New Pop Music to Empower the People from Ruth Brosnan

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Ruth Brosnan – Toodle-OO

New Pop Music to Empower the People from Ruth Brosnan

Ruth Brosnan is certainly making a name for herself. Hailing from Cork in Ireland, Ruth’s debut single, Good Enough received thousands of streams on Spotify as well as sparking attention across radio and blog platforms around the world.


Her latest release, Toodle-oo shows her love for quirky upbeat pop and the need to help women throughout the messages of her lyrics in her songs. “I wrote the song to empower people” say’s Ruth. There’s certainly something in which resonates with people through “Toodle-oo”, as in under 24 hours the track gained over 65K views on Facebook alone.


The upbeat energetic pop dance song pulls me towards the liking of the hit song Flashdance from the 80’s, with deep base, synth lines and what sounds like a timpani incorporated within the pop beat; and who doesn’t like Flashdance; what a feeling!


The production is crisp and clean with a super catchy chorus and awesome bridge, while Ruth’s music video shows her fun personality with back up dancers amidst those classy Audi’s, (my favourite car)). The Music video takes me back to the days of how music videos used to be made, and by no means is that a negative, in fact, quite the contrary. It is revitalising to see the story, music and energy with a human perspective within the video. It’s not a music video that is over produced with effects which is un-relatable.

Perhaps this will encourage the younger generation to seek acceptance for talent as dancers and performers in music videos on a general scale. I really love that Ruth tells the story with simple visuals without having to guess what it’s all about.  


Toodle-oo is an attractive pop song which teens and the mid twenty age groups would easily relate to with lyrics of strength to stand up for themselves.

Lyrics such as “I ain’t playing games, take a look around” and “Sick of giving you the benefit of doubt”, are strong words which in turn will teach young people not to sink or dwell on issues they face, encouraging them to keep moving.


Of late I’m hearing a lot of 80’s and 90’s inspired tracks and sounds, and while I love these era’s as they send me back in time, it is really nice to hear the younger artists embrace these sounds and productions. I often remind myself that these young artists are perceiving these sounds as new and if they are embracing them for the new music coming out today, then artists and musicians must have done something right back then. So, from an old artist of the 90’s to one of 2020, Well done Ruth!


Very cool, easy to listen to classic pop dance track.


Tracey gives 4 out of 5 Stars

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New Pop Music to Empower the People from Ruth Brosnan








New Pop Music to Empower the People from Ruth Brosnan

Ireland’s Ruth Brosnan Quirky Style Is Refreshing and ‘Good Enough’


Indie Singer

Hailing from Cork, Ireland is 23 year old Ruth Bronson who released her debut single ‘Good Enough’ in April, has now released the official music video to go with the song.

Ruth wrote this song to help and inspire people and says,

‘We all go through tough times where we feel down and feel like we’re not good enough whether it be at work or at school/college or at home. We care so much about what other people think of us and as humans we crave acceptance. This causes huge anxiety leading to negative feelings and sometimes depression across the world and across all age groups. I believe we need to love and accept ourselves. I know sometimes that can be very difficult to achieve but sometimes we set such high standards for ourselves and with my song I just want to help people to believe they are good enough because we all are good enough and that’s a starting point’
I wrote this song through my own life experience. I lost my mother when I was fourteen and several close friends to suicide. Mental health and wellness are fundamental and I want to increase awareness. I think my song and video have a very important message and I think if younger people particularly had this song/video to listen to and to watch it might encourage them to think before they act. It could be a resource for people as sometimes we don’t talk but we look and listen’.
Ruth chose to launch her single at this time when there is a huge build up of pressure among students both in schools and college’s. Darkness into Light events are also held during the month of May and she hopes the song & music video will help people to pause and spread awareness.
Ruth has a unique quirky style and personality which shines through in her songs and live performances. Her influences include Kesha, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Sigrid.
Good Enoughis available on all music streaming platforms

Ruth wrote this song to help and inspire people and says,


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