Quote The Raven’s Home Is Worth The Blues is Soothing, Sad and Brilliant

Folk Duo
Photo Credit: Stephen Green

Quote The Raven – Home is Worth the Blues

Place Your Bets On Talented Singer Laine Gardner

Sometimes things happen in your life for a reason, sometimes we don’t know why or what the universe is trying to tell us, but there must have been a reason for my wanting to click on the email out of hundreds, to listen to this track……and then that reason was clear.

When a song begins by pulling you in within the first 30 secs you know it’s worth listening to.

As soon as Kirsten Rodden-Clarke opens with her warm and captivating voice with ‘Baby I’ve been gone….’ I was in.

Que Jordan Coaker and the track blossomed like watching a sunflower opening in fast motion loaded with emotion and near perfect harmony.

Home is Worth the Blues is a simple yet a powerful song both lyrically and musically that shows the combination of what this duo has to offer; it’s simply beautiful.

Perhaps it’s my current state of mind as I hung off every word, and when I couldn’t quite hear what that lyric was, I went to the extent of emailing and asking for the lyrics. (something I never do)

If you know me and how meticulous and hard to please I am, this is saying a lot, and to add to this, I was never a great fan of the generalised folk genre of music.

The song was written by Jorden, Kirsten and Blake Reid and is an ode to their working lives for the joys that home provides.

Prior to this track, Quote the Raven had success from their Christmas single, “Lonely Christmas” and “Hope” which was a summer release resulting on the TRAX Canada Country Top 100 for over 24 weeks!

Quote the Raven states, “Written in a slaughterhouse in Calgary, the single was inspired by the environment, the stories told and the history within the building,… We want this song to resonate with those who are always working tirelessly to make ends meet and to know their voices are heard.”

The lyrics could be related to any situation that applies to what any individual is encountering in their lives and I found this extremely soothing, sad and brilliant!

Can’t wait for their upcoming album ‘Can’t Hold the Light’.

5 out of 5  Stars from Tracey


Quote The Raven

WEBSITE: http://www.quotetheravenofficial.com/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/quotetheravennl

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/QuoteTheRavenDuo/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/quotetheravenduo/

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3I9xFLBufkAp1ZEgnCnvyG?si=H8XIWJ1ITYSUENGPC7fVtg&nd=1

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSA1JRhPhDn97781btZS_Mg

Quote The Raven’s Home Is Worth The Blues is Soothing, Sad and Brilliant

The Love Of Music Brings Together The Ghosts Of Liberty

Ella Fence The Genre Hopping and Shape Shifting Indie Artist

The Love Of Music Brings Together The Ghosts Of Liberty

The Ghosts of Liberty comprises husband and wife duo Emma & Tyler Millard. To fully understand their story, we should start from the beginning.

When Emma knocked on Tyler’s door for that first co-writing session one evening in May of 2014, all they really knew (aside from their mutual contact, Tyler’s brother Mark, who had suggested the meeting) was that they both had a passion for creating music.

The Ghosts Of Liberty



Emma didn’t know until later that day that Tyler couldn’t see her; he had slowly been going blind from a degenerative retinal disease that the doctors discovered when he was 21. Tyler didn’t know that Emma had battled depression and anxiety throughout her life since childhood. Neither knew that one day the unique experience of carrying these invisible burdens, along with their shared passion for music, would forge the strongest of friendships, and ultimately lead them to the altar four years later.


Tyler picked up a guitar the same year he learned he was losing his vision. He began writing, playing and singing as much as possible, endeavouring to carve a different path for himself. Emma, a native Texan, was a classically trained singer, having performed in many genres and on many different stages since she was young, from dancing and singing in musicals to fronting an alt-pop band. Tyler and Emma quit their jobs as math teacher and executive assistant, respectively, and by 2015 were fixtures in the greater Greensboro, North Carolina music scene.


The Ghosts Of LibertyTheir first EP “Daddy’s Daughter” named after the July 2020 single, comes as a breath of fresh air for anyone who craves the heart and thoughtfulness of folk music, with the modern polish of mainstream country and pop. From their writing style to their stage presence, Ty’s steady and cool nature balances Em’s gutsy emotionality, and together they are a musical force. 


