Mac Frey Delivers A Natural Soulful Futuristic Fairy Tale

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MAC FREY – Natural

Mac Frey Delivers A Natural Soulful Futuristic Fairy Tale

If you know me by now, then I don’t need to tell you, that when I hear a voice that sounds like strawberries and cream, I get excited; And Mac Frey not only has the strawberries and cream, but he’s been dipped in warm smooth flowing chocolate, just to top it off. (and who doesn’t love chocolate!)

Mac’s voice is to die for. I mean… this is the kind of singer who takes you on a journey; a tour of the world without having to leave your living room, and this is exactly what his latest single, ’Natural’ does.

‘Natural’ feels like a futuristic fairy tale as a soulful blues, almost electronic-pop ballad encased with warm vocals via tone and performance, and a very cool extensive range soaring into falsetto accompanied by glorious harmonies.

The piano cuts through as it shimmers like stars in the sky. However, this illustrious slow, groove ballad feels just a little high on the top end as I was waiting for a deep base to drop in at some point. I feel it is also a little heavy on the reverb which I think hides Mac’s broader warm tone in his vocal; but perhaps without it, Natural wouldn’t have the futuristic feel it is intended for.

As mentioned with the release of ‘Natural’, It’s a dream from the perspective of someone in the future (say, 3020). They’re dreaming about the beautiful natural world we live in and 2020, and how they wish the world could be like that still. “I just wanna sail away like nothing’s real tonight, ‘cause I remember like a dreamboat, floating so Natural”. I think we’re all guilty of being lazy at when it comes to climate change: say’s Mac… We say to ourselves that “our voices won’t create change” like an excuse not to do anything. “Can I just bathe into the sunlight, just one more time” instead of actually fighting for our Planet.

Loving this track from Mac!


4.5 out of 5  Stars from Tracey

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Mac Frey Delivers A Natural Soulful Futuristic Fairy Tale