Australian Duo, Leaving Lennox Makes Nashville Home



We are “Leaving Lennox”, an Australian duo, who have recently moved across the world, to Nashville Tennessee. We met back in 2014, int college where we were both studying a bachelor of music performance. We instantly clicked, musically and as people.

Fast Forward to 2019 and we are in Nashville Tennessee, gearing up to release our latest single “Old Love”, in July of this year. This year has brought a lot of change and personal growth, as well as exciting news, that has come with relocating here in the USA.

Recently, we have gone through a rebrand, changing our name to “Leaving Lennox”, which for us, was fitting, due to our journey as a couple and the on- going significance of “Lennox”, being a place we first lived together. We also felt keeping “LL”, was important to the cohesiveness of our brand.Indie Duo

We have been writing a lot and are excited to keep releasing more music consistently after this first single of 2019. We write all our own music, together mostly, although we always say, there is absolutely no formula for a good song. Some of our strongest songs have been co written, while others have been written separately. We never plan to start with either lyrics or music and sometimes, nothing flows, so we try again the next day!

Shortly after we formed, in mid 2015, we decided to release our debut album “Wayward Minds”. While we had already written a few songs together, the inspiration behind the album came from being added to the line up to several summer folk festivals in Australia, including the mid-north coast ‘Wildwood Festival’, where we debuted the record. The entirety of “Wayward minds”, was written together, throughout a few weeks, in our first apartment, in Newtown, NSW. We wrote basically everywhere and anytime! The apartment was isolated so we could stay up late writing. We wrote one song in the bathroom, because the acoustics were so great. Wherever and whenever we had inspiration- we wrote it down!

A few months later, we headlined a sold-out ticketed show at Port Macquarie’s “Purple Sanctuary”. Mick and I always say that this was a pinnacle in our career so far, as this was the first time we had experienced a full room of people singing our lyrics back to us.

To support the release of new music, we are excited to announce that we have booked a string of music festivals and songwriting festivals throughout Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Kentucky.

We will play our first headlining festival on October 5th, at Princeton Kentucky’s “Annual Artisan Festival”. We are also playing Georgia’s “Big Red Apple Festival” and being selected for the 10 day “Frank Brown International Songwriting Festival”, alongside 200 established songwriters on the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida.

The new single, “Old Love” features Aaron Sterling on drums, who is the live touring drummer for John Mayer and session drummer for artists such as Maren Morris, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, James Bay and Keith Urban.

Indie Rock Folk DuoThe inspiration for this song actually came from observing friends and family and how they moved on, or didn’t move on, from what they believed was their first love. The song is written from both perspectives of a past relationship and references “the one that got away”. There are tones of regret, peace, solitude or longing, depending on how the listener interprets the lyrics. We wrote the song in hopes it would be relatable to many, as we believe, everyone has a “first love”, whether you end up with them or not.

The female perspective speaks like a true romantic- of her longing for “old love” as a young girl, while the male perspective reminisces on a past-relationship with a sense of regret and is too late to realize that he walked away from his “first love”. Both sides come together for the chorus, where the lyric speaks of reminiscing on all the great times- even though they have ultimately both moved on.

The single, which is being released on July 19th, just recently won the “best pop song”, in the “World Songwriting Awards”. We will be attending the awards show in Gatlinburg Tennessee this September, where we have been nominated for four awards in the 2019 Josie Music Awards. This is the largest award show in the world for independent musicians, with over 23 000 submissions in 2019. The awards include Best Pop/contemporary duo, Best Folk/Americana/ Bluegrass duo, Folk single of the year and a solo submission for Mick as “Musician of the Year”.

The single will be available for purchase and streaming on the 19th of July. and Keep up to date with Leaving Lennox and their tour dates on Facebook and Instagram.


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Australian Duo, Leaving Lennox Makes Nashville Home





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Why Some indie music artists will make it and others won’t

Musicians Falling

I have written quite a lot about social media, marketing and other related tips for artists, but I am still surprised at how many artists do not go to the effort of putting the tips in place.          There is a reason for tips, and that is to learn more to create better engagement and to build your profile and audience.                                         The one thing artists need to remember, is that it really doesn’t happen overnight. However, it will happen faster if you just put aside some time each week to perfect your overall presence.

​The very first thing, which I have mentioned some time back, is to make sure ALL of your social media pages have the same images. This is your brand and this makes it easier for people to find you. When people are looking for you on other platforms, they are looking for what is familiar to them.


  • When you have several social media accounts, try to have the same (if you can) name on all your accounts. Preferably your name as the artist. Not some stupid and difficult name that means nothing, hard to remember, or we can’t even spell easily.

  • I’ve mentioned about posting your music up previously, but I still see artists constantly just posting their music, and worse still, you haven’t told us anything about the music? Is it new, is it a new video to a previously released single? Where did you record it? Who produced it? What’s it about? Does it grab your attention?

  • If you are trying to build your fan base, it’s not going to happen if you are just posting up links to your music. People do like to be entertained. Less people are now clicking over to listen to music, so you need to build a relationship with them first.

  • Engage in other social media posts, not only that, be active and make comments on blog sites; get involved. Don’t be lazy and think by posting anything quickly will actually get you anywhere. Put some thought behind it.