Through many of life’s challenges, they maintain a deep and abiding appreciation for the ways that love and music can truly overcome any obstacle. This message is the overriding theme of their work.

Two out of the three singles from theirifall 2020 EP have been released- look for the final single coming late this October.



Ella Fence The Genre Hopping and Shape Shifting Indie Artist



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catchy, melodius Folk Music with Lyrics Of Substance from Brook Kelly

Electronic Music

Brooke Kelly – Sun Gilded Clouds and the Angry Sea

I have said before that the music available in the world is best compared to an iceberg – what we hear on radio and in the charts is merely the tip – there is so much more to be found below the surface. All it takes is a small amount of effort to seek it out.


So it was that I discovered the wonderful EP, “Sun Gilded Clouds and the Angry Sea” by West Australian Artist, Brooke Kelly, whilst searching the artist-friendly platform that is Bandcamp. The music on offer here mixes alt-country, folk and elements of rock to produce a set of five tracks that demonstrate strong song-writing and superb production. Acoustic guitars and brushed drums form the backbone of the sound, and organs and cellos add subtle flourishes.


Over the top of this are catchy melodies, delicate harmonies and lyrics of substance – lyrics that seem to go to the heart of what it means to be human. Favorites for me were the introspection of “Getting Old” (“I’m getting old and so are you”) and the sweeping strings of the closing, title track.


So, to paraphrase the songwriter, “let us be cultured, cunning and wise” and support this artist. Dig deeper and be richly rewarded when you listen to “Sun Gilded Clouds and the Angry Sea” by Brooke Kelly.

Simon says 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating


BANDCAMP: https://brookekelly.bandcamp.com/album/sun-gilded-clouds-and-the-angry-sea

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/solonesomemusic

Catchy, Melodius Folk Music with Lyrics Of Substance from Brook Kelly

Look Forward To Winter with New Indie Music from Gordon Holland

Icon The Great is Back For More with Tripper Remix

Single Cover

An expression of longing for winter mornings spent in bed with the one you love, ‘I’m Looking Forward to Winter’ is the latest single to come from Australian singer-songwriter Gordon Holland. Taking on a 70s singer-songwriter vibe, ‘I’m Looking Forward to Winter’ is the first song recorded with Gordon’s full band, giving this track a lush and warming feel to it. Inspired by time spent in his hometown of Perth and a holiday in California, the imagery reflects that comforting feeling of listening to the rain outside whilst you’re safe and warm inside. Written and demoed in the space of an hour, ‘I’m Looking Forward to Winter’ is filled with the raw spontaneity of a much needed writing session.

Originally from Perth, Gordon Holland now calls the musical shores of Melbourne home. Gordon recorded his debut single ‘Melbourne Bitter’ at a home studio in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles with Luke Tierney (Silver Jet, Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants) mastered by Tom Beard (Deluxe Mastering). ‘Melbourne Bitter’ is a country-tinged song about self- confidence, disappointment and living away from family. He has also collaborated with Melbourne Singer-Songwriter Charlie Lane on her successful song ‘The Darkest Time’ which was featured on Spotify’s official Badass Women playlist. Gordon‘s single Melbourne Bitter went on to become a semi-finalist in the 2019 International Songwriting Competition. “a scintillating new single … a personal and bittersweet ode to the plight of a struggling musician.” – Walter Price – Global Texan Chronicles. Mixing up alt country with big choruses reminiscent of Britpop, Gordon Holland is confessional, nostalgic and humorous, with his music amplifying his life experiences in a way that resonates with his audience.



Look Forward To Winter with New Indie Music from Gordon Holland

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Indie Folk Songwriter Amie K Releases Double Single ‘Playing With Smoke/Glow’

Icon The Great is Back For More with Tripper Remix

Indie Artist Folk Single

Representing a shift in Amie K‘s perception of herself, ‘Playing With Smoke / Glow’ is the latest single to come from Indie Folk singer songwriter Amie K. The double single marks the beginning of a new era in her songwriting and a precursor to an EP expected later this year. Recorded and produced by her younger brother, Amie K sees these two songs as a return to her true self. Folky and moody, ‘Playing With Smoke / Glow’ explore feelings of grief, disconnection and personal growth. 

