Electronic Synthwave For Your Mind and Soul from gribbles

Music Review

gribbles – The Requiem EP

Sad to say, I am a bit late to the party on this one. The Requiem EP, from UK-based producer gribbles (aka Graham Thorpe) was released on June 15th and represents an exploration of different electronic music styles across its four tracks.


Starting with the ambient-infused IDM of the title track, the EP sets a high musical bar. The second track, What Are the Media?, steps up to the mark, establishing a kind of synthwave-styled spy groove before adding an extended sample of Noam Chomsky. Hive is up next, and here Thorpe juxtaposes a circuit pulse and organ before adding a bass and keys reminiscent of those French purveyors of retro electronica, Air. The EP closes with the aptly titled Airwatching, an atmospheric piece of chillout music.


I am not going to suggest that this is music for everyone. I couldn’t see this being played at parties and on dance floors around the world. However, as a fan of the broad range of sounds and moods that electronic music has to offer, I was very impressed by this. It was food for my mind and soul.


Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating





WEBSITE: http://gribbles.co.uk/

BANDCAMP: https://gribbles.bandcamp.com/album/requiem-e-p

Electronic Synthwave For Your Mind and Soul from gribbles


Electronic Synthwave For Your Mind and Soul from gribbles

The Rude Awakening Of Synthpop Style Making You Squeal!

Music Review on Music Talks

The Rude Awakening – Squeal!

Formed in 2018, The Rude Awakening has been quick to make a mark on the independent electronic music scene. Hailing from the UK and consisting of Johnny Normal and Bridget Gray, The Rude Awakening have previously released a number of synthpop tracks for grown-ups including Emerald Dancer and Your Wetness Is My Weakness.

Squeal! Is the duo’s first full release of 2020 and represents a further refinement of their sound. Upbeat, saucy and infectious, Squeal! is a conversation between lovers best summed up in the chorus that serves as the track’s outro:

Tell me what you want and what you need and what you feel

Wrap your arms around me baby let me make you squeal

Along with the original radio mix, the single includes six remixes from Mr Strange, Patrik Kambo, Eminent, Mechanical Cabaret, Subject:2 and the Jan Doyle Band. Each offers its own unique take on the track – from the techno beginnings of the Patrick Kambo remix, to the crunching guitars of the Jan Doyle Band Armageddon remix and the beat monster that is the Mechanical Cabaret remix (my personal favourite).

Despite being around for roughly forty years now, synthpop is a genre that continues to grow and develop. The Rude Awakening is doing its own part to keep the style alive and interesting and Squeal!, due for release on 10th July, is further evidence that synthpop still has a lot to offer.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating





TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rudeawakening69 

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PinkDolphinMLtd

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/therudeawakeninguk

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pinkdolphinmusic

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/therudeawakening69/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/pinkdolphinmusic/



The Rude Awakening Of Synthpop Style Making You Squeal!

The Rude Awakening Of Synthpop Style Making You Squeal!

The Brisbane Metal Band That Will Blow You Away; Adriatic

Metal Music Review

Adriatic – Koreni

Let me start by saying that this is going to be a little longer than my regular reviews. With an album this complex and engaging and my personal bias for bands from own hometown of Brisbane, it would be wrong of me to pass over this release too quickly.


I first saw Adriatic play at the Back Room in Brisbane on a bill with some other local metal acts and they totally blew me away. Their intensity and live presence made me an instant fan and on that night I bought my first CD. So it was with excitement that I saw the band was releasing a new album. This is the first time in my life as a music reviewer that I have contacted a band directly and asked if I could review its work. Fortunately for me, Adriatic was only too obliging.


Koreni, due for release on 1st July, kicks off with the title track and what a track it is. Featuring Reni Bojilov of Bulgarian folk group, Zhiva Voda, Koreni (I) opens with a captivating Middle-Eastern-style vocal line before moving into intense slower metal groove that had me thinking of Rotting Christ and Igorrr. Falling Helplessly In A Dream featuring Simon R-W of Massic is up next and the band introduces the Meshuggah-style riffing and rhythmic complexity that sits at the heart of this album. This is evident in tracks such as Immerse, When Words Mean Nothing (which also contains hints of psychedelic rock in its opening) and Poison Me (II).


