Female Fronted Rock Queens, High Grass Smashing New Single, Tonight

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Female Fronted Rock Queens, High Grass Smashing New Single, Tonight

After forming in Cuba, now based in Los Angeles, alt-rock outfit High Grass write ambitious and frank songs about relationships and day to day life with darker, more introspective undertones. Inspired to empower the next generation, their latest single ‘Tonight’  hopes to motivate people to be true to themselves and to always follow their dreams.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, High Grass’ front woman Kristina Miranda moved to Cuba in 2010, joining forces with Marciel in 2012, where High Grasswas born. With Cuba being an isolated country, with hardly any internet until 2015, there was a time that Rock and Roll music was banned and could only be found in the underground scene. Despite limited resources, High Grass recorded their music in their bedroom’s. Rock is still known in Cuba for its rebel expression, which is why High Grass create music to bring attention to the struggles that people experience living there.


It wasn’t long before they started making quite a name for themselves over in Cuba, collecting nominations for The Best Rock Band of Cuba at the “Cuerda Viva” and performing at Havana World Music Festival (2015). It was in that period that High Grass captured the attention of multi-Grammy producer Jacquire King and talented artist, Christian Paschall (Maren Morris’ drummer) who were the first influential figures in the industry to grasp the potential in the band. Since then, High Grass have collaborated with them on several future releases.


When speaking more on ‘Tonight’, High Grass’ lead vocalist Kristina explained 

“We wrote the song “Tonight” back in Cuba in 2012. This song is about finding your path and being true to yourself. It was inspired by my decision to move from Moscow to Havana, where Marciel and I met and started the band. It was hard to leave my family and friends, but this decision has totally changed my life. I have no idea what it would be like if I hadn’t made this choice, and believe it is essential to follow your instincts to find yourself”.


High Grass are currently nearing the official release of their EP, which will contain 5 tracks, written and recorded by the band back in Cuba.

Female Fronted Rock Queens, High Grass Smashing New Single, Tonight


Website: https://www.highgrass.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/highgrassband/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/highgrassband

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/high-grass-band/tonight-2/s-yrGEs

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5WQhfcpi8jH6sevBsX6qZi?si=sJFltOzzRmexld5JpNV44A

Female Fronted Rock Queens, High Grass Smashing New Single, Tonight

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