Amie K is a young songwriter currently living in Liverpool. Drawing influence from Laura Marling and Maggie Rogers, her songs tell stories and explore inner emotions as she uses music to process the world around her. Her previous singles have been featured on BBC Wiltshire and she regularly plays live in Liverpool and Bristol. Originally starting out as a street busker in Bath, she has developed her skills as a live performer and vocalist, playing venues such as The Fleece (Bristol), Komedia (Bath) and Studio2 (Liverpool).

Indie Folk songwriter Amie K Releases Double Single ‘Playing With Smoke/Glow’


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amiekmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amiekmusic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amiekmusic

Stream: https://ditto.fm/playing-with-smoke-glow

Indie Folk songwriter Amie K Releases Double Single ‘Playing With Smoke/Glow’

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Blue Child Collective Releases Golden New Single

Icon The Great is Back For More with Tripper Remix

Indie Folk Music

Recently crowned West Australian Music’s Best Regional Act for 2019, Margaret River’s conscious roots collab Blue Child Collective has powered into 2020 with their mesmerising new single  Golden .

Following on from the group’s third documentary The Art Of Sound last November and a solid cycle of touring for album  Wake Up to the Sound that included widespread airplay, Golden is the first taste from their fifth long player due out later this year.

Written on a Mt Maunganui sunrise while on tour in New Zealand, Golden sees Blue Child Collective exploring new sounds, blending elements of indie-folk and roots to produce a track in a similar vein to Crosses by Jose Gonzalez and Bon Iver’s Holocene. Featuring a solid percussion bed, baritone vocals and a group singalong of “Harmony with everything, harmony, we all can sing in.”, it’s arguably BCC at their finest.

With WA and New Zealand dates to kick off live activity, band leader and director of The West Australian Guitar Festival Dan White elaborates ” I’m really excited for the year ahead; it feels like all the work we’ve been putting into touring to connect with our audience and the huge focus we’ve put on content creation in order to continue delivering quality and quantity to those fans over the last five years is coming together. There’s plenty in the pipeline for 2020.”

Plug in, connect and get involved: Blue Child Collective is more than a band, but a movement which is fast becoming a major catalyst for positive change on a global scale towards a ‘Culture Of Connection’.

Blue Child Collective Releases Golden New Single

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New Zealands Ronél Hunter Took A Chance with New Music

Icon The Great is Back For More with Tripper Remix

Indie Artist

Indie Pop Artist Zoe Sky Jordan Releases New Music

New Zealand recording artist Ronél Hunter announces the release of her new album ‘Move at Will’. Along with her album she is releasing her 3rd single  ‘Took a Chance’ along with a beautiful new music video.

‘Took A Chance’ is a song that Ronél wrote about her husband. It tells their story in a nutshell. When they first met Ronél had just come out of a relationship and she wasn’t ready for something else. He, however, was very persistent and he won her over and has stuck by her through all her “crazy and sane times”.

Ronél said .. “Move At Will tells of my search for freedom over the past ten years. Here in New Zealand, I met and married my amazing husband and we have three beautiful children. It’s here that I’ve been able to find true freedom in Christ.  There have been many highs and a few lows …..”Freedom always has its price.  Some days it will charge you twice.”

My journey has included walking through depression, which I experienced after the birth of our third child, and I’ve learned to work through the loss of loved ones and cope with missing family and friends in South Africa. “

Ronél Hunter is a Singer Songwriter based in Kaka Point New Zealand. Originally from South Africa, Ronél played at the local folk festivals, before she settled in New Zealand in 2009, and married her Kiwi husband in 2011. Ronél writes songs about real life and is a firm believer in being real and being yourself. At the heart, Ronél is a storyteller. With musical influences such as Tracy Chapman, Guy Clark, Dolly Parton, Karen Zoid and Alanis Morissette, her focus is on the story a song has to tell and the emotion behind it, rather than being concerned about the genre. She has the ability to step into a song and to become a part of the story, as she takes the audience with her on a beautiful journey of discovering the heart of each song.

