Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed

Electro Band

Cabinet Of Millionaires VS Zion Train

“Stop The Coup”

The British election is scheduled for the 12 December and it is fair to say that it will take place in a Britain that has suffered under the yoke of an austerity politics that has seen inequality increase and where the issue of Brexit has polarized the population. Into this space step Cabinet of Millionaires vs Zion Train and their “Stop The Coup” EP.

The politics of this track are clear – Boris Johnson is the clear villain and Cabinet of Millionaires launch a scathing attack on the current PM’s Conservative Party government, referencing the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the failure to take in enough refugees (whilst selling arms), and the dismantling of the country’s National Health Service.

Whilst this pull-no-punches political attack may sound unappealing to some listeners, what sells this track is the musicality and production. The original “Pfeffel Mix” is an exercise in dub-infused, slick electro with a soulful vocal that asks to “tell you about Boris”, interspersed with samples calling out the problems of Johnson’s policies. The second, “Darcus meets Acid House Therapy remix” takes the track and adds dubstep and acid elements, while the final, Mikk Stupp Remix, is a beefed-up drum and bass workout (and my personal favourite).

Whilst this track may not win over those who will follow the populist Johnson no matter what (a one-eyed devotion that is also shown by Trumpists on the other side of the Atlantic), it should nonetheless serve as a rallying call to those who may currently be prevaricating. Due for release on December 6 through Chocolate Fireguard Records, this is a timely track indeed.


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating

Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed



Australia’s Jordz Releases Debut Chill Single Aptly Titled Bushfire

Electronic Indie Artist



Those of you living outside of Australia may not be aware that large parts of the country have been up in flames throughout the month of November. Lives have been lost, properties have been destroyed, and koala populations have been decimated. So it was with a degree of trepidation that I pushed play on the track I was to review for this week – a track titled “Bushfire”.


The creation of 19-year-old Melbourne producer and DJ, “Bushfire” is a mid-tempo piece of EDM infused pop music that charts the artist’s flight from the encroaching flames that threaten to end her. Starting with the ominous sounds of helicopters, we soon find out that our protagonist is “stuck in a cloud of smoke” and that “there is nothing (she) can do”. Coupled with the melancholy instrumentation, we are left thinking that the narrative will have only one ending. However, the story reaches a happy (ish) conclusion and Jordz proclaims that “there is something (she) can do”.


Despite my initial misgivings, I was won over by this track. The narrative builds a quiet tension and the production is first rate (an opinion borne out by the fact that at just 16, Jordz won the Monash University ‘Emerging Producer Prize of 2017’).  It is encouraging to know that there are such talented young songwriters emerging in Australia. I look forward to seeing where this artist’s journey takes her.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


Australia’s Jordz Releases Debut Chill Single Aptly Titled Bushfire



Feel Good Vibes in Big Doses from Indie Band The Goldhearts

Indie Rock Band

The Goldhearts


Back in my university days, I was fortunate enough to experience a music environment in which you could tune into the national “youth radio” and hear the sounds of grunge one moment and the twang and joy of Britpop the next. Not only that, but you could then attend festivals such as Livid, The Big Day Out and Triple Z Market Day where you could see those very artists perform live.


Listening to Gold Coast band, The Goldhearts, led by singer Margy Joughin, I was transported back to those days. Borrowing equally from The Breeders and James, The Goldhearts make a brand of indie guitar pop that delivers feel good vibes in big doses. Their latest single, Stars, is a catchy number that combines grunge, pop and a little country twang into an infectious blend. The song doesn’t hold back with its positive message, with the chorus declaring, “It’s going to be alright now”. In the words of the band, this is a celebration of bliss free summer living that has been a long time coming.


Stars is an unapologetically fun song. Full of great guitar licks, catchy vocals and a mid-tempo groove that will have you swinging (and singing) along, you need to take some time to give it a listen.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


Feel Good Vibes in Big Doses from Indie Band The Goldhearts





The Factory’s New Pop Single WIll Have you Dancing On The TAble 

Indie Pop Band


“Too Close To Get Closer”

The key to a good pop song is a hook that worms its way into your memory and refuses to leave. We have all had that experience of suddenly humming away a melody that we may not have heard in years. This is what happens when a good hook has taken up residence in our subconscious.


