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Known for her soulful sound this talented 16 year old is sure to capture the attention of her audiences. Besides singing, Olivia also plays piano and a little guitar. Olivia’s talent does not stop there. She has also stared in independent films and on TV shows. You won’t want to miss what she has to say about her music and her career! 


Your  two singles “Missing U” and “Us2” have been said to be easily relatable. When did you start writing your own songs? Can you explain what inspired you to write “Missing U” and “Us2” song?


I started writing songs when I started singing. They weren’t good songs but it was a start to a long journey. I actually wrote Missing Uand Us 2 off of a bunch of different experiences. I took the relationship issues from my mother, friends and personal experiences I had and combined them into both songs. There was really no specific event but the feeling was still expressed exactly as I felt it.


Having already performed at the Apollo Theater in NYC, can you explain what that experience was like? What has been your favorite venue for performing?


 Performing at the Apollo Theater was my favorite venue, the crowd was so hype and so big. The theatre was full to capacity 1500 people. It was such an honor and preparing for that performance was such a great learning experience and I can picture the exact moment on stage perfectly in my head.


In addition to being musically gifted, you are a talented actress. Can you share some of the acting projects you have been involved in? Do you have anything you would like to share with your fans about your future acting plans?


 My first acting gig was a short film called Bodies. I was about 9 months old so I don’t remember it. I started acting classes in NYC at age 6 and continue to study my craft.  I have worked on commercials, TV appearances and two feature films. I am particularly proud of my work on crime thriller “Blowtorch”. The film is set in Brooklyn, I play the lead characters youngest daughter. I hope to do more roles like that in the future.



When you have free time, what do you like to do for fun besides music? How do you balance your music with your other obligations such as school or any other interests you may have?


I am a typical teenage girl where I like to hang out with my fiends like anyone else my age. I also study a lot as I am in 3 AP classes this year and hope to get into a good college. This month alone I took the SA

T’s and taking the ACT’s next week. My mom wanted me to stay in regular school so it has always been a challenge to pursue my singing and acting yet be in regular school. But we have managed and I will be graduating High School this June. Something about me many don’t know is  that I am actually the youngest certified yoga teacher in the state of NJ and teach every Tuesday night at a studio in my town Aerial Yoga. I’ve been doing yoga since around age 6 – yoga was incorporated as part of my training back during my figure skating days. It helped with flexibility and focus. I always wanted to become a yoga teacher and received my certificate this summer.


What’s next? Do you have any up-coming performances? Do you have anything else you would like your fans to know?


Yes, I perform regularly in and around  the NYC, NJ area. I post my up and coming performances on my Facebook page and ReverbNation page – so please follow me on those sites to be informed on my next gig. I recently signed with a new manager. Together we are planning many new things – too soon to announce but follow my social media pages as I will be letting you know once things are official. All I can say now is lots of super great things are happening.


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