But it would be wrong to reduce Adriatic to a band that “only” does complex riffing. They are so much more than this, as is demonstrated in Poison Me (I), a ballad that starts with a juxtaposition of samples of a preacher begging his congregation for money and news of pedophile priests. The track then moves into a kind of rock ballad that wouldn’t be out of place on an Alice in Chains album. The nineties influences don’t stop there – Unbroken featuring Sami S reminded me in its tone and structure of earlier Helmet.  The other standout for me was Against All Odds featuring Jesse N of Regular Gonzales. I was wanting to say something intelligent and insightful about this track, but all that kept springing to mind was “f**king awesome”.


The album ends with Koreni (II) and the track reprises the Middle-Eastern vocals of the opening track, moving through an angular riff workout, before decaying into a wall of eroded noise – the perfect ending to a perfect album.


All I can saw in summary is this – if you are a fan of metal, BUY THIS ALBUM. There is not a weak track here and I know that I will have this on heavy rotation over the coming weeks. If I could give it more, I would, but for now…


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars

5 Stars




Koreni track listing:

  1. Koreni (I) ft. Reni Bojilov of Zhiva Voda
  2. Falling helplessly in a dream ft. Simon R-W of Massic
  3. Immerse
  4. When words mean nothing
  5. Against all odds ft. Jesse N of Regular Gonzales
  6. Poison me (I)
  7. Poison me (II)
  8. Unbroken ft. Sami S
  9. Delusion ft. Dwid Hellion of Integrity
  10. Koreni (II) ft. Reni Bojilov of Zhiva Voda



The Brisbane Metal Band That Will Blow You Away; Adriatic

The Brisbane Metal Band That Will Blow You Away; Adriatic







Dylan Joseph’s New Single “City Dime” Brings A Maximum Dose Of Fun Vibes 

Indie Music Review

Dylan Joseph, the American country music artist, is best known for the song he co-wrote for the show Malibu Surf, “Just Friends,” counting millions of views on YouTube. Today, he releases his most recent single, “City Dime,” blending rock-inspired soundscapes with country ones, and talking about a city girl who loves country boys. Despite having followed the way of life chosen for her by her family, she is attracted to country boys, and loves to spend good times with them. 

Dylan Joseph has crafted something truly unique and special for “City Dime,” blending rock and country music in a beautifully fun and highly energizing way. We recommend this song for anyone who loves great music, and especially to the aficionados of rock and country music. 

Following-up on “Closer To You” and “44,” both dropped earlier this year, “City Dime” is one more major drop by Dylan Joseph. Don’t miss it!

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/dylanjosephherrick/

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/track/2uTVMwP5HkCmqrYuY1PFh8?si=bnxumPurQleD7qES9AfuGQ

Ska Punk Band Spawn Energetic Remix by Nick Havey

Reggae Band

Spawn – Skallegro (Nicky Havey DnB Remix)

Just a week ago I was sitting at my friend’s house listening to some great tunes from the eighties. After a while we came to the same conclusion – one of the ingredients of some of that decades’ finest music that is just not heard enough anymore is the saxophone solo. So it was with delight that I heard the saxophone solo drop in the latter half of  the Nicky Havey DnB Remix of Skallegro by Spawn.


Hailing from the Netherlands, Spawn is a Ska Punk band that I first heard back in 2016 when they released their album, “Dance of the Lunatics”.  I fell in love with “Skarantino” from that album, which, as the name suggests, was a meeting of Tarantino/Dick Dale-style guitars and the frantic energy of ska. On this remix, that energy is taken to the next level by English Drum and bass producer, Nicky Havey. The coupling of Havey’s liquid drum and bass with Spawn’s reggae style rhythms and brass section makes for a superb mix. I found myself listening to this on repeat for a long while before I finally sat down to write this.


I hope that we hear more from this group and remixer. Whilst this is certainly a wonderful stand-alone track, it left me wanting to hear a whole album of more. Do yourself a favor and check out this track.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars





WEBSITE: https://spawnband.com/en/home/


Ska Punk Band Spawn Energetic Remix by Nick Havey

Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic

Mystical and Enchanting Em Releases A Brand New Gem: Self-Titled Debut Album, Called EM

Renee Farias Photographer produces Actor and Business Headshots in Los Angeles. 

Highly skillful singer-songwriter Em has just released her new self-titled album which has left her fans stunned and in awe. Born and raised in New Jersey, the talented star has created a wonderful collection that showcases her authentic and one of a kind personality. Each song has a special place in Em’s heart and was a very therapeutic way for her to release her thoughts and feelings into music. 