New Zealands Ronél Hunter Took A Chance with New Music


Website: https://grietappel.wixsite.com/ronelhunter

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HisSongs1byronelhunter/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ronelkapphunter/

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHgaBT-XiR-oqDPbWVekPKQ

New Zealands Ronél Hunter Took A Chance with New Music

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The Orange Circus Band Unleash Old Souls New Folk Music

Icon The Great is Back For More with Tripper Remix

Country Band

The Orange Circus Band Unleash Old Souls New Folk Music

The Orange Circus Band is an almighty, unabashed force of nature. Raw, fiery and stirring, their sound travelling from their origins in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brit folk and beyond, they sit somewhere between Old Crow Medicine Show and The Lumineers.


An outstanding 18 months has seen them perform at Glastonbury, on BBC One News, and upcoming shows at C2C at the O2. They have played festivals with the likes of John Prine, Patti Smith and First Aid Kit. And they now get ready for a huge year ahead in line with their eagerly awaited new music teasing from the shadows in wait of Spring.


The Orange Circus Band have just released their newest single ‘Old Souls’ from their upcoming album Whistle in the Dawn (out May 2020). ‘Old Souls’ is a song that reaches a diverse spectrum of listeners, speaking from one time to another, from one world to the next.

The band were due to tour, but have been cancelled to the corona virus pandemic. Please check their website or social media for updated information for future tour dates. 

The Orange Circus Band Unleash Old Souls New Folk Music

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A Delightful Interview with Americana Gospel Indie Artist Katie Garibaldi

I consider myself lucky when it comes to having the opportunity to interview so many wonderful independent artists, and when Katie Garibaldi sprung up in front of me recently, there was no question or hesitation what-so-ever.

Having the pleasure of knowing Katie since Music Talks first began (almost 5 years ago) she has been one of those artists who you will always be more than happy to accomodate and work with.

Katie’s music is blissfully calming and easy to listen too with a gentle and alluring personality; I believe it is only a matter of time before Katie Garibaldi ‘s music reaches the masses and touches more souls around the world.



Americana Indie Artist Singer

Enchanting, Beautiful & Delicate Music from Young Indie Artist, Sage

Tracey: Hello Katie, great to have you back on Music Talks. It has been a little while since your amazing Delightful song. Can you tell us and everyone how long you’ve been singing and performing for?

Katie: Thanks Tracey! At the risk of sounding cliche, I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. Humming and making up melodies was something I always did as a kid. I just loved singing. When I learned how to play the guitar at age 11, I started writing songs and discovered my love of songwriting, and soon after that I started performing live while in high school. I always feel really grateful for finding a passion for something at such a young age because music really helped define who I am as I grew up.


MT: Delightful is truly delightful; Can you tell us what this song is about and what inspired you to write it? 

Katie: Thank you! I had been playing around with the guitar melody for “Delightful” for a little while and when I sat down to play with it, my emotions were more in a melancholy state. I became aware that I was allowing other people’s negativity get me down. So the lyrics for the verses are a bit heavy: “How did I get here, losing myself in fear?” But as I progressed through the songwriting process, it turned out to be a very positive song, more of a call to action to take control of my own happiness. So the chorus is about finding liberation in honoring the light inside myself as well as in others: “Take these shades off of my eyes and shine all of the light inside. We could be delightful.” I love songwriting so much because it allows me to connect with a higher realm that can deliver messages I need to hear, as well as share with others.

A Delightful Interview with Americana Gospel Indie Artist Katie Garibaldi

MT: Who was your biggest inspiration when you were growing that perhaps helped you pave your way and decision to make music your career?

Katie: Hands down, Jewel was a huge inspiration for me when I was starting out. Her big debut album Pieces of You was released around the same time that I was learning guitar and starting to write songs, so her guitar playing really inspired me to expand my practice on the instrument as well as be authentic in my songwriting. I remember seeing her on the cover of guitar and music magazines and feeling so motivated to pursue my career in music. Also seeing her play live and how she commands an audience as a solo performer inspired me to be more confident onstage.


MT: When you were little, what kind of things did you do in regards to music? Did you sing in-front of the mirror with a hairbrush, or sing along to your favourite artists performing for family members?

