Uplifting Synth-Pop Mother Earth is Your All Star Motivator

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Kay Burden with All Star Motivator – Mother Earth (is Burning)

Uplifting Synth-Pop Mother Earth is Your All Star Motivator

Okay, so it’s something a little different this week. Mother Earth (Is Burning) – released back on May 8 – is collaboration from German singer/songwriter Kay Burden and British producer All Star Motivator. It is a synth-pop track about natural disasters and climate change and all profits raised from the track will be donated to Medicines Sans Frontiers.


This reason I say this is something different is because this isn’t a review as such. With All Star Motivator (aka Rich James) being my label boss (he is Pink Dolphin Music) and a regular collaborator, it would be disingenuous of me to pass this off as anything other than a full-fledged plug for a friend who is trying to raise money for a good cause.


That’s not to say that this isn’t a great song. Upbeat production is topped by Burden’s calm vocal delivery to make for an uplifting listen. On top of that, the original is accompanied by six other mixes. Finnish producer Some-E offers up a rippling dance mix. Screamershock turns the track into a slow cinematic build and Melodywhore and Jigsaw Sequence dish up epic and bubbly remixes respectively. The haunting, deep darkness of American producer Plike’s remix rounds out the remixes before the release ends with an extended original mix. This is a solid collection of tracks and worthy of your attention


So, Simon says buy some independent electronic music today and support a very worthy cause.




Uplifting Synth-Pop Mother Earth is Your All Star Motivator

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