EM consists of a total of five tracks and expresses a heartwarming message to all listeners. The artist thoughtfully pours her emotions and feelings into each musical masterpiece as she vocalizes in the most flexible way. This track that is birthed into the album is personal to Em, describing her life experiences that have shaped her into the woman she is today.  

Check it out EM below! 

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/0dfiYKnbXPsV19KFvaDT7j?si=rvo3ilxOQy21xC86PRtD8w

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ijustem/

Vibe On This While in Lockdown Baby with Stick Up Boys

New Electronic Music Release

Stick Up Boys – Lockdown Baby (James Black’s Nice With Ice Remix)

Vibe On This While in Lockdown Baby with Stick Up Boys

As soon as that old school piano track joined the beat, I was sold. The latest track from the Stick Up Boys, “Lockdown Baby” (due for release on July 14), immediately put me in a happy place – taking me back to a time in the early nineties when I was hell of a lot younger and most certainly more carefree.

Heralding from Brighton, UK, the Stick Up Boys is an anonymous music collective working in a range of electronic pop music styles. First releasing music in 2015, the group has recently set up their own label, “Stick Up Music”.

The vibe on this, their latest release, is upbeat – this is house music that not only harkens back to the early days of the genre, but that is also of the moment. “Be my lockdown baby” is not a refrain we would have heard in the pre-Covid 19 world. A wonderful deep bass underpins an infectious groove and light melodic flourishes round out the track for a pleasurable listening experience. This is happy music designed for not so happy times.

I enjoyed “Lockdown Baby” by the Stick Up Kids. I can see me giving it a spin again in the not too distant future when I need to forget the worries of the world and put a smile on my face.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating





WEBSITE: https://www.stickupboys.co.uk/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/stickupboysuk/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/stickupmusic 

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM7fqLZcmvCxFD4qfHCEbtT9utGV3Uwvh

Vibe On This While in Lockdown Baby with Stick Up Boys

Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic

Shimmering Celtic Perfection from Ella Roberts

Celtic Music Review

Ella Roberts

Shimmering Celtic Perfection from Ella Roberts

When it comes to Celtic music or the likes of, this is exactly what comes to mind, but this example is just so much better.

The voice of Australian singer, Ella Roberts is soothing to say the least. In fact, I am to go so far as to say, it’s super close to perfection.

Gentle, precise and meaningful as Ella’s voice glides with ease with each of her songs making them relaxing to listen to and a need to want to listen to more.

It’s clear Ella knows how to sing; her falsetto clear as a pure diamond sparkling beneath the sun. Her vibrato is faultless and clearly shows she has had classical training along the way.

The music is a real as you’ll get as drums banging alongside guitars, strings and of course bagpipes as the man behind the music, producer, Adrian Hannan, shows great understanding of how the sounds and arrangements shimmer, standing out as a piece of art on its own, while enabling the vocal to remain front and centre.

Ella’s latest single, ‘Errigal’ is now available, and while it is difficult for me to choose a favourite, I do find that her cover of ‘Lift the Wings’ enchanting.


Ella Roberts is purely breathtaking !


5  Stars from Tracey

5 Stars



‘Errigal’ Available Here



WEBSITE: https://www.ellarobertsmusic.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ellarobertsmusic/

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhqqdzwqFSE

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/ellarobertsmusic/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ellarobertsmuso

Shimmering Celtic Perfection from Ella Roberts

Uplifting Synth-Pop Mother Earth is Your All Star Motivator

Music Review

Kay Burden with All Star Motivator – Mother Earth (is Burning)

Uplifting Synth-Pop Mother Earth is Your All Star Motivator

Okay, so it’s something a little different this week. Mother Earth (Is Burning) – released back on May 8 – is collaboration from German singer/songwriter Kay Burden and British producer All Star Motivator. It is a synth-pop track about natural disasters and climate change and all profits raised from the track will be donated to Medicines Sans Frontiers.


This reason I say this is something different is because this isn’t a review as such. With All Star Motivator (aka Rich James) being my label boss (he is Pink Dolphin Music) and a regular collaborator, it would be disingenuous of me to pass this off as anything other than a full-fledged plug for a friend who is trying to raise money for a good cause.