Norwegian pop four piece The Factory have managed to achieve this feat on their latest track, Too Close To Get Closer. In the words of the band, it is a feel-good song about a feel-bad theme; being desperately in love with your friend. Based around a solid bass groove, and big synth sounds, the track wastes little time on arriving at its catchy chorus.


Starting our at the tender age of ten years old and having lived together now for several years, the members of The Factory obviously work well together and produce tight modern pop music inspired by the likes of Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars. They also know how to write a damn fine hook and it is for that reason that…

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating



The Factory’s New Pop Single Will Have you Dancing On The Table 




The Factory’s New Pop Single Will Have you Dancing On The Table 

Catherine Duc ‘Till The Daylight’ Remix Ben Hobbs  

Producer Mixer

Ben Hobbs

“Blind To You”

(Catherine Duc “Till The Daylight” Remix)

The remix is an interesting beast. The remixer is tasked with taking songs that have been carefully crafted by their creators (and never forget, the creators of these tracks can sometimes be very jealous guardians indeed) and turning them into something new. The real trick for the remixer is to respect the original whilst unearthing something in the track that may have previously gone unnoticed – to reveal aspects of the track that were hidden in plain sight. The remixer’s task is thus a delicate one – to simultaneously uphold and move beyond the source material.


Melbourne-based, Grammy nominee Catherine Duc manages to find this balance on her remix of Blind To You by Ben Hobbs. Duc has taken the sun-drenched eighties-electro of Hobbs’ track and molded it into a kind of lush late night R&B version that still gives nods to the beach vibes of the original. The presence of some of her stated influences (Deep Forest and Enigma) are evident in the sweeping synth pads here and the understated arrangement. Evoking the gentle swell of the ocean, Duc’s production successfully reveals the seductive lyricism of Hobbs’ song.


This is a solid track. Duc obviously understands her craft and has produced a remix here that both pays homage to and moves beyond its source material.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating





Prime Creation Create Prime Metal Music with Tears Of Rage  

Metal Band

Prime Creation

“Tears Of Rage”

What is it about Scandinavian countries and heavy metal? Is there something in the water in that part of the world that breeds so many excellent metal bands? I really wish I knew and one day I will visit that part of the world to try and answer the question for myself.


For the time being though, I will listen again and again to Tears of Rage, the second album from Swedish melodic metal band, Prime Creation. Consisting of Esa Englund on vocals, Robin Arnell on Lead guitar, Rami Tainamo on rhythm guitar, Henrik Weimedal on bass and Kim Arnell, Prime Creation make a version of metal whose roots can be clearly traced back to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (particularly Iron Maiden), but that also incorporates so much more.


From the industrial sounds that open Pretend Till The End and A Beggar’s Call, to the groove metal riff in All For My Crown, the power metal choruses of tracks like Before The Rain and the constant nods to modern black metal acts such as Abbath, Prime Creation have molded a sound here that is greater than the sum of its parts.


At the heart of each track are the impressive vocals of Englund, whose style is obviously influenced by Bruce Dickinson. His delivery is underpinned by the awesome musicianship and songwriting of the rest of the band, whose songs move from the pummeling to the sublime and everywhere in between.


Standout tracks for me were Lost in Shade, with is Fear Factory-esque opening riff, Before the Rain (love that chorus!), All For My Crown and the driving power metal of the title track. Having said that, this is one of those rare albums that contains no filler at all – every track stands as a triumph in its own right.


This is simply one of the best metal albums I have heard in long time. I will be recommending it to every metal-loving friend I have. If I could give it a higher rating I would, but for now…


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars

Understated and Empowering New Music from Ella Fenc


Prime Creation Create Prime Metal Music with Tears Of Rage





Understated and Empowering New Music from Ella Fence 

Australian Singer Indie

Ella Fence

“Love Me On Purpose”

Human contact can be fleeting and unfulfilling. This is especially true of those moments when we reach for something more – when we reach for intimacy. We long for something greater, but often we are left wanting.


