How to submit to music blogs, magazines and radio, and get  heard


Rolling Stone Mockup MagazineBefore you go ahead and pump your music out to the world, take a good look at what you are offering.

Is your website up to date?

Do you have your social media accounts looking good with links that work?

In less than three lines, can you explain who you are, or have your latest most relevant music linked to all your socials?

These are only the starting points, but think about first impressions.

Make sure that when you upload anything on your YouTube channel that your sound is exceptional, not confused with music production.

  • If you have made a live performance video sitting in your living room sharing your most loved latest piece of art, before you even begin, be sure you are set up correctly. Grab a laptop and plug in a microphone directly into your music program, (i.e. Logic, Protools, Cubase, Garageband) to enable you a clearer sound.

Learn how to import your video and sound into a video/movie-making platform and sync it correctly.(iMovie is fine)  Make it be seen that you have at least gone to some effort to be considered and somewhat serious about your music career.

  • Whatever you do, when you are asked for links to your channels from blogs and music magazines, please make sure there is something to hear and available to see.

Do not send anything with a blank page. If you don’t have anything on your YouTube channel to show, do not send that link in. After all, blogs have asked for those links to see you and hear your music.

  • How hard is it to find your latest songs or any of your music for that matter?

If we are having to poke around your website trying to find some music, I guarantee you won’t have anyone else surfing around your site with frustration building and wanting to spend anymore time on your site trying to find what you most love doing. YOUR MUSIC

It’s extremely annoying and very unprofessional trying to get the attention of music blogs and radio when the artist is private messaging or has an automated message saying, ‘Yo, check out my music’. Not is it unprofessional, but it shows that you do not have the respect for others, including artsits’ or place any effort into wanting to have your music really listened to as this is seen as being lazy.

What makes you think those who are running blogs and radio have the time to CHECK you out in amongst those artists who have taken the time and effort to actually email and submit anything. After all, consider the amount of time it takes to sort through all the music from submissions alone.

And you want the blogs and radio to poke around trying to find your music? 

Please research the blog and radio station you are submitting to. This means find out the style and genre radio are playing, the format, special events etc. Each radio station is different too, and each blog and music website is also different. We all have our own ways of doing things which make us unique from each other. After all, artists don’t like to be placed in a box and neither do publicatons, radio and websites.  

Go to the actual website or radio site/station and find out if they have a #NewMusicFriday, or as in the case of Music Talks, we have a set format and if you were to notice and simply check out the pages, you will find explanations on the top of the pages informing you what its all about. 

Do the same for radio and follow their protocols and procedures for a chance to be played. If the station plays mainly country music then why are you sending your rap mixtape? 

This is obvious to every station and blog site when an artist has not really had a look at the site or station to understand or know what it’s about and what the protocol is. 

Never assume anything…

And now to shake things completely upside down…..

If you have a great production yet your singing and music is so off key to the point of where melody cannot be recognised, please don’t send that link as your proudest masterpiece.

Think about how to submit….

If blogs don’t have a sign up form where you only have to insert answers (as with Music Talks) read what is required. Send them exactly what they are asking, (but not the blank YouTube channels and pages) If you don’t have certain things that are required and/or asked of, send something that shows you in the best possible light and let them know.

When sending press releases, bios, photo’s and tracks, word doc. files are fine, but for web, it is best to send jpg. files that are NOT huge!

For several reasons.

  1. Large photo files slow down sites

  2. Quite often they will not post on social media from the sites due to the enormous size.

There are many online sites which you can change the size of your photo’s. and  are just two of many.

Another really great way to send information is via dropbox or Google Drive with links with your word doc. and photo’s.

Word documents are preferable to PDF.

All the information, which is placed on websites still have to be copied and adjusted and this is much easier done with word documents.

Look at other really great avenues to help administer your package as well, such as LinkTree.

This is a fantastic tool to use for many reasons, and I strongly suggest you take a look, as it does more than just provide your package to blogs, magazines and radio.

Last of all, see what other independent artists are doing and be honest with yourself. Be aware of what else is going on around you and what others are submitting.

Blogs and radio prefer not to play or have music placed on their sites that don’t cut the mustard.

