Daisy Spratt Releases Super Fun Music Video for ‘Think Again Boy’

Australian Singer

Americana-pop musician Daisy Spratt is thrilled to announce the release of the music video for her latest single  “Think Again Boy” on  Friday, February 7, 2020. Arriving hot on the heels of Spratt’s performance at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the music video brings Aussie pride; shot on location in Spratt’s home of Melbourne, Australia.


Proud to share the new music video with her fans, Daisy Spratt says of filming

“The video team brought the narrative to life and made the process so fun. I was able to have my family involved as extras, and it was great having Jaxon Human (“Love Island Australia,” “Sydney’s Crazy Rich Asians”) play the male lead; he is such a talented actor. I’m so excited for everyone to finally have a visual for the song.”


“Think Again Boy” plunges straight into upbeat, swamp stompin’ beats letting the world know that Daisy Spratt is not just another pretty face but a force to be reckoned with. In the video, Spratt is continuously pursued by a man, played my Human, who is only interested in a one night fling. With empowered lyrics and a radiating confidence, Spratt grabs her girlfriends and shuts him down, letting Human know that he needs to “Think Again Boy.”


Daisy Spratt is a rising star with no signs of burning out. She previously released two chart-topping singles, “Love Like That” and “Soda Pop,” which can be heard on Australian Tiger Airways flights across Spratt’s home continent. In addition to the success of her singles, Spratt continues to gain notoriety with the release of her self-titled EP, earning her airplay on national and international radio stations and streaming services.

Daisy Spratt Releases Super Fun Music Video for ‘Think Again Boy’


Daisy Spratt Releases Super Fun Music Video for ‘Think Again Boy’

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Daniella Mason assembles star studded girl Gang Music Video

Morning Bells To Release Debut ‘Fall From The Velvet Sky’ EP

Music Video Image

Daniella Mason is woman: hear her roar,” Billboard‘s Glenn Rowley wrote on Friday. “In the clip [for her new video], Mason rallies fellow female artists including Cam, Alanna Royale, Nightbirde and more for a celebration of feminism as they, quite literally, dismantle the patriarchy in the form of a mannequin. ‘I do my dance, I make my plans/ And my own money/ Don’t say I can’t, you know I can/ Don’t call it lucky/ One woman band, that’s who I am/ The way I run it/ ‘Cause I’m woman lover powerful/ Woman lover powerful,’ she declares as her friends cheer her on.”

“I wanted this video to tell the story that I’ve been storing deep in my belly for a long time— the rage and triumph over what society has demanded from me as far back as I can remember. But I didn’t want it to be a lonely tale of an angry woman scorned. I wanted to inject a sense of camaraderie, a sense of diverse thought and emotion, and all the things we are. I wanted to inject my community. Cue: all of my favorite Nashville lady artists joining me in my quest!,” Mason explains. “I wanted this video to elevate all of us and to elevate our community as a whole— not just myself and my vision. They brought their everything and helped me show so many facets of womanhood. We see Cam, beautifully posing in her newly-announced pregnant state; we see Nightbirde, my friend who had breast cancer while we wrote this; and we see my friend and photographer, Jacqueline Day, remove her wig and reveal something she’s kept quiet. Every artist lent me their voice, their heart, and their body. They just brought it all together and helped me tell a story so much bigger than myself. And that’s really the only reason I’m here.”

Co-written by Mason and produced by Super Duper (R.LUM.R) and Robert Marvin (Tove Lo, Kelly Clarkson, Cher Lloyd), “Woman Lover Powerful” marks the first cut from the Nashville-based alt pop artist’s forthcoming EP, Physical State, due out early next year. The new album is a continuation of her highly regarded State of Mine sound series that includes previously released EPs, Mental State and Emotional State.

While Mason is no stranger to pop commerciality, earning millions of streams on Spotify and praise from the likes of The Guardian, V Magazine, and Refinery29, it’s her left-of-center musicianship and distinct powerhouse vocals that afford her credit in tastemaker and alternative spaces alike. Mason’s material is pop for pop’s sake, generating a balance between club banger and emotional gut punch that blurs genre lines to convert fans of all musical sensibilities.

“Woman Lover Powerful” is available now via  YouTube and Vevo with the accompanying track streaming on SoundCloud ,  Spotify , Apple Music , Amazon,  Tidal, Deezer , and  Google Play.

