Composer/Pianist Juan Sanchez Launches Piano Music YouTube Playlist







Pianist and Composer Juan Sánchez Launches a Piano Music With Nature Landscapes YouTube Playlist To Awaken A Sense Of Awe And Appreciation For The Earth

Neo Classical Ambient Music Composer


Barcelona based pianist and composer Juan Sánchez has started uploading a series of videos on his YouTube channel showcasing nature scenery with his music playing in the background. Each video is related to one type of nature scenery (i.e: oceans, mountains, skies, etc..) while one of his compositions is playing in the background.

Juan says that images can deepen our emotional response to music, they are part of our visual language — a significant part of the culture of our consumption of music, art and entertainment and they are also a great way to spend five minutes in the afternoon.

The idea behind this series of videos is that while Juan Sánchez gets a chance to get his music heard by a wider audience, he also provides listeners with beautiful landscapes of our natural world in the hope to awaken a sense of awe and appreciation for our earth. In his own words:

“Our natural world is alive with beauty and wonder. It is important for our peace of mind and our enthusiasm for life to love the world we live in and care for the earth and all living things. I hope that these videos will awaken a sense of awe and appreciation for our earth so that we can live in greater harmony with it.”


New videos are added every week.

You can watch a full playlist of all of them on YouTube here:


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Composer/Pianist Juan Sanchez Launches Piano Music YouTube Playlist









Neo-Classical/Ambient Composer Juan Sanchez Announces New Website and Free Album Download

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Rebirth Album

Neo-classical/Ambient/New Age composer Juan Sánchez makes dream-like inspirational music. Sánchez’s atmospheric melodies evoke the deepest feelings of the heart. Many listeners even go as far as to say his music has given them a new perspective on life. Now Juan Sánchez has launched a brand new website, where his stunning new album ‘Rebirth’ can be downloaded.


By simply entering an e-mail address, listeners will receive a link to a free download of ‘Rebirth.’ The album is already a hit with critics, with Stereo Stickman calling it “Stunning, a genuinely mighty and special collection of original compositions,” and The Ark Of Music praising it as “etheric and beautiful”. Led be Juan Sánchez’s emotive and passionate piano playing, the album’s nine tracks are deeply moving. Soaring string melodies intertwine with aching arpeggios to transport the listener away from the mundane and into the sublime.

“People often ask me why I chose the name “Rebirth” for my first album,” Juan Sánchez explains. “My goal is to completely overcome my limiting self beliefs. I feel that in some way I am becoming a new person. I have been reborn.”

‘Rebirth’ is available everywhere now.


For more information about Juan Sánchez and to download his ‘Rebirth’ album for free, visit his new website:

Neo-Classical/Ambient Composer Juan Sanchez Announces New Website and Free Album Download

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