Katie: When I was little, I was always, always, always singing. I was a very shy girl, so I probably sang more than I spoke! I didn’t really do it for anyone else. I just sang because I loved it. It made me happy and I felt connected to my true essence through music. My brother and I however did perform some Christmastime “shows” for our family back in the day. He played guitar too so we’d put on little concerts of songs we’d practiced and I would sing a Christmas song every year for a while. We had a lot of fun.


MT: I’ve noticed the feel and genre (although we don’t like to put artists in boxes) varies from Folk style Pop, Country/Americana, Christian pop and even noticed some jazz elements to some of your songs. Do you have a preference?

Katie: That is so true and I do get this question a lot because I think it’s kind of difficult to define my genre. I don’t have a preference for what someone labels my genre as. I love that different listeners connect with different aspects of my songs. It’s very endearing because I don’t sit down to write a “country” song or a “Christian” song. I just sit down to write what’s in my heart. So to hear someone call it what it means to them is cool because it reached them in that way. Yes, as an artist I do need to put myself in a box in a sense sometimes in order to promote my music more strategically, but I don’t let that interfere with my creative process so I just try to go with the flow.

Americana Indie Artist

MT: How would you describe your sound? 

Katie: I typically use Americana as the term to describe my genre because it’s such a wide umbrella to encompass the folk, country, and roots sounding element to my music. And mainly, Americana is welcoming to storytelling centered songs. I don’t think my songs are very folk in the traditional sense where I’m telling long stories, but the story in the lyrics is a very important element in my songs. I like to weave in an aspect of hope as an underlying theme for the most part too. 


MT: What is your most recent release? 

Katie: My most recent album release is an original holiday and faith inspired album called Home Sweet Christmas, which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other online stores. My most recent music videos are “Safe and Warm (Lullaby for Jesus)” and “Wonderful Mother Mary,” which can both be found on youtube.com/katiegaribaldi.


MT: Your songs have been described as ‘Grammy Award Winning’ and you have won so many awards and accolades; Have you been nominated for any Grammy’s yet amongst all your other awards? (I think it’s about time)

Katie: Thank you so much! I haven’t had a Grammy nomination, but I am a member of the Recording Academy and very active at their events as they’re heavily involved in songwriters’ rights and fair pay. It’s also been a lovely opportunity to network with so many great artists and creatives.


MT: How often do you perform live and where can people see you? Do you have a residency anywhere?

Katie: A couple years back I was playing out at least twice a week, if not more, and traveling a lot for mini tours. As much as I absolutely love performing live, this kind of schedule really burnt me out because at the same time I was also recording, promoting—doing all the things, all at once. So I found that at the end of the day I couldn’t fully enjoy anything! Last year I made a conscious decision to cut back on playing live and create the space I felt I needed to write my new album and fall more in love with music again. So I only played a handful of gigs, and for the majority of the year I wrote. It was an extremely healing process and necessary for my mental health as well. I was also busy last year traveling to different film festivals to represent my video screenings, so that kind of took the place of live shows as far as being out on the road and meeting people. It was a lot of fun. Now, I’m looking forward to recording my new songs so I can share them in a lot of different and new ways, including live shows when possible.


MT: When you write your songs, how do you decide on what the topic or sound of that song should be?

Katie: The process is different for every song. I don’t have one set way of writing. Sometimes I have a lyric idea and then will sit down with my guitar to work with that, and other times my guitar playing will be the instigator for an idea. Typically though, it starts with melody, whether I hum a melody or find something on the guitar. Once I get an inspirational inkling, I’ll play around on the guitar and when I find a melody or chord progression that moves me, I’ll keep playing until the words start to form. It’s a very difficult thing to describe the creative process because most of it is just following my intuition and responding to an inspirational call. Usually the first few words that start coming together will inform me of what the song is going to be about, not so much me telling the song what to do. Once the song starts coming to fruition, I’ll start to get a sense of what I want the sonic production to entail.


MT: Do you have any special moments through a collaboration, either in writing or performing that you would like to share with us?

