Indie DuoBriGuel keep surprising their fans over and over again, this time by unveiling glimpses of their soon-to-come Baltimore Project. Although most of it is still a well-kept secret, they recently posted on Instagram some photos of what seems to be the shooting of a new music video and documentary. 



As frontrow supporters of mindfulness, meditation, and consciousness, always seeking to find alternative ways to tap into our human potential in their numerous song’s lyrics, Briguel seem to have found the perfect structure by collaborating with the Holistic Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities, in order to fight issues such as suicide, anxiety, and drug overdose among children and teenagers. 




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🎬 Our latest project has several stages and phases. In addition to shooting a new music video, we’re also producing a short film that deals with many of the issues prevalent today including mindfulness 🔷 meditation 🔷 consciousness 🔷 We’re especially asking: how can we do our part to heal ourselves and the world at large? It’s a profound question, but perhaps answers are closer than we think… With such daunting current statistics, we feel it’s imperative to do something. Right? 🔻 #Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for children & adolescents 🔻 #Anxiety is the leading mental health issue among American youth 🔻 #DrugOverdose deaths continue to increase in 🇺🇸at a rapid rate 🔻 🇺🇸 #incarcerates 693 people for every 100,000 residents, more than any other country ❗ Let’s start thinking about our future and the future of generations to come❗ . . . #wearebriguel #brianna #miguel #new #project #newproject #BALTIMORE #start #betterfuture

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This past year, Briguel have released a beautiful collection of songs titled Life Is A Lesson, Without Darkness, and Who Do You Wanna Be, all of them pointing in the same direction; love, non-violence, awareness, and kindness, as essential answers to the chaotic times we are facing.  Follow Briguel on Instagram for all the latest updates on the Baltimore project and upcoming releases!

Understated and to the point, I Felt It In The Wind; Anna Wiebe



Anna Wiebe 

I Felt It In The Wind

It’s safe to say that we live in a world that is loud in every sense of the word. We are bombarded with advertising, sounds, signs and demands.  At work, in traffic and in what seems like ever less free time, the loudness never seems to dissipate, leaving us stressed and longing for moments of peace: We yearn for something simple and quiet.


Into this space comes I Felt It In the Wind by Anna Wiebe. Over a gentle guitar figure, her soft vocals speak of a quiet moment:

            “I felt it in the wind, I know its colder now, the air knows that somehow”

The Canadian singer-songwriter has produced a delightful track here that reminds me of the country-folk ballads of Jill Sobule. Understated and to the point, I Felt It In The Wind is a pearl and does what all great songs should – it takes you to another place and leaves you wanting more.


From the recently released album, All I Do Is Move, this single speaks of what seems to be the opposite – stillness. Wiebe speaks of how she was inspired by a quote from a quote from Douglas Copeland, which states that, “The act of endless motion itself is a substitute for any larger form of thought.” Perhaps what this means is that we need to step back from the noise of our life to focus on what truly matters. With this track, Anna Wiebe has encouraged us all to do that and I thank her for it.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.







Bass, Cool Grooves, Great production and Soulful Vocals From Jean

Australian Pop Singer Jean


“Follow You”

Bass and electronic dance music go together like cheese and crackers. Like sunscreen and a day at the beach. Like music reviews and bad analogies…..

The first thing that draws you into this fine EDM track is the bass. Producer, Open Till L8, has worked with Sydney artist, Jean, to create a simple, bass-driven groove that is perfectly suited to sun-soaked afternoon parties. Indeed, the production throughout is top-notch and even includes something rare in the world of electronic music – a middle eight.

But it would be wrong of me to focus solely on the musical elements of this track.  What becomes obvious on repeat listens is Jean’s lyrical skill. Delivered in a style best described as sleepy-soulful, he speaks to an unnamed partner described as his “favourite kind of distraction” using deceptively simple lines that hint at greater depths of meaning. This is songwriting of a high order – songwriting that understates its case and in so doing, invites you to return for more.

So, if bass, cool grooves, great production, soulful vocals and understatedly intelligent lyrics are your thing, take some time to check out Follow You by Jean. You might just be happy you took the time to do so.

Simon say 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


If You Can’t get Enough of Lord of the Rings, Swear by Game of Thrones, You’ll Love “Ye Banks and Braes”

ED Harris Celtic Album

W Ed Harris

“Otzi Man” from the “Ye Banks and Braes” Album

There’s something strangely addictive about Celtic music. It evokes a simpler life, tales of knights and maidens and old gods, to a point where you can close your eyes and be transported in another time and space, better than a dream.
If you’re a fan of fantasy, can’t get enough of Lord of the Rings, swear by Game of Thrones, you will love the Ed Harris’s new album “Ye Banks and Braes”, a compilation of traditional and original Celtic instrumentals and ballads. A simple look at the beautiful cover and you’ll understand that this album is the real deal.
Ed is a veteran multi-instrumentalist with a wide range of experience who has focused on Celtic music for over 30 years now, and it’s pretty obvious from the songs and performances on this album that he’s a reference in the genre, and the rich collection of albums on his website is further proof.
With a sound that sparks with lush acoustic instruments, guitars, mandolin, fiddle, percussion, recorders, and in some case Ed’s vocals, from jigs to ballads, this album is a colorful journey. On that “Otzi Man” song, which is an original composition, Ed’s roots are in full display and tell the tale of the Iceman, “5300-year-old tribesman who was found in the mountain range between Austria and Italy”, starting with pounding percussion, fiddle, acoustic guitar and recorder, and Ed’s subdued vocal works a charm, an award winning combination.