The “Woman Lover Powerful” cast stars  Cam, Alanna Royale, Sinclair, Nightbirde, Robyn Harris, Jamiah , Bantug, Jacqueline Day and Carine Abraham

Daniella Mason Assembles Star Studded Girl Gang Music Video




Daniella Mason Assembles Star Studded Girl Gang Music Video

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Music Video Premiere – It’s A Hurt   

Music Video Premiere – It’s A Hurt

We don’t normally premiere music video’s, but this is our exception. 

To begin with, we believe Ghostly Beard is improving with age, just like a fine red wine, as they say. 🙂 But seriously, without being too cheeky, ‘It’s A Hurt’ is beautiful R’n’b Jazz infused soft rock track that so many have fallen in love with. 

Ghostly Beard has been writing our Music Reviews on ‘The Beards Corner’ on Music Talks for over a year now and in a little under two weeks, we mark the Ghosts 100th music review for us. 

 Now to ‘It’s A Hurt’ music video. I guess all I want to say, is make sure you watch all the way through. Let us know what you think of the video in our comments. 

For those who are not familiar with the Ghostly Beard, find more here: GHOSTLY BEARD

Single Cover
Ghostly Beard


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Video and why you need to be doing it now! 


Girl coming out of TVLooking at how fast everything is changing to video, from short video memes, video announcements, explainer videos, short video advertisements, casual live video, video tutorials, video video video…if you’re not getting the message by now, you need to keep reading. 

Video is taking over all other preferred mediums across social media. By the end of 2018, 80% of everything we see on social media will be video. 

While YouTube have been making noticeable changes to their video platform, we will soon see another new addition to seriously rival the massive video platform of YouTube. Have you heard? Facebook have launched their new video platform where you will be able to create ‘watchlists’, see what your friends are watching, view TV shows on Facebook with your friends and communicate with them while watching. 

It was only in 2016 that Facebook launched their live broadcast feature and it would not surprise me at all to see Facebook outrun YouTube as this year Facebook reaches 2 billion active monthly users. Why am I mentioning all this….If you haven’t started getting in front of the camera, or putting your music to video, I would highly recommend you begin now. 

Artists need to now have a video for their songs, and I am constantly surprised by the masses of talent who do not have video to their music. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And now-a-days, all you need is a phone and some time to put something together that can look amazing. 

There are no more excuses, we have everything at the tip of our hands. There is so much free technology which can be utilised, so why aren’t you doing it? 

Firstly, don’t  even think about competing with the major artists, so stop right there.

Extend your creative juices from your songs and place what you see in your songs into your visuals. 

Make sure your visuals are relatable to people AND to the music and lyric of the song. There’s nothing worse than seeing a music video, that has no relevance to the song or the feel of the song. 

Captions on video’s are now vital as currently 80% of people watch video’s on the mobile devices on silent, and lets not forget the deaf. Deaf people love to know the lyrics of songs, and can still feel the beat of the music through their speakers. Captions are accessible through Youtube, but there are also very inexpensive services who can turn around your video with captions for as little as $1 a min. 

When creating a music video there are so many sources you can use to make it look professional and integrate with other applications from your phone to what’s available via online sites. 

Here are a few apps and services you could use for a limited amount of money:

1. iMovie for Mac as the base for creating and editing your video’s. The primary word here; ‘editing’. 

2. ‘Lightworks’ free version and paid versions available

3.  ‘VideoBlocks’provides video footage, background loops, templates, special effects and video clips. You can also find stock images and video loops from other sites such as‘Dreamstime’.

4. Look for add ons for iMovie from the app store, as they do have text effects and other effects available. 

5. Powerpoint or Keynote – you can create great text animation using keynote or powerpoint. Here are two examples of what I have managed to do myself using a combination of Keynote, video blocks and iMovie. 

As seen in the below video’s.


6. There are also so many apps which you can use on your phone, such asVivaVideo, Videohance, Videorama,Videoleap and inShot to name a few.

7. Other phone apps which you can use to help with short ads or just something interesting for your fans/viewers are boomarang,Legend, Ripl (although very expensive for the full version) Magisto to name just a few. 

8. Rev.com are fantastic for creating captions for your video and to help with adding those captions, I use an application called MacX DVD Video

You can create great video effects by using a combination of apps from your phone and move them across to your desktop to complete your video creation and editing. 

Once you get your head around it, the possibilities are endless. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a budget set aside for a music video, there are now some great avenue’s such as video production teams and producers in your area.

When choosing your producer, be sure they have an understanding of music and an understanding of who you are how you want to portray yourself and your image.

In Sydney to name a few, there are Lyn Taylor or The Box Studios.

If anyone would like to comment below or share any other suggestions, please go ahead 🙂

Video, And Why You Need To Be Doing It Now!

And if in doubt, Google it! 😉