Lo-Fi Pop Makes My Energy Contagious and Exciting from Edward Knocks

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Edward Knocks – My Energy

Lo-Fi Pop Makes My Energy Contagious and Exciting from Edward Knocks

Isn’t it a great feeling when you play a song, (not knowing anything about the track), for it to change your mood in an instant.

I’ll admit, this doesn’t happen very often to me, but was so pleasantly surprised when I hit play.

There aren’t too many songs that make me go, “YEAH”, along with the whole dancing thing in my chair to then explode making it a natural reaction to actually get up and dance, even inviting the dogs to dance with me.

I was doubting myself in recent times that I may never feel energy again, or genuinely smile naturally. (Sad, I know, maybe it’s just the world we are living in.)

This may be a big call to make, but the fact that this track gave me hope, feel freedom and happiness, is a sign of exceptional things for Edward Knocks. If this doesn’t become a hit, then there is something wrong with people’s ears. 

The lo-fi Pop song to be released on 28th August actually says it all in the title; “My Energy”! How spot on is this!!

As soon as My Energy begins with the first words of “Hello World, Hello Friends”, you’re sucked right in. At approximately 120 bpm, this high energy track twists with various sounds integrating the catchy 80’s and 90’s era and incorporating very cool synth, beats, enhanced vocalisation and various effects bringing it all together making it a new and exciting 2020 masterpiece.

Edward Knocks was previously signed to a label under a different name; who that was, I don’t know, but whether he was successful or not, I don’t care because My Energy proves Edward Knocks knows how to create and generate mind-blowing songs to grab attention.

Knocks’s vocals are smooth and almost spoken like over a pumping beat that’s contagious to say the least.

If this doesn’t make you happy and you can’t feel it, then perhaps it’s time you consider seeing a psychologist 😂


My Energy is quirky, uplifting and free flowing. Don’t miss the release on Friday 28th August on our New Music Page.

5 out of 5  Stars from Tracey

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Lo-Fi Pop Makes My Energy Contagious and Exciting from Edward Knocks



Edward Knocks

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/EdwardKnocks

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/edwardknocksmusic/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/edward_knocks/

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/edwardknocks

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYf3ug9dzoIw5hwzn5WLPXA

Lo-Fi Pop Makes My Energy Contagious and Exciting from Edward Knocks

Deanna Devore Releases Smooth Mouth Watering Neo-Soul Single ‘Lately’

Unsigned Artist

Deanna Devore is a Chicago and Toronto based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. Her music beautifully blends downtempo electronic beats with organic instrumentation, creating emotionally captivating music that has been resonating with audiences across the globe. Devore’s polished musicianship, modern production techniques and compelling songwriting emanates a maturity and sophistication that spans across downtempo electronic, R&B, neo-soul, jazz and orchestral territories. 


Following the success of her highly acclaimed EP half and half, Devore is unveiling her new release ‘Lately’, featuring a mystery vocalist who cannot yet be announced. Thematically the single narrates the insecurity and ups and downs of a relationship, detailing how love can often feel like an emotional rollercoaster until it finally comes to an end. Its mellow grooves and smooth lo-fi beats cook up a mouth-watering release, oozing with seductive melodies and velvety vocals, which highlight the featured singer’s impressive vocal range. Emitting a sensuous flowing cadence, delicately layered harmonies and a pulsating rhythm, ‘Lately’ provides an alluring neo-soul track, showcasing Devore’s unique and fresh production. 


Devore’s inspiration sparks from a sonic level – the feeling and emotions that certain chords and melodies provoke. Her songwriting is built around the result and impact it will have on the listener.
“Lyrically I delve into the darkness and light of love and life”, reveals Devore. With influences partially rooted in the soul, R&B and jazz field, Devore doesn’t allow any limitations to her sound and her music includes elements of a multitude of genres. It’s this genre-blending sound which has allowed the musician to create music without boundaries. She shares, “I hope my music can bridge the gap for fans of all genres and be appealing to a variety of people”.


Devore has seen success performing to sold-out venues and festivals across the map, such as Summerfest, CMJ, NXNE, and 80/35. She has also had the pleasure of opening for renowned artists including Jamie Cullum, Bonobo and SG Lewis, as well as Raveena, Mother Mother and Yoke Lore. The composer has recently explored more commercial work, where her work can be heard in podcasts, feature films and even a Starbucks ad. 


Self-produced and performing all of the instruments on the track herself, Devore wishes to encourage other female artists to take a lead in their music,
“I’d love to inspire other songwriters and other female multi-instrumentalist/producers. There aren’t many of us out there it seems, so I’d love to inspire more female musicians to self-produce”.


Devore continues to be celebrated for her remarkable musicality and ‘Lately’ is another indication of what to expect in 2020.


Deanne Devore Releases Smooth Mouth Watering Neo-Soul Single ‘Lately’




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deannadevoremusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deannadevore/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Deannadevore

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/33ZWQlxgrQJGHCo82XqhWJ

Deanne Devore Releases Smooth Mouth Watering Neo-Soul Single ‘Lately’

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