This is the problem addressed by Australian artist Ella Fence on her latest single, Love Me On Purpose. The second track from her debut album, Love Me On Purpose demands more than the fleeting contact of a night together. Rather than a “flakey” love fueled by the vibrancy of the night, Fence requires her potential partner to “love me in the daytime” – to be part of the ongoing fabric of her life.


Backed by crisp, understated electronic production that adds a somewhat ominous air to the lyrics, this is a song of empowerment – a statement of intent from an artist who is not willing to settle for less than what she wants. This is modern pop music stripped of the saccharine graces that too frequently undermines the genre. And I like it.


Available now, I highly recommend giving Love Me On Purpose a listen. I look forward to seeing Ella play it live at the Hidden Lanes Festival in Brisbane later this month.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

Ella Fence Website:

Understated and Empowering New Music from Ella Fence 





Step Back In Time New Music Premiere From Dallas Cosmas

Indie Artist

Dallas Cosmas

“If You Don’t Know Where You Came From”

I love Exile on Main St-era Rolling Stones. I also love the early albums of Lenny Kravitz and The Black Crowes. The reason I mention this is because I can hear shades of these artists in the latest single from Melbourne-based musician, Dallas Cosmas.


From the upcoming album “Alpha Beta Gamma” (due for release 11 October), “If You Don’t Know Where You Came From” is a funky, slow groove punctuated by wonderful gospel harmonies. Over a slinky electronic piano riff that would not be out of place on a 70s Herbie Hancock release, Cosmas delivers an impassioned vocal, reminding the listener, “If you don’t know where you came from, then you don’t know where you’re going to”. The song breaks for an uplifting middle eight that provides instrumental reinforcement of the underlying, positive message.


Whilst the track is strong, what really stood out for me upon listening to it for the first time is the production. The sounds on offer here and the way they have been mixed are not of this time. Rather, they take you back in time to bands like the Stones, Stevie Wonder and Ohio Players to name but a few. In a world of homogenous production and sound design, this is definitely a plus. For me, this is the true strength of “If You Don’t Know Where You Came From” and I hope to hear more of it on the upcoming album.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating





Indie Rock Band Lazybones “Trash Talk” Full Of Gusto and Energy

Australian Indie Band


“Trash Talk”

The latest track from Brighton-based alt-rock trio Lazybones, is one hell of a fun listen. “Trash Talk”, due for release on October 9th through SaySomething Records, is unabashed, trashy rock and roll that is about  “That moment when you know you’re about to say something you’ll regret, when you’re right on the edge and you just can’t stop it.”


Like a poppy version of Australia’s Cosmic Psychos, Lazybones waste no time in getting into the track – not a second of the three minutes is wasted. Over the top of this lean song driven by a driving, distorted bass and pounding drums, vocalist Candi Underwood delivers her lyrics with such urgency it seems her life might just depend on it. (Again, I was reminded of another great Aussie band here – Dallas Frasca.)


“Trash Talk” is an excellent song, full of energy and gutsy, rock n roll bravado. I would highly recommend checking it out and (if you live in the UK) getting along to one of their live shows. I am sure that, just like this track, their performances would one hell of a fun ride.


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating


Sydney Singer, Peta Mai Releases Smashing New Music

Sydney Singer, Peta Mia Releases Smashing New Music

Singer songwriter

Peta Mai

“Hell or High Water”

Listening to Hell or High Water, it is hard to believe that Sydney-based artist Peta Mai once worked in a country outfit that shared the stage with the likes of Keith Urban. Rather, listening to this track, I would have thought she had cut her teeth fronting jazz groups in quiet piano bars, such is the quality of her vocal style and the sounds and harmonies on offer here.


Hell or High Water starts with a restraint that it only occasionally strays from. Over minimal piano chords, Mai delivers a mature vocal performance that explores the depths of devotion and how it feels to give your all to someone. This soulful track slowly builds, adding drums and harmonic interjections and jazz-infused transitions that speak to the quality of the production and songwriting on offer here. Never overstating its case, Hell or High Water reaches its climax with a subtle musical interlude and a closing chorus that is best described as modern gospel.


