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Music Talks has been going through re-branding – as a part of the endeavour, the Founder of Music Talks, Tracey Arbon has upgraded and re-built the Music Talks website – the new site boasts of new features and one of them is the “Noteworthy” feature. The “Noteworthy” page on Music Talks brand new website enables players in the music industry to directly interact on the new site and post news, articles and self-help articles. Additionally, Music Talks and Drooble are forging partnership – Drooble is the fastest growing community of musicians. The overall look, feel and design of Music Talks’ new website are sophisticated and very classy with a crisp quality.


The ‘Noteworthy’ page that’s added to the Music Talks’ new website is primarily to continue to help the artists know what’s taking place within the industry.  The advice given by gurus from other industries is also shared by personal posting – this way, sharing knowledge and wisdom that gives mutual benefits is made possible. The Music Talks website retains their features of ‘New Music’, ‘Interviews’, ‘Teen Talks Interviews’, ‘Music Reviews’, Music Tips, ‘Video Of The Week’ and Guest Talks, with Guest Talks having come a long way with most recent special guests including the likes of ‘Scott Page’, from Pink Floyd, Cece Peniston, Sharon O’Neill, Christine Anu and Jason Davis to name a few. The page ‘Featured Artist” is renamed ‘Spotlight’ – this is where the featured artist writes their own story, including major publicity and promotions. Drooble’, on the other hand, empowers independent artists by providing them with an environment where they can exchange services, monetize music skills and receive genuine feedback for their songs as well as grow their careers.


With Music Talks and Drooble collaborating, the platform just got more impacting – they will each offer specific services to help independent artists with tools to foster significant and organic growth. This will be a great boost for up and coming artists who fail to find the time, know-how and the needs to grow to the next level – such artists are invited to take full advantage of this platform provided by Music Talks and Drooble. It should be noted that the services to artists are through Music Talks and Drooble websites and stores.


“Music Talks is still ascending and I strongly believe that there are always new ideas and ways to improve. This latest transformation is for the benefit of fans and artists and it has taken a few months to piece together. I believe this is yet another great step in the right direction in helping indie artists,” the Founder of Music Talks, Tracey Arbon says.

In conjunction with the opening of the new site, Music Talks are offering amazing deals with huge discounts off some of its services. This is including the upgraded new Professional Video Animated service to help artists with their content creation for their own social media and/or video creations.

With the new website and collaboration with Drooble, Music Talks conquers another milestone as a global for independent artists site based in Sydney, Australia. It began as a place for independent artists in Australia to strum and drum their stuff and Tracey Arbon, as she says, tirelessly works to develop Music Talks to cover more indie global music landscape. Music Talks have been helping independent artists, many of whom, are insanely talented find a dependable and ever-expanding platform where they can flourish, making great music and touching more people with their melodies. Due to rapturous responses from overseas communities, Music Talks quickly grew rapidly internationally since 2016 and is able to make great headway.


Tracey Arbon herself is a singer and an aspiring businesswoman. She has extensive plans for Music Talks which will see Music Talks evolve in 2019 and beyond.






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Picture of Tracey Arbon

About Tracey Arbon – Why Did I Begin Music Talks?

Founded by singer Tracey Arbon 

Music Talks began late in October 2015 and is one of the first products from Chant La Bon.

I wanted to do something which people do not feel confused when trying to find music, and create a platform where it is not time consuming for the fans. Having a site where the artists can portray their own personality by providing their own story, which most people could relate to and easily find  talent.  

The reason for why I’m doing this, is, after many years away from music, I found I simply couldn’t do without it as a part of my everyday life. My personal story of the past 10 years has not been so great. My mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, I was her full time carer for 3 years, while my daughters were only 3 years old and 8 months old.

A year after she passed, my marriage broke down. After which, I met someone else, soon after that my eldest daughter became very ill, having missed half a year of school, followed by the diagnoses of my youngest daughter of being on the Autism Spectrum. Not long after that, my partner  was diagnosed with cancer, and so on, I think you get the idea. 🙂

I never really look back and always try to go forward. As soon as my marriage break down and the passing of my mother, I was right in to find a job to keep us living and our heads above water……but after also suffering ongoing depression, I knew that enough was enough, and I had to drag myself to begin to live again. During the constant spanner being thrown my way, I had slowly felt I was losing my friends. I hate whinging, so I stopped calling people because my life was not that interesting with the  constant dramas, and didn’t want them to feel, that all I had to talk about was my latest drama. This was not the person my friends knew me to be, so I stayed in hiding. 

I knew I had to do something for myself and create a better story, for both me and my daughters. They need a happy mother! I started to get back into my passion of music.

And there it was, I began to find myself again.

I had started writing and recording my own music and reached a point of confusion.

While the internet has opened up amazing possibilities for artists, I found that when I began the planning for my own releases, I just wasn’t satisfied to be placed among the thousands of other artists with tracks on Soundcloud, Spotify etc.

While commercial radio is a long shot, and social media is great…I thought, ‘how are people supposed to find me in the first place’? My tracks are still sitting here and haven’t yet been released, as Music Talks has priority for the time being. But… I will get back to those tracks. I’m am a believer of not releasing something just for the sake of it. I want to be happy with it, and plan properly.

By providing music, and stories from the artists with their links, gives fans the tools to further access and follow new artists.

We had begun sharing stories from Australian artists, but have now extended beyond Australia and welcome all artists to submit, to help people find you. My ultimate plan is to have available an app for Music Talks when the time is right. 

Hope you enjoy the site, and please let us know if there is something you would like to see. 

If you would like to support Music Talks, you can become a sponsor on our Patreon page where you receive some great rewards.

Love About Tracey Arbon – Why Did I Begin Music Talks?

Tracey. xx