That’s not to say that this isn’t a great song. Upbeat production is topped by Burden’s calm vocal delivery to make for an uplifting listen. On top of that, the original is accompanied by six other mixes. Finnish producer Some-E offers up a rippling dance mix. Screamershock turns the track into a slow cinematic build and Melodywhore and Jigsaw Sequence dish up epic and bubbly remixes respectively. The haunting, deep darkness of American producer Plike’s remix rounds out the remixes before the release ends with an extended original mix. This is a solid collection of tracks and worthy of your attention


So, Simon says buy some independent electronic music today and support a very worthy cause.




Uplifting Synth-Pop Mother Earth is Your All Star Motivator

Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic

Indie Artist Madison Mueller Rising To The Top

Exhale Acoustic

Madison Mueller – ‘Exhale’


Madison Mueller is a star already in my eyes. Over the past few years I have been one of the lucky ones to have not only watched her grow and blossom into an artist in her own right, but am privileged to have Maddie as one of our Teen Talks writers/journalists on Music Talks.

In 2018 I asked Maddie if she would be interested in being a part of Music Talks with the teenage artists after hearing her music and appearing on Music Talks back in Jan 2018, as I witnessed a unique raw and honest talent and artist who could not only sing, write songs and perform, but a young dedicated girl with an old soul, who seemed to know instinctively what music was all about. 

Maddie follows her heart, stay’s true to herself and delivers effortless performances in all the music she has recorded and performed.

After performing her song “Exhale” acoustically, live on the Global TV Morning Show in the summer of 2019, fans have been requesting a released version, and It seemed like the right time to release the acoustic version coming off the success of the new, Exhale music video.

Her newest single “Too Nice”, was played on her local radio station in Canada, 89.1 Max FM, recently and has seen her topping charts around the world!

Since 2018 Maddie has been honoured with 4 international and local awards with 2020 looking like a stand out year for Maddie having been nominated for 5 ISSA (International Singer Songwriter Association) Awards which will be taking place in Atlanta Aug. 2020.

Maddie’s nominations include International Vocalist of the Year, Young Adult Artist and Female Entertainer of the Year along with Video of the Year for “Exhale” and Single of the Year for “Too Nice”. 

Maddie is shocked at the recognition she is receiving for her music and excited to see where it takes her!

You can see Madison doing live performances on her Facebook and Instagram during the lockdown. She has been supporting local charities for Barrie’s Live Music Show and plans on doing more live shows, so be sure to follow her on all her social media channels to see when the next one is scheduled. You won’t be disappointed.

There’s only one way for Maddie; be one of the her first fans; follow Maddie’s journey, share and watch this young woman take on the world. You will be glad you did!

Support Maddie and indie artists by purchasing their music. ‘Exhale’ is available on Bandcamp. (link below)


5 Super Stars from Tracey

5 Stars


Bandcamp – https://madisonmueller.bandcamp.com/track/exhale-acoustic

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/maddiemakesmusic77/

Website –   http://www.maddiemakesmusic.com

Twitter –      https://twitter.com/_maddiemueller_

Instagram   https://www.instagram.com/maddiemakesmusic

Official Exhale Music Video

Indie Artist Madison Mueller Rising To The Top

Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic


Fused – Never Let Me Go

Fused (aka Mark Kendrick) is well known to supporters of independent, electronic music. Hailing from England, Fused makes a brand of synthpop heavily influenced by fellow UK artists Depeche Mode and Gary Numan and characterized by superb production values.


“Never Let Me Go” is the eighth single from Fused – a mix of a track previously featured on the “V2” compilation album. Backed by two remixes (the Capitol Mix and the Beat Box Mix) and a further track, “Countdown Red”, “Never Let Me Down” sees Fused produce yet another slice of modern synthpop magic. Whilst the sounds harken back to the eighties, the production values place it firmly in the present. The sounds are big, the chorus is anthemic and an underlying darkness adds layers to the track that invite you to listen again.


I may be a little biased here (Mark remixed a track of mine last year), but I am genuinely impressed. This is music for music lovers – a pop song with gravitas. Available now for purchase digitally and on limited edition CD, “Never Let Me Go” is a must listen for all fans of electronic music.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars





Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic

Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic

Nothing Beats Dancing in Your PJs with Great Dance Music

Independent Dance Music

Mogi Wa Wa – The Amber Nectar EP

Nothing Beats Dancing in Your PJs with Great Dance Music

Is it just me or has this global lockdown seen you dancing around your house (or unit) in your pyjamas a whole lot more than is normally the case? There is something liberating about it – a kind of middle finger to this virus that has us all locked away from one another.


