Cool Pop-Rock New Single from Birds In The boneyard

Cool Pop-Rock New Single from Birds In The boneyard

Indie Pop-Rock Band

Birds in the Boneyard

“I Know You’re Right” single

The sixties are back! With this new single, the Birds in the Boneyard, a cool pop-rock trio from Queens, NY, are departing from their previous “I Still Believe” hit which was much more of a 90s flavored track.

If you’re longing for The Beatles, the Byrds or the kind of bubble gum pop rock typical of the early sixties this one will delight you, with its hooky chorus, jangly guitars and Mersey-inspired back beat. It’s a fun song, easy to remember and tap your feet to.

The production is on point, with just enough vocal harmonies to remind you of the Beach Boys and easy lyrics with just the right kind of teenage love fest. To note the fun cover which is also a reminder of simpler times, and the video that accompanies this fun single, which could have been an outtake for a Hard Day’s Night movie remake.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating



Cool Pop-Rock New Single from Birds In The boneyard


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Feel At Home with Leaving Lennox New Single “Weren’t Looking For”

Single Cover

Leaving Lennox

“Weren’t Looking For“

Leaving Lennox has recently released their new single, ‘Weren’t Looking For’.

As soon as the play button was hit, it immediately made me feel at home, easy and free.

‘Weren’t Looking For’ is an easy-going mid tempo country pop/rock song that makes you feel like smiling with vocal harmonies blending beautifully from the Leaving Lennox Duo, Mick and Lauren.

Lauren’s lead vocal is simple and very well sung, just as it should be.

If there’s one thing that now turns me off with a vocal, it’s the apparent need many vocalists feel, to over sing. Lauren knows just how to place the right amount of expression and vibrato, blending some really lovely tones to her vocal, performing the song in the way it was intended.

The strumming of guitars and lead electric swarms through and around the track before it moves into its own solo with no need for screaming or showing off.

This is the true art of allowing the song to sing for itself with clever musicianship and production.

The only downer for me, was that it ended too quickly. A really nice song with sweetest cherries on top.

Verdict: 4/5 Hearts

Music Review 4 Hearts

Feel At Home with Leaving Lennox New Single “Weren’t Looking For”


Give It All Up For the Funky Soulful Groovy Danny Toeman

Give It All Up For the Funky Soulful Groovy Danny Toeman

RnB Artist

Danny Toeman

“Give It All Up” (Mr Showtime)

Quickly, someone turn up the volume!! What a surprise blast this track is.  A funky groove that couldn’t get me to stay still in my chair; how could you not move with such a funky soulful track. Admittedly, this funky soul groove is where my heart lies, and with those vocals by Danny Toeman clearly shows he is a true professional. 

If you like funky soul bands such as Kool & The Gang or The Average White band, then you’re going to fall in love with the cool groove high energy soulful style of  ‘Give It All Up’ (Mr Showtime)

Danny Toeman is obviously a seasoned performer and artist with his own seven piece band that is as tight as……well let just say it’s pretty damn tight. Danny’s vocals ooze rugged emotion that sours with ease throughout, from the sexy spoken lower end of his range,  flying into a high falsetto as smooth as a well aged whisky. (not saying he is old)

The backing vocals can’t go without being unnoticed. The simple and remarkable BV’s are tight and clear while the production most certainly has a vintage and funky contemporary style. 

Give It All Up has a feel good vibe that is so unforgettable, you’ll be singing it for hours after as the chorus spins around between your ears! 

 Danny has an album and live shows on the horizon, and if he came to Australia, I’d be there in a flash. 

Seriously great music. Now go get those dancing shoes on.

I’m giving it all up for Danny with 5 stars!

Verdict: 5/5 Hearts

Music Review 5 Hearts






Give It All Up For the Funky Soulful Groovy Danny Toeman

Såtilå The Indie Pop Artist You Need To Hear

Sätilä The Indie Pop Artist You Need To Hear

SätiläThe Indie Pop Artist You Need To Hear

Indie Electronic Artist


“Like You Do”

There’s good reason why some artists create so much buzz and attention and Sätilä is definately one of them. The Finnish born, London Based artist has so far garnered over a million streams with previous releases and I’m predicting a similar result with “Like You Do”. 

Sätilä’s vocals are smooth as silk and uncomplicated as “Like You Do” builds into a dimension that takes you from one world to another. What begins with a new age electronic feel with synth sounds  are overtaken by his flawless vocal. The transition from verse to chorus is effortless, smooth and somewhat metamorphosing; and that’s just the start. 

The drive from the bass and synth lines keeps the track moving and explodes when the second verse kicks in, creating a groove that pulsates you into the simple and catchy chorus the spells H.I.T. to me. 

What I like about the style of “Like You Do”, is it’s fusion of electronic pop synths and beats combined with Sätilä‘s velvet vocals and a chorus that sticks. 

Just when you think you know where the song is going, the threshold rises into a bridge that pulls back without over reacting whilst still using the build of beats cleverly back in the mix before it’s completion of the last exploding chorus with the ear worms well and truly apparent.

If you haven’t guessed already, I really like like this and given “Like You Do” a well deserved 5 hearts! 

