Montreal-based Hip-Hop artist Gotti Banxx just premiered his much anticipated debut album Very Special a couple of days ago, co-executively produced by fellow Montreal producer Kizzy, who has been working with Gotti Banxx since 2013. However, Gotti also worked with a handful of other producers, which allowed him to diversify his sound on this major project..

This trendy collection of 7 songs sees the rising artist at his very best, delivering his smooth and soothing vibes made of auto-tuned vocals and hard-hitting 808.  

After “Santana”, “Famous,” “Sometimes,” “Premium Snapchat,” and “RNB Party,” Very Special is the latest contribution to Hip-Hop by the emerging Canadian artist, and will probably set fire to the Hip-Hop/R&B scene worldwide thanks to its incredible tracklist and production. 

Have a listen for yourself to Very Special, and make sure to support Gotti Banxx in his quest for the perfect sound and lyrics.