I’ll go back to working on it every day just like I used to. I remember going crazy when I turned 14, I would sit at the piano every day coming up with vocal melodies and recording anything that would come to my head. It’s a lot of fun when you can piece together chord progressions that work and it’s more enjoyable when you can write lyrics to it that actually fit and have their own meaning. Do I have any other activities besides music? That’s the thing, I don’t. I know, I’m a very boring person haha.


Danielle: What’s next? Do you have any up-coming performances you would like fans to know about? Is there anything else you would like to announce for your fans or anything you would like them to know? 

Cheyne: I gave a small heads up on one of my posts that I’d be releasing an album next. I don’t know how long it will take but I plan on producing the whole body of work. Currently, I’m performing at local open mic nights around Dubai so anyone living there feel free to come!


Links to Cheyne Greene

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheynegreene/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cheynegreene/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cheynegreene

Website: https://www.cheynegreene.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9-jrRgFsYc



Into The Night


Shakira Winning Her Way With Debut Single


Shakira Lea Fauser, 19, of Whyalla released her Debut Single “I MISS YOU” to the world on Sunday 24th February  thanks to the Whyalla Recording Scholarship.

Shakira Lea reached NUMBER 18 on the Australian iTunes and has been voted

“Song Of The Week” on national radio programme “Oz Country DownUnder

Single cover

A “who’s-who” of musicians feature on the song including Grammy Award Winner Andrew Synowiec, Jim Riley from platinum-selling group Rascal Flatts and mastering in New York by Randy Merrill, who has been recently acclaimed for the “A Star Is Born” Soundtrack.

“I Miss You” is dedicated to anyone who’s experienced loss and found a way to heal.

This power ballad showcases her emotive vocals and sincere message.

Shakira Lea was announced as one of the WRS winners in September last year, entitling her to a year of free management from Stormfront Productions and a professional recording studio package worth $10,000.

Danielle had a chat with Shakira and this is what she had to say.

Danielle: Tell us about your creative journey. How long have you known that you wanted to be a professional singer? 

Shakira: I’ve been interested in singing and music my whole life. I’ve been writing songs since I was 6 and since then I’ve always been interested in recording a song – but there was never really a song I wrote that I fell in love with as much as “I Miss You”. I worked so hard on perfecting the lyrics and writing the music because it was important to me – and I did feel as if it could be a song I could use to push me in the direction of becoming a professional singer. 

Danielle: Your latest single is “I Miss You”. Can you explain the meaning and significance of the song? How does “I Miss You” fit into your brand or current creative direction?

Shakira: This song was written after several people in my life had experienced child loss. One of my closest friends went through it and to work through it she’d listen to the same few songs on repeat and I wanted to be able to help, and express the emotions I saw in them through a song. I did dedicate my song to my Aunty and her daughter who was sadly a victim of child loss.

This song fits into my creative direction as I love to write songs about life experiences. When I was younger I wrote songs about bullying and as I grew up it evolved more into wider personal experiences and experiences of those around me. I feel that’s when my songs are at their best. 

Danielle: Congratulations! How does it feel to know that “I Miss You” climbed to NUMBER 18 on the iTunes Australia Country Chart.  How has that impacted your music career?

Shakira: It was such an amazing and surreal feeling. When my managers were talking about the release we agreed we would be thrilled if a fully Independent Single like mine could break into the top 200 – so to get to #18 in Australia was just so exciting. 

It had a great impact with my music reaching a lot more people than I could ever imagine – and the pure excitement and joy that came along with that was amazing. 

Danielle: You were honoured with the winning of the Whyalla Recording Scholarship. How has that changed your music career?

Shakira: It has given my music career an amazing boost that I don’t think I could have achieved without the Scholarship. It gave me the opportunity to work in a recording studio, learn the whole recording process – and experience a whole new side to this industry that I love so much.

I learned about the processes of mastering, artwork and marketing which is all so fascinating – most people never see that work and don’t think about because it is all behind the scenes. 


Danielle: Do you have a favourite quote or message you’d like to leave with your fans and if so, what would that quote be?

Shakira: There are two quotes that I have always kept in mind.

The first isn’t music related but is definitely important and that is “None of your scars can make me love you less” 

The other is “Good music doesn’t have an expiration date”. This quote is important to me as I’ve had a few people judge some of my music tastes. I really do enjoy older music that’s more from my grandparents generation than mine – but if it’s a good song that you relate to and feel something from, then others opinion won’t matter. 

Danielle: At 19, how do you manage to balance life with your music career? 

Shakira: It can be hard at times to juggle everything from work, my music and also be social but I find that it’s easiest when I focus on what’s going on in the moment instead of overwhelming myself by trying to figure out everything I’ve got going on that day.

Danielle: Besides music, what other passion do you have that you would like your fans to know about?

Shakira: My other passions aside from music are my pets and making candles. Both really relax me and in times of stress calm me down! 

Danielle: What has been your favourite performance and why? 

Shakira: My favourite performance would be one of my performances at the world famous Tunarama Festival in Port Lincoln because my great grandad came to see me. He meant the absolute world to me so seeing him there supporting me meant everything.

Danielle: Do you have any upcoming performances that you would like your fans to know about? 

Shakira: Two of my upcoming performances this month are the official “Launch Party” for my Single – and I’ll be performing the National Anthem at my hometown’s Anzac Eve Vigil – Anzac Day is Australia’s most sacred moment to remember all who’ve given their lives in war for our Country.  