Verdict: 5/5 Hearts

Music Review 5 Hearts



Såtilå The Indie Pop Artist You Need To Hear

Links to Sätilä and “LIKE YOU DO” 


Sätilä The Indie Pop Artist You Need To Hear

Såtilå The Indie Pop Artist You Need To Hear

Dandelion Charm Do It Again With New Album

Dandelion Charm Do It Again With New Album

Indie Artist Album Cover

Dandelion Charm

“Maybe Dreamers” Album

They did it again! John and Clare have perfected their sound in this new album which is both more adventurous and diverse yet still showcases the Dandelion Charm strengths at beautiful vocal harmonies, stunning arrangement and the trademark 12-string driven backbone to all their songs (they call the guitar “Olah” and it really seem that it’s the third indispensable component of their inimitable sound).

From the short intro of “The Cult of More” to the last fading out notes of “Flicker”, the listener is treated with a variety of genres, ranging from folk to classic rock to prog, even a hint of jazz, sometimes in the same tune. Perhaps their music doesn’t have the immediacy of hit songs in our era of 2 minutes digestible bits of dumbed-down-for-streaming tunes, but it has a depth that will reward extended listen, and make no mistake, you will want to listen again!

The collection clearly shows the breadth of talent of this dynamic duo, in songwriting, arrangement and production, which has been taken one notch higher with this awesome new album. With a solid theme that binds the message here, centered around an exploration of collective and individual relationships with new media, and the pursuit of fulfilment through consumption, the songs touch mature subjects and do it in style! This is music for the adults’ listeners still around, and we should be thankful for it.

Hard for me to pick a favorite song in this album, because they all have something to like, but I really love the title track for its epic breadth, delightful twists and turns and its harmonic depth. Still, I truly believe the best way to consume the album is by listening from beginning to end, the way great albums should be listened… then hit “play” again!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating



Get the song and album on Bandcamp:

Dandelion Charm Do It Again With New Album

Indie Rock Band Lazybones “Trash Talk” Full Of Gusto and Energy

Australian Indie Band


“Trash Talk”

The latest track from Brighton-based alt-rock trio Lazybones, is one hell of a fun listen. “Trash Talk”, due for release on October 9th through SaySomething Records, is unabashed, trashy rock and roll that is about  “That moment when you know you’re about to say something you’ll regret, when you’re right on the edge and you just can’t stop it.”


Like a poppy version of Australia’s Cosmic Psychos, Lazybones waste no time in getting into the track – not a second of the three minutes is wasted. Over the top of this lean song driven by a driving, distorted bass and pounding drums, vocalist Candi Underwood delivers her lyrics with such urgency it seems her life might just depend on it. (Again, I was reminded of another great Aussie band here – Dallas Frasca.)


“Trash Talk” is an excellent song, full of energy and gutsy, rock n roll bravado. I would highly recommend checking it out and (if you live in the UK) getting along to one of their live shows. I am sure that, just like this track, their performances would one hell of a fun ride.


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating


New Album of Folk, Rock to Blues From Aussie Artist Sophie Klien


Australian Singer

Little Wise

“Don’t Let It Go” from the “Want It All” Album


Fans of Australian Folk and Americana already know Sophie Klein, the eponymous Little Wise songwriter who is back with a great new album that you don’t want to miss.

The collection of 10 songs ranges from folk to blues to rock in a way that reminds me of the Pretenders, with jangling guitars and a great melodic gift, and Sophie’s melancholic and charming voice is a treat that works so well for the material. This “Don’t Let It Go” song in particular has a great laid-back vibe, a simple story yet a memorable chorus that you will hear yourself singing along to after just a couple listen.

Starting with a syncopated guitar and a cool Rhodes, the drums and bass are strong yet relaxed underneath the soundscape that features Sophie’s awesome vocal, sustained by great background vocals. During the chorus, electric guitar and banjo arpeggios are sustaining the vocals, creating a perfect counterpoint which further reinforces the strength of that hooky part. Well done and kudos to the production that leaves the music breathe with minimalistic touches of ear candies for everyone’s pleasure.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




Check out the song and album on Bandcamp:

A Healthy dose Of Classic Rock from The Sour Bruthers


Indie Rock Band

The Sour Bruthers

“Better Days”

Take a healthy dose of classic rock, Chicago grit, southern rock and country rock, blend it all together and you get Soür Bruthers.

This song from their debut EP gets you from the start with an infectious riff from the band’s favorite Telecaster sound, almost immediately joined by a great B3, and the wall of guitars that propels it into Eagles meet Lynyrd Skynyrd category.


The song structure is a simple twist on the 12-bar blues, but it gets to a cool pre-chorus and chorus that sing along anthem quality. The guy in the story might have seen better days, but we haven’t heard better blues rock for a while.

Everything is on point, the arrangement builds and grows, and the guitars sound warm and engaging, with that blend of gritty distorted guitars and country twang, the rhythm section keeps it steady, great group harmonies, not much surprises short of a tasty guitar solo and a nice drop of instrumentation for the final verse before the final chorus hits to make it sound more impactful.


Pretty much a lesson in simplicity but that’s what makes this song so compelling in the end.

Get to hear this song and the others from this debug EP, you won’t regret it!

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




You can buy this song along with the EP on Bandcamp:

A Healthy dose Of Classic Rock from The Sour Bruthers