Indie Rock Band, Hugo Alley Back With Groovy New Single ‘Georgia’

Indie Rock Band, Hugo Alley Back With Groovy New Single ‘Georgia’

Indie Rock Band

Originating from Kitchener Ontario, Hugo Alley is a high energy indie rock band that has quickly built a reputation for their hard hitting, dynamic live shows and distinctive groove.

They are currently in-studio recording a second EP, “Point, Place.” Set to release late this year, the album is a step forward and reflects their growth as songwriters.

The second single “Georgia” highlights the band’s blend of groovy rhythms and catchy melodies.

“Georgia is a song about love and loss. It’s a celebration of the good days that have come and gone, and an optimistic view of the remaining time we have with loved ones. Inspired by the difficult journey of coming to terms with mortality, Georgia stresses the importance of enjoying every moment while you can.”

Since the release of their first EP “Therapy”, the boys have gained momentum and had the opportunity to perform in Canadian Music Week (CMW), and play with bands such as The Beaches, Monowhales, Tyler Shaw, Wang Chung, and Lost Cousins.


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Hugo Ally Gives Us Freedom With ‘No Destination’


Indie Rock BandClose your eyes and allow yourself to be immediately transported to an ocean highway, pine trees lining the road on one side and endless ocean on the other. That’s just one version of the utopia Hugo Alley hope to create with “No Destination.”

Find that longing for fresh air and carefree drives while listening to their new single on  Spotify  or SoundCloud now! Watch the accompanying “No Destination” visuals on YouTube.

“No Destination” captures the feeling of youthful freedom and adventure, it explores the journey of self discovery through travel and we want it to invoke in the listener a place⁠—real or imagined, in the past or in the future⁠—that represents a personal utopia⁠⁠. The listener is left with a longing for their own personal paradise despite not necessarily knowing how to get there.


This year Hugo Alley will be releasing the rest of their new EP and using that momentum to break out of the local scene and grow their fan base across Ontario.


“We hope you’ll come say hi at a show and share the carefree vibes from our song on your blog, social media or with friends. Don’t go far, more new tunes are coming soon!” – Hugo Alley