So, it was with a smile that I saw I would be reviewing a forthcoming release from the Deep Down Dirty label: I knew I would have a legitimate excuse to pursue what is quickly becoming a favorite lockdown activity. Due for release on April 21, The Amber Nectar EP from UK tech-house production duo, Mogi Wa Wa, does not disappoint, filled with catchy progressive dance tracks that are sure to please.


The title track opens proceedings, starting with a solid groove and slowly adding elements to build a fun, party vibe before wrapping up. The second track (and my personal fave), Feel Free, is infectious, with a vocal (“feel free to you’re your life, feel free to live with me”) that only adds to the delicious feel on offer. The closing track, New April, adds some tribal percussion before introducing an absolutely kicking bass line to establish a rock solid groove.


The Amber Nectar EP is a quality release that deserves to be heard. More importantly, it needs to be heard by your neighbors while you have a dance party of one in your lounge room. After all, it’s called house music for a reason.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


The Way Back Home, A Masterpiece from Hillary Capps

The Way Back Home, a Masterpiece from Hillary Capps

Indie Artist

Hillary Capps – The Way Back Home

The Way Back Home, A Masterpiece from Hillary Capps

It seems appropriate that after a hiatus from reviewing in which I have had to deal with deeply personal issues, that the first song I should review upon my return is the deeply personal and intimate “The Way Back Home” from New York singer-songwriter, Hillary Capps.


This song is a message of love designed for one person only. Over the top of a simple, strummed guitar, Capps sings to an unknown lover – “light my way back home so I can love you know now, every bit as much as I did then”. The lyrics impart a yearning for a relationship as it used to be “way back when” and looks forward to a rapprochement that might never come – “Hold me, keep me, don’t leave me when I’m gone”. The intimacy of the lyrics is perfectly reflected in the haunting vocals and understated production – only the cello interlude serves to embellish the (superb) acoustic minimalism of the production.


The title track from Capps’ forthcoming album, “The Way Back Home” is a masterpiece of understatement. To have this appear on my desk at this moment in my life was fortuitous, the lyrics reflecting some of the thoughts going through my mind in this difficult period of my life. Hillary Capps is a songwriter of note and “The Way Back Home” is a track that deserves to be heard by all.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars


The Way Back Home, A Masterpiece from Hillary Capps

New Jazz Album from Frances Madden Assures Us a Beautiful World

Australian Jazz Singer

Frances Madden – ‘Beautiful World’

New Jazz Album from Frances Madden Assures Us a Beautiful World

Frances Madden is an Australian jazz vocalist who’s built her audience from live shows as well as releases and will continue to do so if ‘Beautiful World’ is anything to go by.

With eight of the 10 tracks produced by ARIA award winner and music director of other great Australian artists such as John Farnham and Olivia Newton John, Chong Lim, this album is yet another refreshing album that can change any low mood into putting a spring in your step, even in these times of isolation.

This album contains a variety of jazz assorted tracks from the up-tempo titled track ‘Beautiful World’ which paints some beautiful pictures upon listening to the lyrics, I could very easily hear this placed in movies such as La La Land.

‘Side By Side’, Frances shows off her well controlled vocal as she cruises with ease, much like flowing melted chocolate, indicating her enchanting vocal ability isn’t limited; Frances could sing any genre.

The production is spacious and bright, allowing you to hear every beautiful instrument and BV’s. And how about that piano in ‘The Tango Never Lies’!

Frances’s jazz rendition of ‘I Go to Rio’, originally made famous by none other than our other Aussie crooner, Peter Allan, is a swinging ditty that would make Mr Allan proud.

A purely magical album that will have you feeling on top of this beautiful world, even in these trying times.

This album will have you to believe that we will, once again, have a beautiful world.


Tracey giving 10 Beautiful Worlds



2018 INTERVIEW with France Madden

New Jazz Album from Frances Madden Assures Us a Beautiful World

Flashfires Sprinkle Some Moonshine with Champagne from Mars

Indie Band

Flashfires – ‘Champagne from Mars’

Flashfires Sprinkle Some Moonshine with Champagne from Mars

Flashfires are the four-piece band from London, who’s turning heads, and it’s easy to hear why.