  • If you had a blog, how nice would it be to get some comments? Keep this in mind when you’re reading other peoples blogs and posts. They too would love some comments, and you know what?….they will remember you as an active player.

  • Before you post up all your music, and only your music, show your audience who you are. What did you do on the weekend? Do you have a sense of humour? What’s your views on other topics other than music? (preferably not politics) Let your audience get to know who you are first. You will be more inclined to build relationships with your audience, and they will be more inclined then to listen to your music.

  • Be nice. Some people find it hard to be nice, I know. But if you don’t want to get blocked or lose fans, think twice before you press that post button.

  • DO NOT send those PM’s saying‘I have new music for you to check out’, to busy blogs…please. 🙏🏼 It just tells us one thing about you. You’re lazy.

Ok, so that may seem a little harsh, but really. What do you think it tells the people running busy blog sites? Ok, I’ll tell you.

When there are other artists going to the effort of reading actual blog sites and checking out radio sites to take the time out to email those sites, it tells us that, “hey, they made an effort”, Cool…then we open the email…and we’re either really loving it, or our jaw drops. Why?

The difference between an email with just a link and no introduction as to who you are, no information, no social media links to even see you, no hello…means goodbye.

Then there’s the Hi there, and some actual effort into spending a few minutes into your email is the difference in being heard and not.

  • Whatever you do, DO NOT play the follow and unfollow game. This is the worst! Just tells people you are not interested, really.

  • Have you ever heard a song or noticed a band or artist and thought to yourself, what a crap song, how did they get all the attention it did? Then you find a song that rocks your socks and think, this needs to be heard. Why hasn’t this artist been noticed?

The simple truth (generally) is that it is obvious to blogs, media and radio who is active and works hard. These artists, despite them perhaps not quite having an exceptional song, may only have a mediocre track, but is noticed because they are emailing, socialising, putting themselves out there, commenting and creating a following by getting involved. They are sharing other interests and engaging others. They are welcoming their community while building it.

Then there’s the artist who has unbelievable music who doesn’t communicate and only tells people when they have new music coming out and that’s it. Despite if that artist has gone to the effort of paying PR to distribute their music. They still need to make the most of it and get involved. It’s so unfortunate when this happens.

I have time and time again, tried to contact incredible musicians and artists asking if they would like to be featured, or asked if they could send their press release, chasing them up, only to get no response, no email back. Artists who are perhaps not aware that their music has been placed; blogs and radio would go to the effort in trying to reach out to them and tag them, and still no response. Not even recognition. After several times of trying to reach out to artists who have incredible music, they really only have themselves to blame in not responding or at least recognising the effort made to help them out. After all, they could have been asked for an exclusive interview.This is why so many great artists and great music goes down the gurgler and sucked in by those deep dark cracks never to be heard. 

While this all may seem a little rough for some, it is the unfortunate reality of what goes on, on a daily basis.

So, if you are a serious artist and want to be noticed, then get it together and treat your music like you would any other business. Get out there and do what you can to show others you are serious and worthy.

Oh, and one last point. Please, check to see if all your links are working on your website and social media pages.

There’s nothing worse (than the follow/unfollow game) than when we want to actually check out who you are, click on your link to be greeted with Sorry, this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed’.

Why Some Indie Music Artists Will Make It And Others Won’t

The Weeping Willows | It has been a crazy year for us


The Weeping Willows | It Has Been A Crazy Year For Us

The Weeping Willows is Australian Americana Folk duo, Andrew Wrigglesworth and Laura Coates. Two lovers who write and perform their music around the world, leaving audiences in a trance.

Their music is poetic,with an eerie undertone of darkness and doom, yet capturing the intense romance between them, has the listeners coming back for more. 

The story of how Andrew and Laura found each other, and their journey thus far was published on Music Talks in June of this year. 

Andrew and Laura tell us how their year has panned out since the release of their album, ‘Before Darkness Comes A-Callin’ and whats left for 2016.

It has been a crazy year for us over here at The Weeping Willows camp. 

We released our sophomore album, ‘Before Darkness Comes A-Callin’ back in April and have since toured to 7 Australian states and territories as well as the USA! 

Americana Duo

We’ve met so many beautiful people on our journeys and had so much fun sharing our new music. 

We are so grateful to each and every person who has bought our album or come to our shows.  It’s certainly been our best year yet…  With more to come! 

It’s festival season here in Australia so we hit the ground running once we got back from the States, performing at Welcome to Morrisonville – Americana Festival with Kinky Friedman and Hayes Carll in QLD (such a dream come true!), before heading over to SA for the wonderful Fleurieu Folk Festival, which is always one of our favourites. 

This November we’ll be performing at Australian Music Week in Cronulla, NSW, the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival and Healesville Music Festival in VIC, as part of The Round Up series of shows at Bella Union in Carlton, VIC with Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes and Ange Boxall and Live at Station Place in Werribee with Lachlan again. 

And, for our final show of the year, we are honoured to be supporting the Queen of the Minor Key, Ms. Eilen Jewell at the Corner Hotel on Thursday 24th November!  Many thanks to Music Talks for all of their support this year!”


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