Katie: Sure. I’ve always loved the sound of stringed instruments and envisioned my songs accompanied by an orchestra. On my Follow Your Heart album, I had a couple songs that I really felt strongly about recording with an orchestra on. I had the opportunity to work with the Magik*Magik Orchestra here in San Francisco on those songs, and was able to sit down with the arranger Minna Choi before going into the studio. I hummed out the string melodies that I wanted and she wrote them into the arrangements. There were parts I heard strongly in my head. Other parts I didn’t quite know what to do, but I knew the emotion I wanted or the general vibe, for instance, building up slowly. Minna was able to add her creative ideas to that and came up with some beautiful arrangements. It was a really cool experience being able to witness the melodies in my head come to life in such a beautiful way.


MT: Do you have your own band or regular musicians who record and perform with you?

Katie: I work with a variety of musicians for studio sessions as well as live performances, so they vary depending on the project, location, and availability. I’m grateful to have met some gifted musicians and engineers in different stages of my career. Shout out to Todd Richardson, an amazing drummer and percussionist, who has worked on many of my recordings and live shows. He’s one of the most talented and professional musicians I’ve worked with, and a great person too.


Indie Gospel Americana Artist

MT: Do you have a favourite song of yours and what makes this your favourite?

Katie: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite song I’ve written because they’re all meaningful to me for different reasons. I’m particularly close with my song “Delightful” though because it’s become somewhat of a personal anthem for me on my philosophy of how I want to live my life and the kind of message I want to share with other people as an artist.


MT: What would be the hardest time so far in your career? How did you get through this time?

Katie: One hard time was the period leading up to recording my album Follow Your Heart. I had back-to-back producers not work out right before we were set to go into the studio. So it was twice the disappointment. Not a great way to start a new project. I went through a period of depression because I felt like I was being repeatedly let down, when I had been so pumped up and excited to record my new music. I was at a standstill, not wanting to trust anyone else with my creative endeavors. I got through it by eventually loosening my grip on the way I thought things should be, and started to shift my perspective on the situation. Instead of an obstacle, I had an opportunity to reclaim my power and ended up producing the album myself, which was an extremely crucial and magical adventure for me as an artist. It took some time, but once I redirected my focus from fear to faith, things came together in a way I would have never expected, bringing the right people into my circle to create the album, and it’s still one of the best experiences of my life.


MT: Have you ever felt like giving up music?

Katie: Although I’ve had hard times, like I’m sure every artist goes through, I wouldn’t say in my heart of hearts that I ever felt like giving up music. I’ve definitely been in black holes before where I took a break from my guitar before picking it up again. But I never abandoned music. It’s sort of the vibration deep inside my soul that has always sustained me. If I lost that, perhaps I’d really be giving up on myself. I’ve had times where I’ll question my path: “How do I keep going?” But I just always kept going.


MT: How important to you is it to keep your faith in what can be regarded as a difficult industry?

Katie: Keeping my faith is extremely important to me in anything, including my professional life. This industry can be regarded as difficult, but I also think that has become an overrated notion. Just because a particular something was hard to accomplish for someone else, doesn’t mean it has to be hard for you. I’d love to start hearing people in the industry tell artists and songwriters, “Go for it,” instead of, “Well, it’s really hard so what’s your backup plan?” These stories should be questioned and challenged. I hold on to my faith like it’s nobody’s business in this regard because even when I tell these stories to myself (“you’ll never be successful”), which is what the industry can cater towards, I find that one tiny whisper that is saying, “You got this,” and hold on to that. I’ve discovered that success is not in doing, it’s in being. It’s just being true to yourself. That’s success! To be. God has given me my light for a reason so dimming it would only be telling God he made a mistake. I feel more aligned with my purpose when I put my faith first and simply be who I am.


MT: Your music videos are just gorgeous. Where do the ideas of how your music videos should look, or the storyboard ideas come from?

Katie: Thank you so much! The creative process for my music videos varies with each project, depending on the video and who I’m working with. For “Delightful,” I trusted the director Anna Haas’ vision because I wanted the video to portray the message of taking responsibility for my own happiness and loving myself first, which Anna told in a beautiful story. For my video “Wonderful Mother Mary,” I was more involved in the production and wanted to tell the story of an awakening of faith by using a few different factors, including color. So the video starts in black and white, slowly turns to a sepia tone, and then is in full color by the end. I wanted it to be more of a performance video so the lyrics of the song could be the focus, but certain film techniques like color, fog, and light, would take the viewer on a visual journey. I absolutely love how music videos can make a song shine in a whole new way.