Verdict: 5/5 beards – Jump on a dragon and listen to this album 

Get this album (and more) from the artist’s website at:

Clinton Tarantino Reminds Us That There Is Still Vibrancy Left in House

New House Single

Clinton Tarantino

Clinton Tarantino – Don’t Stop


Getting dance music right is not as simple as it may seem. As a genre built with a singular purpose in mind, good dance music must take the listener on a journey, whilst imploring them to keep on dancing.

With “Don’t Stop”, Clinton Tarantino shows he can get this balance right. Starting with the uplifting piano and sweeping strings synonymous with (progressive) house music, Tarantino slowly adds vocal elements and synth leads to a rhythm track that has its roots in the smooth electronic stylings of Daft Punk’s “Discovery” era. The production is superb and all the ingredients add up to a track that is sure to be dance-floor favorite after its release on June 2.

Like so much of the music that comes across my desk to review, I was pleasantly surprised by this track. Sometimes house music can seem formulaic and a tired reproduction of sounds and ideas going back to 1980s’ Chicago. On “Don’t Stop”, Clinton Tarantino reminds us that there is still a lot of vibrancy left in this genre. An evolving and melodic gem, I recommend this track to anyone looking for a dance-floor journey.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

Clinton Tarantino​


Till’ I Find A Me To Defend’ From Lennox Lust

Indie Duo Lennox Lust

Lennox Lust

If I were you and you were me, would you still be my friend?

Mick Hambly and Lauren Valatiadis are Lennox Lust, a folk duo from Sydney Australia, whose single “Till’ I Find A Me To Defend”, sees the pair asking this question of each other.

Over a simple guitar lick, Hambly first asks the question in his dusky tenor. As the song builds, Valatiadis takes over vocal duties and repeats the question in a voice tinged with longing. The track reaches its peak as the duo come together to sing the final chorus, their voices sitting beautifully together – the couple’s understated harmonies a perfect match for the question that lays at the song’s heart.

I must admit that I am not usually a fan of folk music. It’s nothing personal – just that I work in the area of electronic music and don’t often take the time to explore the artists and songs whose acoustic sounds and songwriting approach can often be the antithesis of my own chosen genre.  But with Lennox Lust, I have found an exception (and perhaps a beginning). I will be seeking out more of their music and look forward to hearing the new record that I believe is on its way later this year.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.


Loo & Monetti are ‘Broken Inside’ but ‘So Friendly’

Loo & Monetti

It is always good to be pleasantly surprised. Having never heard the French outfit Loo & Monetti before, I did not know what to expect when I put on my headphones and pushed play on this ten-track album. What I got was a journey through a musical world that is all their own.

From the big, brash electro-pop opener “So Friendly”, to the downtempo beauty of the closing track “The Saddest Clowns”Loo & Monetti capture the listener with their accomplished mix of haunting vocals and understated production. Loo’s voice conveys the longing and fragility of the lyrics (“I want to breakaway, nothing more” from The Train) and she is amply supported by Monetti’s superb production. In what seems to be a contradiction, the tracks are simultaneously lush and stripped back at the same time – the sign of a master producer at work.

“Broken Inside” demands multiple listens and I look forward to sitting down again and paying this the attention it so richly deserves. It might not be a surprise the second time around, but it will be rewarding nonetheless.

Simon Says 4 out of 5 Stars

4 Star Rating

listen to the song and EP on spotify:



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Emma Dean is a F*%king Unicorn

Emma Dean EP Cover

“I Am a F*%king Unicorn”

from the

“Broken Romantics: A Vicious Song Cycle” EP

Coming from Brisbane, Australia, with a style that could easily be transposed on stage off Broadway and that she pens herself as “Pop Cabaret” (from a previous album), Emma Dean is not your ordinary pop singer-songwriter, and a simple listen to this new EP and that song in particular will make it obvious to everyone.

Starting with a great piano driven groove which is as infectious as it is original, Emma goes all the way with a display of female empowerment that could well be the next feminist anthem, while her humorous delivery shows vocal chops definitely out of the ordinary. Where on the rest of the EP, which is a bit more restraint, you could hear shades of Tori Amos, with a knack for improbably catchy melodies coming from outer space, romantic lyrics (the broken kind), and piano driven tunes, the songstress is out for a kill with this song, and if you cannot really see the “glitter and sparkles coming out of her bum”, without a doubt you can hear them coming out of her voice.

What’s not to like on that tune that grooves with wah guitar, rhythmic piano, heavy bass, hypnotic percussion and a dancing flute? Hard to resist Emma Dean flamboyant style and vocals in any case, and you will tend to agree that she is indeed a “F*%king Unicorn”!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

Get the song and EP from Bandcamp: