Nothing Beats Dancing in Your PJs with Great Dance Music

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Mogi Wa Wa – The Amber Nectar EP

Nothing Beats Dancing in Your PJs with Great Dance Music

Is it just me or has this global lockdown seen you dancing around your house (or unit) in your pyjamas a whole lot more than is normally the case? There is something liberating about it – a kind of middle finger to this virus that has us all locked away from one another.


So, it was with a smile that I saw I would be reviewing a forthcoming release from the Deep Down Dirty label: I knew I would have a legitimate excuse to pursue what is quickly becoming a favorite lockdown activity. Due for release on April 21, The Amber Nectar EP from UK tech-house production duo, Mogi Wa Wa, does not disappoint, filled with catchy progressive dance tracks that are sure to please.


The title track opens proceedings, starting with a solid groove and slowly adding elements to build a fun, party vibe before wrapping up. The second track (and my personal fave), Feel Free, is infectious, with a vocal (“feel free to you’re your life, feel free to live with me”) that only adds to the delicious feel on offer. The closing track, New April, adds some tribal percussion before introducing an absolutely kicking bass line to establish a rock solid groove.


The Amber Nectar EP is a quality release that deserves to be heard. More importantly, it needs to be heard by your neighbors while you have a dance party of one in your lounge room. After all, it’s called house music for a reason.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


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