 MT: Are there any rituals or lucky charms you may do or have before you go on stage?

Katie: Before I play a show or do a radio interview or anything where I’ll be sharing my voice, I usually say a prayer, which is something along the lines of, “God, please use me for the highest good. Allow the light inside my heart to be received with love and allow me to see and receive the light from others in return. May this performance/conversation be rooted in love.”


MT: Do you have any plans for any music releases in 2020?

Katie: Yeah! I’m currently in the pre-production stage of a new music video, which I’ll be filming in Los Angeles soon. I’m hoping to release that in the summertime. I’m also planning on recording my new album this year. I don’t know the exact release timeline yet, but I’m excited to share my new songs very soon and looking forward to getting back into the studio.


MT: What advice would you give to other upcoming artists or those who have been trying to break with their music?

Katie: Being an independent artist is not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of work, but if you love it, the work is fun and fulfilling. Don’t let the work intimidate you. If you love doing music and being creative is what lights you up, it’s so worth it. All I would advise is to be conscious of staying in flow with the directions that life takes you. If you focus on the end result too strongly and hang on to a particular outcome too tightly, that’s when things get tough. Work really hard, but also be comfortable with letting go and trusting. That’s when things come together and you can enjoy it.


MT: Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Katie: I want to say thank you so much for everything you do for artists and songwriters. Music Talks gives us a platform to share the stories behind our musical journeys, which allows for a deeper human connection. So I really appreciate it, and appreciate you!


Thank you heaps for your time Katie, have a great day !

Katie: Thank you so much for this opportunity!


A Delightful Interview with Americana Gospel Indie Artist Katie Garibaldi

Enchanting, Beautiful & Delicate Music from Young Indie Artist, Sage

Sage is independent artist, musician, singer and songwriter who has just released her debut single, ‘From Dust’. 

Stunning music that’s beautiful, enchanting and delicate but also has a sense of innocence. 

This young Australian artist has been drawn to folk music ,showing the talent of Sages vocals, cello and songwriting in a more contemporary folk style. 

Although this is Sages first release, don’t let that fool you in regards to her experience and talent as a seasoned musician, as you will read below in our interview.



Australian Indie Artist

Enchanting, Beautiful & Delicate Music from Young Indie Artist, Sage

MT: Hi Sage, nice to cyber meet you. Your voice is so soothing, how long have you been singing for?

Sage: Nice to cyber meet you too! I’ve been singing since I could talk, and maybe even before then, but you’d have to ask my Mum. Apparently as a toddler she used to have to beg me to stop singing; it’s not that I sang badly, I just didn’t have an off switch! It’s something I’ve always enjoyed. 


MT: Your current single, ‘From Dust’ feels like the warmth of the sun on a beautiful Autumn day. Can you explain the meaning behind the song? 

Sage: Thank you, that’s so sweet! The song is sung from the perspective of a person who has been separated from their loved one after a long life together. This loved one is no longer around, but has passed on and become a star in the sky. The person left behind is thinking back on all of the beautiful memories they shared, and pining to be together again. It’s a happy-sad fairytale. I think a lot of that warmth you mentioned comes from the sentiment of the song, but also the lush layers of cello at the foundation.


MT: I’d love to know your age; reason being, I don’t often hear many young singers and songwriters who are writing and recording folk style music. If you don’t mind, how old are you?

Sage: Not at all! I’m 26 years old. And it’s funny you say “young” because, yes I am young, but a small part of me wants to be 18 again to get another head start on this music journey I’m on. 


MT: Who introduced you to folk music?

Sage: I really couldn’t say. I’ve been exposed to so much music in my life, particularly through my family and my education. I loved listening to artists like James Vincent McMorrow, Joanna Newsom, and First Aid Kit in high school. Folk exists in 2 universes in my mind; there’s the contemporary folk that I write and sing, and the traditional folk that I play in jam sessions with other fiddlers. The latter I was introduced to a couple of years ago on an immersive folk music camp called Stringmania. 


MT: I see you play Cello throughout ‘From Dust’. What came first; playing the cello or singing?