Remember, this is also a reflection of the site and station playing and promoting music to people who want to find great music!

If you haven’t heard back from a blog or music magazine, don’t take it personally. They are either super busy trying to get back to those who sent music to them back a month ago.

If you’re music gets them super excited, you will hear from them very quickly.

I guess this also say’s two things which you need to keep in mind.

  1. If you don’t hear from them straight away, then maybe your music or track that you submitted needs work. It doesn’t mean for you to give up. It simply means, be objective at your music. What’s so unique about YOUR music and WHY should everyone hear YOURS? Ask yourself these questions when you’re about to record your track first. And don’t try and fix it in the mix.

  2. If you never hear from them, then your music needs work.

Keep in mind, music blogs, radio and magazines go through hundreds of emails a day with submissions. The one’s that stand out are the ones that are considered.

The emails that are friendly and professional with a howdy, how are you, and especially if our first name is in it, we think, cool, they know who runs this place, they have done their research or seen who interacts on social media. We then read them first. Funny about that. Why I hear you say???…it just shows us that you mean business and say’s a lot about who you are.

These tips among many more will be coming out shortly are now available in our brand new ‘Essential Indie Guide’ with real tips to guide artists with what goes on and what it entails to get your music heard.

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   Fail to Succeed and Stop Rushing Your Music!


RapperWhy is it so many talented artists don’t see the light? Why do so many artists release so much music without thought or learning more of what is required outside of the music.

As mentioned in various music tips on Music Talks I still fail to see so many artists not taking up opportunities to learn. Instead, they are releasing one single, EP or Album after another in the hope it sticks.

Firstly, lets eliminate the word ‘Hope’. ‘Hope’ won’t get you anywhere.

Music is just the beginning in this business. Key word; ‘Business’.

Before any artist plans to release anything, are they thinking about what happens after?

Let just say that an artist knows exactly which direction they’re heading; i.e. Rap with a twist of country. Sounds weird, sure, but this first point I’m making is how will your music separate you from the rest.

What’s your plan of attack, who is your audience and how will they learn about you?

Any plan of any musical release should encompass the strategy of how you are going to find new fans and expand. This should be sort through social media interaction well and truly before you release. (daily videos of you or your band, vlogging your journey etc.)

A marketing strategy should also be well and truly sort.

In fact, the average amount of time to put in place the whole package, (plan & strategy) and to work on it towards the release of your brand-new EP or Album could/should take anywhere from 3-6 months. Some may even take longer depending of the intention to tour.

Keeping in mind, some of the larger radio stations are eight weeks ahead of programming music into their playlists.

So why are artists just pumping out music as if they are feeding a flock of chickens?

Sure, the internet is a fast-paced environment, but you can’t allow that to dictate the quality of your music which becomes detrimental to how you are seen as a credible artist.

As mentioned above, there are very few artists who seem to take the time out to learn. To slow it down a notch and get their heads around things they don’t understand. I often hear artists say, ‘Oh, I don’t know how to do that’…well, learn.

Read and get as many ideas as you can. Think outside the box. There are no hard and fast rules as to how to market yourself, so think up something original and test it out on Instagram. Do all the testing before you release, but please, do not try and get attention to your music via social media to blogs and radio. So many are just too busy getting through the emails of the artists who have actually taken the time and effort out to email. So of course, we notice those who say they are serious and those who don’t take an extra step to make more effort than a social media shout out or pm.

Make mistakes, make a lot of mistakes and don’t worry about some old school hard-head believing making mistakes in public is a big fat ‘No No’.

Just do it! (my favourite saying btw) Stop thinking and procrastinating and do it!

If there are FREE eBooks on offer, grab them and learn. They’re not full of BS, and even if there are things in there that don’t quite gel, take what does, and keep moving to learn and try.


Listen to podcasts from experienced artists and business people who have succeeded and how they did it.. Listen to people who are doing it day in and day out. The people who are receiving hundreds of emails from PR, managers, labels and other artists about their music. What we see on a daily basis, what stands out, what doesn’t and what we see artists doing every single day.

Why listen to us? Because some of us pay very close attention to our stats, analytics and what the audiences are listening to, what they respond to well and what gets them excited.

