Ella Fence’s Vocals are Intense And Outstanding with ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’ 

Ella Fence’s Vocals are Intense And Outstanding with ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’


Ella Fence

“Don’t Feed The Monster”

If you haven’t heard of Ella Fence then you’ve been missing out.

Ella’s earlier recordings consisted of strong beats and dark moody emotions which I loved.  

I’ve seen Ella progress with her new music since those early days and have to admit, I was a little concerned that the beautiful dark mood had evaporated.

After hearing this latest release of ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’, I’m pleased to say all my fears have been laid to rest.

Ella’s well-known distinctive style of dark moody and captivating melodies show in a rather different light in ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’.

Fence’s vocals are outstanding as it shows her vocal ability in a way where she doesn’t need to “show off”, moving from one octave to another using clear crisp falsetto bouncing from the lower register combined with her exceptional vibrato adding intensity in the verses making her performance enthralling.

‘Don’t Feed The Monster’ almost feels like a rock musical piece with synth arpeggio’s and sound effects floating around her vocal helping the track carry through while she feeds that monster.

The obvious component that can’t go unnoticed, is the simplicity and space and the clear message about feeding the monster, which I believe makes you want to set this track on repeat.    

One more thing….listen to the scream  after the bridge!

Love it! 

5 out of 5  Purple Hearts from Tracey



Ella Fence’s Vocals are Intense And Outstanding with ‘Don’t Feed The Monster’

‘Light Me Up’ by Jemma Siles is Pretty Damn Good; Someone to Watch!

Jemma Siles

“Light Me Up”

Pop music is a curious thing. Reviled by rock and indie music elitists, it is nonetheless a genre that continues to evolve, experiment and inspire. From The Beatles, to ABBA, through to Taylor Swift, it continues to outsell everything else. And there is a little secret as to why that is…

A lot of it is pretty damn good.

Light Me Up by Jemma Siles is pretty damn good. The singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia delivers intelligent lyrics (“I’m cutting your strings, but holding them tight”) in a vocal style that moves from sultry to strident. Underpinning her performance is a Latin-infused rhythm and minimalist electronic production of the highest order. Taken together, the track is absolutely contemporary and should find its home on any number of pop-friendly FM radio stations.

As a recent Australian Songwriter of the Year in the contemporary pop genre (as judged by APRA AMCOS), Siles is more than a one hit-wonder. Her lyrical skill and ear for a catchy melody places her among the strongest of those artists currently making a name for them selves in the ever-changing world of pop music.

I will make the call and say that Light Me Up is just an early chapter in the story of this artist. Watch this space.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

Light Me Up Available

Australian Songwriter of the Year, Jemma Siles Releases New Single


Jemma Siles EP

Award winner singer-songwriter, Jemma Siles releases her latest single, ‘Light Me Up’
Filled with clever lyricism, poetic language and hidden meanings, Light Me Up is a soft pop single with a difference. Jemma speaks about the battle of blame that comes right after a fight, leaving nothing but feelings of helplessness. She uses words to provide juxtapositions between letting go to picking a fight, each line letting us that little bit closer into her reality.
Jemma Siles hails from Melbourne, Australia where she has worked tirelessly over the last fews to build her sound by performing at some of the city’s most notable venues. Jemma was first recognised for her YouTube covers, some which reached over 500,000 views.
Her biggest and most recent achievement saw Jemma win Australian Songwriter of the Year for her debut single ‘D.A.M.N’ in the contemporary Pop category, a content judged by APRA AMCOS.
Her stunning vocal appears in collaboration with international DJ’s, Nervo and Wolfpack on their track ‘Like Air’, already raking up over 2.6 million Spotify streams.
If that wasn’t enough, ‘Jemma has contributed her songwriting skills to the work of singer/songwriter/musician Micheal Paynter who joined Icehouse on their Australian Tour recently. These 2 tracks will come as part of his record label Msquared, affiliates of Mushroom Records.
Inspired by Pop greats such as Taylor Swift, Tove Lo and George Marple it is clear to see where Jemma’s melodic and edgy talent comes from.
Bleeding her heart to the listeners, Jemma Siles has many more stories to tell.
Light Me Up Available