Danielle: Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Shakira: I would love to say a massive thank you to my family and fans for all the support I’ve received since releasing my Single, and also for all the help provided by Alison Hams and Mark Tempany. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to see where else it takes me. 

Links to Shakira

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shakiraleamusic

Website: www.shakiraleamusic.com

LISTEN TO “I MISS YOU” on Spotify here:


Shakira Winning Her Way With Debut Single 



Indie Artist Madison Mueller
Singer Songwriter Madison Mueller

Madison Mueller

Interview with Danielle Haskell

As “Young Adult Artist of the Year” at the 2018 Josie Music Awards, this 18 year old singer/songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist from Barrie Ontario, Canada is becoming a name to remember! Maddie has been playing and studying music for twelve years, and started performing wherever possible since she was 8. Writing, performing and recording her music has become her love. Maddie is proving her dream to make music her whole life is definitely becoming her reality.


Danielle: You are about to release your fourth single called “Exhale”. Can you share with your fans the meaning of “Exhale” and how you came up with the title?


Maddie: The meaning of “Exhale”, while it has many sad lyrics and points throughout the song, was mainly to remind myself that even when things get tough, sometimes all you need to do is take in a big breath, and then exhale. It’s easy to forget that doing such a simple thing can help you take in your surroundings and figure out how to go about fixing your issue.


Danielle: Do you write all of your own songs? Have you ever collaborated with anyone when writing your music? Is there a particular theme you want your fans to relate to when they listen to your music?


Maddie: So far I have been mostly writing all my own songs. I have done a bit of collaboration with others, but have yet to release any of those works in progress. Currently I am going through a lot of changes in my life right now, and writing about each situation helps me get through them. My music tends to explain what I’m going through, and also attempts to show a resolution to the issue if there is one.


Danielle: You have recorded 4 studio songs. Can you describe what one of your days in the studio is like for fans?


Maddie: A day in the studio starts off very fast paced. I normally get into the studio and show the producer in person which song we will be tackling. From there I lay down the first instrument, which will be whatever I have written the song on. After a few takes of that, we then lay down a bunch of vocals and finally the magic happens. We start adding the next instruments and ideas that have been floating around in my head. Drums, bass and guitar are built into the song and by then, that normally covers a full day in the studio. From there it’s a lot of fine tuning and realizing where I really would like the song to go. It’s always a new experience and I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching my songs develop into their final mix.


Danielle: You not only sing, you play guitar, piano, offer vocal lessons and teach piano. How does that experience influence your own music recordings?

Maddie: Teaching is a job like no other. It is extremely rewarding, and always puts a smile on my face. It’s so amazing to see other kids finally finish a song that they have been working on for what seems like forever. What’s even more astounding is what I learn from them as well. Each time I teach a new concept, it helps me understand what it is I am teaching even better, and sometimes it helps me figure out an easier way to accomplish something. I take that everywhere with me, not just into recording. If teaching has really taught me anything, it is to be open with learning.


Danielle: You recently won the “Young Adult Artist of the Year” at the 2018 Josie Music Awards. How has winning influenced the future possibilities for your career as a musician?

Maddie : Winning any award is a push in the right direction, but winning something as highly acclaimed as a Josie Award is just incredibly motivating. It allows me to have more faith in myself that I have the ability to accomplish my dreams, and it shows that I have been working hard to reach them. I am still so honoured to have taken home that award, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the local press around my city. Overall, it just proves to me that I am on the right track with my life, and it drives me to continue working hard.


Danielle: Rumour has it that Maddie Mueller is also an amazing softball pitcher. Outside of music, what are some other interests, including softball that fans may like to know about? How have these outside influences impacted your music or creativity?

Maddie: Haha, I do love my softball! I have been playing for 10 years, and it’s my second love after music! I have a few other hobbies and interests as well. I really love to write stories. If I had the dedication to write a full book, I definitely would. That’s a trait that runs in my family through, because both my brother and sister are fantastic writers as well. On top of that, I also love to stargaze. Space really intrigues me so I like to learn all about what’s beyond our planet. And one of the things that I am truly the best at are puns. I love making them any chance I get. If you ask anyone that knows me, they’ll tell you just how annoying I can get with them. But above all that, music is my number one interest, and that is something I will never get enough of.


Danielle: You not only support your own music, but can be found supporting others via Teen Talks. How has being part of Teen Talks impacted your music career?

Maddie: Teen talks has opened my door to so many amazing opportunities, but above that it has allowed me to start conversations with some ridiculously talented young artists. Each time I interview one of them, I find myself being completely inspired. I say it all the time, but being surrounded by like minded people is one of the best feelings, and TeenTalks has opened so many doors in that respect. If I could have them all in the same place, I would! TeenTalks is for the musicians, from the musicians, and I think that automatically impacts each artists’ career.

Danielle: Where can fans find your music, performance information, merchandise…? Is there anything else you would like fans to know?

Maddie: My music is available on all streaming sites under the name Madison Mueller. I am also on all social medias:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/maddiemakesmusic77/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maddiemakesmusic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_maddiemueller_ 


I am working towards getting some merchandise in the next few months and I am super excited for it. I will be playing at a showcase called Glow over the next month and the dates will be listed on my website: www.maddiemakesmusic.com. And finally, my song “Exhale” will be dropping on November 22nd! Make sure to check it out!


Breath Of Air – Madison Mueller