This is music of the highest order. Peta Mai has crafted a song in Hell or High Water that is timeless yet informed by the soul, jazz and R&B that has come before it. Listening to this track, it is hard to believe that this is an artist still closer to the start of her musical journey rather than the end.


With this track, I have become a fan of Peta Mai and look forward to (hopefully) seeing her play live in the not too distant future.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars


HangMan’s One Mistake is A Massive Slice Of Hardcore

HangMan’s One Mistake is A Massive Slice Of Hardcore

Hangman Album cover


“One Mistake”


Here’s something that not a lot of folk might know – a whole heap of electronic musicians like metal. Not sure why that is the case, but it just is. I count myself among this group, so it was with joy that I saw I would be getting to review One Mistake by New York band Hangman this week.


From their forthcoming album, One By One (out on 20 September through Flatspot Records), One Mistake is a massive slice of hardcore influenced by the sort of groove-orientated metal that kept the flag flying in the 90s. Listening to the brutal riffs and the vocal delivery, I was reminded of acts like Biohazard and Vulgar Display of Power-era Pantera. This is a killer track, full of top-notch playing, rhythmic changes and crisp production that doesn’t scrimp on the heaviness.


I really enjoyed this track – One Mistake is powerful advertisement for the upcoming album and I, for one, know that I will be tracking it down upon its release and I suggest that you give it a try as well.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars


‘Step Off My Wave’ As UpBeat DubStep from Bufinjer Smacks You In The Face



“Step Off My Wave

One of the first tracks I “discovered” after embarking on my personal creative journey and exploration of independent music nearly four years ago was a drum and bass track titled Drop Your Weapons by Buffalo, New York-based artist Dave Bulera, aka Bufinjer. Being a fan of Grooverider, Roni Size and the Metalheadz label, I was immediately drawn to the sound. Well produced, well written and (importantly for a dance track) infectious, the track was one of my favorites of 2016.


Years later and I am still eager to hear the latest releases from this ever-evolving artist. With a discography that covers techno, house, EDM and electronica, Bufinjer moves easily between electronic music genres and demonstrates a mastery of each. On Step Off My Wave, he hits us with an up upbeat dubstep track that, like the monster shark that graces the cover art, is a true beast.  As with all of his offerings, the sounds here are big and the production is first class. This is not music for the faint-hearted but it is music that demands you get up and dance.


As a co-founder of the Electronic Music Alliance (along with DaveyHub and Nicky Havey), Bufinjer has been a key figure in developing and supporting the independent electronic music scene. I would suggest that you show this artist some support as well and give Step Off My Wave a listen as soon as you can.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars


An Example Of The Best New Indie Pop Music; Valencia James

Pop Indie Artist

Valencia James


Let me get this out of the way up front – New York born, Sydney bred artist Valencia James has a great voice and it is on full display on her latest single, Dreamers. Moving from the restrained delivery of the verses through to the powerfully delivered chorus (where she proclaims “We are the dreamers – tomorrow can’t contain us”), James’ is a strong voice perfectly suited to the intelligent lyricism of the track.


The production here is also first-class – this is synth-pop that mirrors the vocal changes, moving from quiet, almost haunting electronics in the verses to bold, eighties-flavored synths in the chorus. And at just over three and a half minutes, it never overstays its welcome.


Listening to this track reminded me yet again of just how exciting the world of independent music really is. This is a song of the highest caliber – a song that is not only a match for what graces commercial radio airwaves, but one that surpasses it. As I tell my friends so often, if you want to hear the best new music, look further afield – it is there that you will find the real gems. Dreamers by Valencia James, is the most recent example of this truism. So take my advice and take some time to check it out.

Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating

Dreamers Available

A Musical Antidote To The Current Climate Of Despair

Album Cover

Moody LIttle Sister

“Great Big Mama Sunshine”

I am a sucker for big, bold choruses – the type that have you singing along despite yourself. Great Big Mama Sunshine, from New Mexico based duo Moody Little Sister, has catchy choruses in droves.

