Feel Good Vibes in Big Doses from Indie Band The Goldhearts

Indie Rock Band

The Goldhearts


Back in my university days, I was fortunate enough to experience a music environment in which you could tune into the national “youth radio” and hear the sounds of grunge one moment and the twang and joy of Britpop the next. Not only that, but you could then attend festivals such as Livid, The Big Day Out and Triple Z Market Day where you could see those very artists perform live.


Listening to Gold Coast band, The Goldhearts, led by singer Margy Joughin, I was transported back to those days. Borrowing equally from The Breeders and James, The Goldhearts make a brand of indie guitar pop that delivers feel good vibes in big doses. Their latest single, Stars, is a catchy number that combines grunge, pop and a little country twang into an infectious blend. The song doesn’t hold back with its positive message, with the chorus declaring, “It’s going to be alright now”. In the words of the band, this is a celebration of bliss free summer living that has been a long time coming.


Stars is an unapologetically fun song. Full of great guitar licks, catchy vocals and a mid-tempo groove that will have you swinging (and singing) along, you need to take some time to give it a listen.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating


Feel Good Vibes in Big Doses from Indie Band The Goldhearts