Three Ways to Advance Your Music Career


Becoming a professional musician is a long journey that takes a lot of different skills. While creating quality music is the foundation, being able to promote the songs you created is critical. There are many online tools that promise to help you along the way, but it takes resourcefulness and dedication to pave your way to success. 

We recently came across Drooble – a market network for musicians, where artists monetize their music skills, purchase useful services and receive genuine feedback for their songs. This is our short list of three things we consider worth checking out if you want to boost your music career:



  • Become part of a strong music community

Strong music communities are often the launch pads of many successful artists. Just think of Seattle and the grunge music or the Deep South and blues music. Numerous opportunities arise each time you treat someone as a potential collaborator, rather than a competitor. And while nowadays you are more likely to become part of an online music community, the same principles apply. Usually the most active members of the community will be the first to hear your new songs or demos, introduce you to industry professionals or give you a recommendation for your next gear purchase. Music communities is where you find loyal supporters for your music and connections to grow your career.


Drooble is a global community of independent musicians that stimulates collaboration and engagement. Music creators are rewarded with a virtual currency called Karma for participating in discussions and giving feedback to others. Once earned, the points can be spent on various promotion tools which are normally paid with money on other music platforms. Today Drooble has over 70,000 independent artists actively exchanging ideas, sharing experience and supporting each other.

1. Get honest feedback for your songs from fellow artists

No matter if you’re an established artist or a rising one, sometimes you spend so much time on a song that you stop hearing it properly. That’s when a pair of fresh ears can be really helpful, especially if they belong to a fellow musician. Constructive music feedback is one of the best ways to evaluate what you need to further improve on your finished song or work in progress. 

Drooble Song Reviews service provides musicians with written general impressions and recommendations for improvement, along with various emotional and analytical responses

for the track they have submitted. Artists can also get deeper insights into key areas like production, songwriting and audience analytics. All organized in a beautiful song report . Such service helps musicians get creative motivation and understand how their music is perceived.


  • Make a strong first impression with industry professionals


Electronic Press Kit is the best way to create a powerful 

impression with venuеs, labels, promoters, journalists and other industry representatives. It’s а professional music resume  containing all your content including discography, photos, videos, bio, upcoming gigs, testimonials, downloadable assets and more

Drooble’s Professional EPK turns your artistry into a masterpiece! Get your content presented in a cutting edge design web page that is easy to create and effortless to edit. Maintaining an up to date EPK is a prerequisite for getting more opportunities for gigs, endorsements and PR publications.



Boosting your career requires dedication and constant improvement. But if you take the right steps – success will follow. Now go explore what a music community can do for you, get your songs reviewed and build your professional music resume. Take these three steps and the next will unfold.







Guest Post Melina Krumova/Drooble Melina