Timmy The Boy Releases Smashing New Music That’s Never Enough








Never Enough Single Cover

Tim Pinter III AKA Timmy The Boy began his musical journey at the age of 17 with earbuds and an old laptop.

The singer has come a long way playing notable gigs and events such as Lil Whyte and Kstylis, Performed at the Odd Mall Music Festival in Alliance Ohio and headlined several sold out shows.

With his previous tracks gaining extensive radio play, his brand-new alternative rock single, ‘Never Enough’, could very well be the one to put Alliance on the map.

Producers Nelyk, Hieloways, Josh Beacom, Alex Artimez  and artistic guidance from Kaelynn Kemp with video production by Jeep DiCicio, Tim’s upcoming album should be one on your radar.

Tim’s inspiration comes from Rex Orange County’s live album and ‘Never Enough’ is a song based on the mind set of majority of males, according to Tim.

With either bad luck or perhaps just the wrong girl, it seems that no matter how much he tried in giving to his girl, it was ‘Never Enough’


‘I could give the world to a girl and they want to burn it. So, I took that raw emotion and put it into a song’, say’s Tim.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing during the recording stages, as his life was turned upside with unfortunate circumstances relating to his step-father attending rehabilitation, making this particular time in Tim’s life, rather taxing.

So, as an ode to the boys who gave it their all, but it’s just never enough, take a listen to this groove alternative rock track, ‘Never Enough’ and keep your head high.

Timmy The Boy Releases Smashing New Music That’s Never Enough


Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tim.pinteriii.5

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Timmy.the.boy/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_TpIII_

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-165341482

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4D1ls52L2kBROFX9AR4dsB?si=nIYl4scxSuemo0E1hRMglg

Timmy The Boy Releases Smashing New Music That’s Never Enough

Lékan Tella Scores High With New Single & Music Video ‘Savannah Red’

New Indie Music Video

NYC-based musician Lékan Tella (@tellalives) introduced himself to the worldwide audience a few months ago with his debut single ‘Emptiness,’ a song that was review by Groovy Tracks as ‘Soft and soulful hymns mixed with soothing retro tones bring the uniquely appealing mixture of a major and timeless song, without forgetting to mention Lékan Tella’s hypnotic vocal performance, bursting with elegance, groove, and sensual vibes.

As he set the bars pretty high with this first-ever release, his rapidly growing fanbase expected a big deal to follow up, and while we were all replaying ‘Emptiness’ Lékan Tella prepared a bomb titled ‘Savannah Red.’

His second track is an intriguing hybrid experiment of retro, funk, pop, and 80s. ‘Savannah Red’ is fascinating, musically speaking – Lékan settles his vocals over a lifeful beat composed by mixing well-chosen sounds that wave on you with a good mood. And the music video is a whole new experience!

Lékan Tella collaborated with Jay Boyington, Vivian Cheng, Jack Rumble who directed the jaw-dropping visuals. The plot is pretty simple: someone is unhappy in a relationship and goes out to find some cheer-up rebounds. The aesthetics and delivery is a thing to focus on.

The music video for ‘Savannah Red’ is a beautiful and charming film filled with great shots of people enjoying themselves, going out, and having fun. The colors are warm, bright, and vivid – purposely to make you feel cozy, and look at the story from a positive angle. We are totally in love with the video, so make sure to visit Lékan Tella’s YouTube: 

Lékan Tella Scores High With New Single & Music Video ‘Savannah Red’

Genre-Bending Funky Groove from Strangely Enough is Long Time Coming

Icon The Great is Back For More with Tripper Remix

Indie Artist

Strangely Enough are returning in their genre-bending fashion, comprised of soaring vocals, polyrhythmic synths, rubbery funk bass-lines and solid grooves. 

‘Long Time Coming’  is the third single from Strangely Enough and is the first taste of the band’s debut EP, set to be released in the coming months.

The band’s previous singles, ‘Change’ and ‘Graceville’ have seen support from MTV AustraliaTriple JHappy MagScenestrAAA Backstage and community radio across Australia.

Now, this new, lively track opens with glistening keys accentuating the upbeat as Greg Olley’s powerful vocal range gently propels the song forward before dropping into a downtempo, funk groove.

The layers of skanking guitar, funkalicious bass-lines, thumping drum-fills and the myriad of electronic tones work together to emphasize every down and up-beat. Olley’s graciously-sweet vocal tones and erupting cries have room to soar above the vibing beats and electronic-funk, collectively making it a compelling, body moving tune.

Olley explains the meaning behind the single:

“‘Long Time Coming’ is about how we define ourselves with a series of snapshots of our lives. A graduation, a wedding, a holiday; this is sometimes how we construct an idea of who we are or used to be. Sometimes though these snapshots hide that we are constantly on the move, passing on to something else and yet still the same person.”

For the release of the single, Strangely Enough were going to be performing MelbourneBrisbaneBallarat and the Gold Coast in April – these have now bee postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Genre-Bending Funky Groove from Strangely Enough is Long Time Coming

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