Their latest single, ‘Champagne from Mars’ has instant appeal as soon as you hit play.

An easy-going understated production that’s somewhat familiar in melody and sound which makes it the kind of track I found myself wanting to hear again. Not bad for me I say.


Upon my first listen, I couldn’t help but draw a comparison to a mix mash of The Beatles on Broadway performing songs from a Chorus Line. Rather a strange concept I know, but this only left me thinking how clever these boys really are.


As the song approaches the chorus and those guitars begin-a-strumming…oh, those guitars….did you hear me say, those guitars; Sweetly produced without over-riding the vocal, is the clean lead guitar echoed all the way from Mars.


The skilful vocals of Alexander Gonzato breezes throughout the song, no sweat, making me feel like a glass of champagne, and I don’t really care if it came from Mars, because this track makes me feel mighty fine just as it is, right here on earth.


The melody shows creative flair for their song writing, as it simply allows the bubbles to keep flowing nicely. Flashfires seemed to have mastered the art of a delicate balance between self-restraint and a grungy swagger sprinkled with moonshine throughout ‘Champagne from Mars’.


Pour me 9 glasses of Champagne from Mars please.

Review RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview RatingReview Rating



WEBSITE: https://www.flashfiresofficial.com/

Flashfires Sprinkle Some Moonshine with Champagne from Mars

Alternative Pop Artist Alto Key is Not Colourless

Alternative Pop

Alto Key – ‘Colourless’


‘Colourless’ is the latest single from London alternative-pop artist Alto Key; and is Nice; really nice.

The vocals of Alto Key were the first to grab my attention. A voice that’s contrasting packed with raw emotion and well performed.


One aspect of a great vocal is the ability to tell the story, to allow the lyrics to sing within itself. Alto Keys vocal empowers a prominent performance. Alto Key’s performance is very clear, enabling you to hear every word integrated with a sense of urgency which is highlighted by use of his vibrato.


The message is one in which many struggle with in life as they attempt to find themselves, with lyrics communicating to those around to accept you as the person you are and not trying to change or modify that person.


‘Colourless’ is, on the contrary, chock-full of colour as the highs and lows of cinematic quality Strings sour throughout choruses, flying through and around, creating the feeling of freedom. A rather clever integration suiting the context of the track.

Like I said, Nice!


Tracey gives 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating


WEBSITE: https://altokey.com/

Alternative Pop Artist Alto Key is Not Colourless

Get Me Home with Foxy Mammals With A Nice Slow Chugg Of Simple Guitar

The Sound Of Amongst Liars Are a Loud and Fierce Powerhouse

Rock Band 

Foxy Mammals – Get Me Home

A nice slow chugg of a simple guitar riff? Groovy Baby!

On the 20th, Feb 2020 (nice), The debut single/video ‘Get Me Home’ was released on YouTube via the project known as ‘Foxy Mammals’.

This sonic creature is made up of a collective of musicians from The UK, France & Spain that give you some good Rock flavour.

Two members formed the initial concept back in 2018 & we now have a unique hive mind of five.

The video for ‘Get Me Home’ is done in a sweet arty black & white feature that helps to drive home the opening riffage that slithers into your ears.

A track on the slower side without forgiving a solid groove rock soundscape that hooks you straight in.

Vocalist, Nathalie delivers a solid soulful performance that blends perfectly with the gritty backbone of Saulo, Nikk, Juanma & Andy.

Another global layer is this track was also mixed & mastered in the US by Nick Page who has engineered for B.B.King.

I’ll Say that again…Ahem…

Grammy Nominated Engineer Nick Page who has worked with ‘B.B.(OMG) King’ mixed Foxy Mammals!

Okay, for the kids out there he’s also worked with Dave Grohl & a bunch more so basically the best mix possible has been provided here.

They will also be touring in 2020 so I’ll be keen to check out some Live gig capture as I’m sure they would put on a crisp performance.

Easily gonna give ‘Get Me Home’ 9.5 Globe emojis out of 10!

🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌓








Get Me Home with Foxy Mammals With A Nice Slow Chugg Of Simple Guitar

Get Me Home with Foxy Mammals With A Nice Slow Chugg Of Simple Guitar

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Sprinkle Some Italian On Your Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Band

Scala Mercalli – ‘Never Surrender’

Sprinkle Some Italian On Your Heavy Metal

Sprinkle some Italian on your Heavy Metal!

