LGBTQ+ POP DUO Maple St Latest Pop Anthem Love Me Less 

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LGBTQ+ pop duo Maple St make their shimmering return with ‘Love Me Less?’ Taking their cues from the likes of Bleachers, A R I Z O N A, and MUNA, The LA-based pair write songs straight out of a coming of age film, packed with quirky lyrics and nostalgic synths.


Comprised of childhood sweethearts Alyssa Wilkens and Jillian Allen, the duo have been creating music together since the age of sixteen. Now in their early 20’s, after many years of experimenting with their style and time allowing their music to mature, they are ready to put their work into the world. As part of their romantic & creative adventure, ups & downs are inevitable and help to spark creativity for their songs.


Creating 1980’s, dancing in the kitchen anthems, “Love Me Less?” starts out with soft, clean vocals and indie-pop backing instrumentals, allowing the heart-breaking lyrics their deserved spotlight. Somewhere between heartbreak and a love song, the track is written based on their own experiences. Speaking more on this, Maple St explained:


“Love Me Less? is about the moment in a relationship when the honeymoon goggles fade and you’re forced to face the real versions of each other; usually, the time when you find yourself asking questions like, “do you love me a little bit less than when we first met?”


‘Love Me Less?’ challenges the idea that a song is either a heartbreak song or a love song, it is what you make it.


They are excited to be in a place where they have found their voices, together and individually. They are dedicated to bringing their audience their best work to date and with ‘Love Me Less?’ set to release March 13th, they are definitely ones to watch in 2020.

LGBTQ+ POP DUO Maple St Latest Pop Anthem Love Me Less 






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