Hailing from the improbably named town of Truth or Consequences, Naomi Sparrow and Rob Stroup make impeccably produced Americana. Ranging from the upbeat country-tinged sounds of the title track, through the blues-groove of 711 Luck Street to the gospel flavors of Tell Somebody, the tie that binds this fine album are the superb vocals of Sparrow. Whether belting out a statement of self-empowerment in Child of the Wild or reflecting on a common theme of Americana in Tumbleweed, her voice is never short of excellent. This is accompanied by guitar driven songwriting, with hints of organ, drums and bass that only serves to compliment, rather than distract, from the storytelling at the heart of each song.

For me, the standout tracks are 711 Lucky Street, I Let You Go and closing track, Northern Highway. Having said that, there is not a weak track on this album – an album that serves as a “musical antidote to the current climate of despair”.


With a release date of 31 August, Great Big Mama Sunshine by Moody Little Sister is an album to look out for.

Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating



Pop Music That Will Have You Feeling ‘Top Of The Morning’

Single Cover

Layla Haskell

“Top Of The Morning”

So let me be straight up here – as a Gen X male with a wife and kids, a mortgage and a preference for dinner with friends over partying, I am probably not the target demographic for most modern pop music. Whilst I am a fan of genre, it is it is not the first thing I seek to listen to in those rare moments that I have time to spare.


With that said, I can recognize talent when I hear it and am only too happy to admit that I like “Top of the Morning”, the latest single from Layla.. Underpinned by the stunning production work of Darren Martyn, Bournemouth-based Layla Haskell delivers an assured pop-vocal performance. Her voice sit perfectly over the catchy summer vibes, demonstrating a range and control that speaks to her talent. From start to finish, this is a song that makes you take notice and asks you to listen again.


“Top of the Morning” is a pretty damn catchy song indeed and Layla is an artist that I am sure we will be hearing more from.  I would even consider putting this on for a listen when I next get the chance, and from this old man, that’s praise indeed.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


The Atom Age Makes Rock and Roll That Is Exciting And Raw

Indie Rock Band

The Atom Age

“Never looking”

The Atom Age makes rock and roll that is exciting and raw. Drawing on influences from the The Saints to The Black Keys, the members of this six-piece Oakland band wear their influences on their collective sleeves.


“Never Looking”, the debut single from the band’s upcoming album “Cry Til’ You Die”, is a great example of its sound. The track kicks off with a monster guitar riff and a lyric that serves as a statement of intent  (“I never learned a way to take it slow”) and rarely takes its foot off the pedal in its short, sharp running time. The introduction of a saxophone into the mix only adds to the mayhem and fun.


This is music that I imagine would best be experienced live. It might be hard for me to get over to the US and see the boys in action though, so for now I await the release of their album on August 23. Like “Never Looking”, I will keep this review short and to the point and will wrap things up by simply saying this – check out The Atom Age if you like good rock and roll.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

Available For Pre-Order


Upcoming shows:

AUG 23 Slim’s- San Francisco, CA

DEC 27 Kung Fu Necktie- Philadelphia (w/ New Bomb Turks)

Ella Fence’s Vocals are Intense And Outstanding with ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’ 

Ella Fence’s Vocals are Intense And Outstanding with ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’


Ella Fence

“Don’t Feed The Monster”

If you haven’t heard of Ella Fence then you’ve been missing out.

Ella’s earlier recordings consisted of strong beats and dark moody emotions which I loved.  

I’ve seen Ella progress with her new music since those early days and have to admit, I was a little concerned that the beautiful dark mood had evaporated.

After hearing this latest release of ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’, I’m pleased to say all my fears have been laid to rest.

Ella’s well-known distinctive style of dark moody and captivating melodies show in a rather different light in ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’.

Fence’s vocals are outstanding as it shows her vocal ability in a way where she doesn’t need to “show off”, moving from one octave to another using clear crisp falsetto bouncing from the lower register combined with her exceptional vibrato adding intensity in the verses making her performance enthralling.

‘Don’t Feed The Monster’ almost feels like a rock musical piece with synth arpeggio’s and sound effects floating around her vocal helping the track carry through while she feeds that monster.