!‘Scala Mercalli’ formed back in 1992 & have since pumped out a bunch of EPs/albums.

The five-piece from Italy’s latest 2019 album ‘Independence’ had a video release for their single ‘Never Surrender’ Feb 9th, 2020 & this was my first time listening to their sound.

A well mixed drum solo starts the track off & it lays a solid sonic road map for what’s to come.

We are treated to Thrash Metal vibes to adrenalise in no time & then a high pitched squeal introduces ‘Christian Bartolacci’!

Channeling Robert Plant with ease, the band (including two new guitarists) stomps on with a galloping wall of rhythm.

There’s no break-down or half-time coming here, Just a ping-filled guitar solo & more energy fuelled metal to fill your cup.

Their personal mention of being inspired by ‘Iron Maiden’ shone through but they are rocking their own on the Speed Metal circuit easily.


Nice mix of old & new school. 

8 Ribollitas out of 10.


Struthy’s Ribollitas 

Ranking System




Sprinkle Some Italian On Your Heavy Metal

Another Dream, Dark and Impressive Song from Serenade The Stars

Indie Rock Pop Band



Serenade The Stars is one band in which I have had the pleasure to follow and watch, and more importantly listen to and enjoy listening to the entirety of their music.


Quite often when sifting through music, there’s little time to listen to the entirety of a song, and recognising a good ‘thing’, a good or great artist, after 30 secs to a minute in.

This is not the case with Serenade the Stars.


The 5-piece indie pop rock band embrace change and seem to enjoy it while experimenting with their music, which has led to impressive stand-alone tracks.


Their latest song, ‘Dream’, is one that lifts you up as the chorus explodes into an impressive melody, souring through the stars. The production is smooth and grand as it begins with guitar picking and minor instrumentation, lifting into the chorus with well blended BV’s, sustained by a pad of electronic undertones before the wild and free guitar solo shows its stuff in the bridge.


Matthew Harman’s voice is outstanding as his vocals are seamless as he takes this song to another level. That said, the song itself, written by the band, is yet another killer.


As the lyrics resonate so close, to many; I would imagine. The opening verse ‘I wake up to the voice inside of me, and I’m calling out and I can’t even breathe. The coffee cup is tainted, I poured it in so gently wishing that the day would fade away.”


Dark and Mysterious are just a few words describing ‘Dream’, yet relatable to those who have loved and lost, yearning for things to be different; to be good again.

It has a sense of being lost within your own soul; perhaps struggling as life continues to move and shift in way’s no-one can prepare you for.


‘Dream’ is a surprise track from ‘Serenade The Stars’ following their impeccable ‘Reflections’ single which was released in December. You can read the review and hear Reflections here. REFLECTIONS – Serenade The Stars


Tracey gives 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/serenadethestars/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/stars_serenade

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/59G8rFF3rAQmV44tlqhszU

Another Dream, Dark and Impressive Song from Serenade The Stars

Chief State Could Easily Be Opening Up For Larger Bands

Punk Rock Indie Band

Chief State – ‘Tough Love’

Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas

So it’s February 2020 & I have to say Pop-Punk has been off my radar for a while.

Had the pleasure to be re-introduced via some new blood ( they formed in 2016 ) who hail from Vancouver, British Columbia.

‘Chief State’ is a five piece of young lads who have an album being released late March through ‘Mutant League Records’.

Their new collection of songs has been titled ‘Tough Love’ & just a few days ago their new single (Reprise) debuted its video.

The track opens with high energy riffage & It’s matched with the angst-coated scream of,

“I’ll Tread Light Where You Lay, I Should Be Pushing You Away”

Ah now you see, that’s what I’ve been missing!

Catchy guitar licks follow to lead into an anthemic chorus, perfect for a bunch of punters to chant along to
while the clacking of skateboards is heard in the distance.

‘Chief State’ have stuck to the structure that has made this genre popular & it must be hard to bring something fresh to the plate.

Frontman Fraser Simpson’s lyrical content is written from personal experience & ‘Reprise’ has depth I hadn’t personally felt from punk in a long time.

These guys could easily be opening for larger acts & dare I say, leave some of the dinosaur bands thinking they need to step up their game.

Looking forward to the new album release but for the single I’m giving 8.5 Maple Leaves out of 10


Struthy’s 8.5 Maples Leaves

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Good Ol’ Fashion Bona Fide Music From Dallas Cosmas