After all, don’t you want to get an audience excited and to spread the word about your music?

Succeed and stop rushing your music!


It takes two to tango



It Takes Two To Tango | Music Tips

30, 20, even 10 years ago it seems there wasn’t as much required from artists in terms of promotion.

Artists who were signed to labels would have dedicated days to sit in a room in the record company office with a list of radio and magazines handed to them, with the time frames of which they would engage and be interviewed.

If you were lucky enough, you would have a schedule of TV performances and radio interviews organized for you, and all you had to do was be there, greeted by others within the label, at the given studio’s in each state/city, driven from place to place for radio interviews etc. etc.

Then there would be the shopping centre performances, and the meet and greets, and going to each music store….of course they would be aware you were coming in, so they would strategically place your CD where all could see. You would sign quite a few, have a chat, and then on to the next.

Now, 2018 is a whole different ball game. Or is it? It seems like there is more music than ever, or is this because it is now available to everyone, and artists have the resources to strut their stuff.

Even though there is so much now available to everyone, artists need to be strategic in terms of their music and promotion.

If you have recorded something, and have an average looking video (more available on video on a previous tips article here )

and you have contacted blogs and radio to give you a hand in playing and promoting, then it should also be your job as part of your music, to share it all. Yes it’s a lot of work, but you can’t expect to release anything only based on your music now a days. (as mentioned in this previous tips article )

I know by now, I shouldn’t be surprised by what I hear at times from artists, (lets not forget, I too am an artist) but these words keeps appearing right in front of me….. “I don’t feel obligated to retweet or share”….WT….?? Major Jaw Drop! This completely baffles me to every degree imaginable.

THIS IS YOUR MUSIC! This IS your obligation, at least it should be!

You can’t just sit on your cushy butt and JUST keep moving on to the next track. Why aren’t you promoting what’s just been released?

Did you know, the more you retweet, share, and communicate on your social media account, those platforms move you up and place you higher, giving those who have engagement, special mentions which go out to others who don’t even know you. Have you ever been in to the twitter search section? Seen who’s there…how do you think these posts in the special search section get there?

The same goes with Facebook, the more people who like and share the posts and those who comment and engage sends the algorithm a signal to say, ‘Oh, this must be of interest, we better send this out to more people’.

When you enter competitions or want to have your video’s placed somewhere where there is a possibility of being seen, don’t think of it as one dimensional. It’s not about winning! It’s about the string of events that can occur afterwards. Think beyond that one event. Someone else may very well really like what they see. They may follow you on social media to see what else you are up to, they may stand back and watch you for a while. If they don’t see dedication from you, what thoughts do you think they would have swimming around?

I’m always aware of who is out there. You never know who’s watching. They may not like or share anything of yours, but they may be watching. I know this from personal experience, where I have been contacted by top writers, TV from USA, high end business’s who have made contact saying they have been watching Music Talks for the last 2 years. Whoa! So you never know.

Another little peak of information for you….don’t always assume that a promotional platform is as it is. What I mean by this, is that when a platform is seen for the first time, majority of people would understandably assume this is all there is to it. However if a promotional platform is always active and changing things, adding to their sites, deleting things from their sites, moving things around….(ok, you get the idea) know that they are always trying to improve and grow to enable the promotion of artists to reach a higher audience. As in most businesses, they have a plans. If Plan ‘A’ didn’t work well, they would move to plan ‘B’, even plan ‘C’. If the promotional platforms as in blogs and radio are making mistakes while trying new things….they are serious.

If the support for those blogs and radio are also recognized by the artists and shared as well, those blogs and radio are shared beyond the current circle;  they also grow, which ultimately means, more reach and larger audiences for YOU, THE ARTIST.

Again, this has to do with the one-dimensional way of thinking…as they say, ‘Read between the lines’.

Whatever an independent artist does, they can not think or to expect for their music to do the same as the major players. The major artists’ promotion is planned and executed via their major record companies and labels. They have all their interviews and TV performances set up for them.

You can’t expect to release your music and then wait for something to happen. It doesn’t work that way.

Independent artists need to use what they can and have access to and make the most of it. 

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It Takes Two To Tango | Music Tips