Indie Pop Artist Jenny Banai Releases Couch Walker

The Sound Of Amongst Liars Are a Loud and Fierce Powerhouse

Indie Pop Artist

I was sitting on a couch next to a buddy (tbh, a potential more-than-buddy… we’ve all been there).

I don’t co-write very often, but there was a playful willingness in the room. I started off with a very Andy Shauf-esque melody; a creative inspo to many in our scene. I led with melody and my potential more-than-buddy followed with chords. We made a little voice memo which he coined “jenny on a couch.” I wrote the lyrics later. The curiosity and hope about a relationship, as well as the frustration and heartbreak that ensues when one doesn’t work out, inspired my words.


It feels like walking a tightrope sometimes – the excitement, the back-and-forth, the risk. All of these emotions, in real time, take place with you sitting on a couch beside someone. I keep walking. I keep carrying all of these moments in my pockets. They are important and each human is important, not whether I have control of the narrative of my life.

Indie Pop Artist Jenny Banai Releases Couch Walker



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