The obvious component that can’t go unnoticed, is the simplicity and space and the clear message about feeding the monster, which I believe makes you want to set this track on repeat.    

One more thing….listen to the scream  after the bridge!

Love it! 

5 out of 5  Purple Hearts from Tracey


Ella Fence’s Vocals are Intense And Outstanding with ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’

Hannah Stewart Is An Artist We Need To Keep An Eye On

Single Cover Hannah Stewart

Hannah stewart


Californian electro-pop artist Hannah Stewart delivers two things on her new single – minimalism and groove.  Due for release on July 31, Glaze is an exercise in sparse drums, bouncy synth bass, layered vocals and very little else. And let me be clear – this track does not need another thing added. Following in the footsteps of artists like Grimes, Stewart manages to wrangle the most out of very little indeed, creating a track that is instantaneously catchy.

Written about the need to retreat from the world on occasions, Glaze is a direct and honest reflection on the need for introspection:

            “I like to glaze it over, I like to drown it out, Drown out the noise we live in, filter out”

Despite this, the song never sounds depressing – rather, the infectious groove keeps you dancing (even when all that seems to remain is that ever-present bass).

Glaze is a great pop track and Hannah Stewart is an artist that we need to keep an eye on. Her lyrics, production and vocals are all top notch. And, most importantly, she delivers it all in a minimalist package that is both idiosyncratic and refreshingly new.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

Glaze is available on 31st July

On All Major Streaming Platforms


Moment To Moment Is A Strong Album That Deserves Your Attention

Indie Artist

missing words

“moment to moment”

It is an unfortunate reality that the word “melancholy” has a bad name. Often understood as sad or gloomy, people tend to forget that it can also mean pensive – a term defines as “dreamily or wistfully thoughtful; expressing or revealing thoughtfulness, usually marked by some sadness”. Indeed, some of the greatest pieces of music ever made, from Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 Adagietto to U2’s With or Without You, can best be referred to as melancholy.


So it is with the greatest respect that I describe Moment to Moment, the new album from California band, Missing Words, as melancholy. This can be heard in the opening words of the title track (“I close my eyes, embrace the fall”) to the plaintive vocals and slow, lush synth pads of the closing track, Breath In. What holds the album together are the synthwave-inspired tracks and the fantastic vocals of lead singer James Meays, who sings about overcoming struggles, lost love and addiction, as well as changing for a better purpose. For me, the picks were Every Night, with its pulsing electro beat and the short but ever so good Reflections. The latter track, despite only clocking in at one and a half minutes long, would not have been out of place in Bladerunner.


Moment to Moment is a strong album and deserves your attention. In a perfect world, it would be gracing the airwaves instead of the saccharine nonsense so often found there. Dreamy and wistfully thoughtful, Missing Words have created an electronic album that should meet the test of time.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

Understated and to the point, I Felt It In The Wind; Anna Wiebe



Anna Wiebe 

I Felt It In The Wind

It’s safe to say that we live in a world that is loud in every sense of the word. We are bombarded with advertising, sounds, signs and demands.  At work, in traffic and in what seems like ever less free time, the loudness never seems to dissipate, leaving us stressed and longing for moments of peace: We yearn for something simple and quiet.


Into this space comes I Felt It In the Wind by Anna Wiebe. Over a gentle guitar figure, her soft vocals speak of a quiet moment:

            “I felt it in the wind, I know its colder now, the air knows that somehow”

The Canadian singer-songwriter has produced a delightful track here that reminds me of the country-folk ballads of Jill Sobule. Understated and to the point, I Felt It In The Wind is a pearl and does what all great songs should – it takes you to another place and leaves you wanting more.


From the recently released album, All I Do Is Move, this single speaks of what seems to be the opposite – stillness. Wiebe speaks of how she was inspired by a quote from a quote from Douglas Copeland, which states that, “The act of endless motion itself is a substitute for any larger form of thought.” Perhaps what this means is that we need to step back from the noise of our life to focus on what truly matters. With this track, Anna Wiebe has encouraged us all to do that and I thank her for it.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.