Sage: Singing. I got my first cello when I was about 13 or 14, and I think we paid just over $200 for it on ebay. I’ve taken that cello all over the world and it’s opened so many doors for me. I never took a singing lesson until 2 months ago actually! Before then I just translated everything I knew about cello, flute, and piano to how I should treat my voice as another instrument.


MT: Do you play other instruments? If so what else do you play?

Sage: I started piano when I was 6 and flute when I was 10. I dabbled in guitar briefly but it’s not my forte. Put anything in front of me and I’ll make it work! If I played another instrument it would be the harp; I just feel like you could play all the wrong notes in the world and it would still sound beautiful. My fiance is a musician as well, so I think we’ll be hoarding a lot of instruments in the future. 


MT: How long have you been in the music business as an independent artist? When was your very first recording and release?

Sage: A week ago! It makes me sound really green, but I’ve been studying classical music at conservatories since I was 18 so I’ve been working in other musical spheres for a long time. I picked up the stringer-songwriter thing many years ago but it was a secondary thing for a long while. Being my first official release I keep telling people that I’m equally excited and terrified about it. They’re the good kind of nerves that remind you how much you care about what you’re doing. 


MT: Can you tell us how you came into contact to work with members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra? What was it like to work with Richard Vaudrey?

Sage: When I was at university studying classical cello, all of my teachers were members of the MSO. At first they seem like celebrities, but then they become mentors and friends. My network was always in the classical stream, but meeting Richard was actually a separate thing altogether. My best friend was 1 of 5 girls, and one of her sisters was dating this cellist and living in NY. Eventually I got to meet him, and I kind of just looked up to him from afar until I got up the idea to ask to work with him on this EP.


MT: What has been your biggest challenge in your music career so far? How did you overcome that obstacle?

Sage: There are always hurdles like making ends meet, or dealing with burnout. They’re very real. Then there are the musical hurdles like obsessing over lyrics, or not being able to finish a song. I’ve always been really resilient and been able to push through all of these things, but there are definitely days when it’s all too much. It’s good to remember your track record of getting through bad days when you come up against the next one. Personally, I also really struggle with my health on a daily basis due to a major spinal surgery I had when I was 18. It makes all the simple things like just sitting in a chair or carrying my groceries much harder. For a long time I just put on a brave face about how much pain I was in, but now I’m better at telling people when I need help. Ask for help, whatever it is! I really believe people want to help people. 


MT: From what you have learned about your challenges in the music business, what advice would you like to give upcoming independent artists?

Sage: You have to forcibly and decisively make time for what is important. Unless you take time out to turn your ideas into a product, they’ll only ever be ideas. Unless you set boundaries on your time, you’ll miss out on the balance you need to be happy and functional. You’ll be working hard, not working smart. Time is precious; a lot of the time I feel like I’m running out of it, but I have to remind myself that it’s not the case. 


MT:   Can you tell us a bit about your music video which accompanies ‘From Dust’? Was this your first music video and what was the experience like for you?

Sage: This was my first music video, and it was the best way to ease me into this medium. I really didn’t want to sing to a camera, or be an actress. I’m more open to that idea now, but at the time I just wanted to make something aesthetic and feature myself and the cello in it. It’s an important visual for me. Better to keep it simple and let the song shine! The experience was just so fun. It was only three of us walking around these gardens all day and searching for beautiful things, and I got to play dress up! 


MT: What’s a typical day for you? Do you work on your music every day? What other activities or hobbies besides music do you like to do that your fans may like to know about?

Sage: I’ll get up and get ready for the day, then smash out as much admin work as I can so that I have the rest of the day to dedicate to work or play. I’ve never been a coffee drinker so I always have an almond milk hot chocolate with marshmallows by my side. At the moment I’m planning my wedding, and working as a freelance orchestra manager for a project of 64 musicians to tour Melbourne & Sydney, so I’m definitely not short on tasks to do! Yesterday was super busy so I didn’t get to sit down at the piano until about 9pm, but it was so lovely to play in the quiet of the night and I’ll probably spend a lot more of today working on music. Other than that, I just love living on the Mornington Peninsula. When you have a day off or even a couple of hours, you feel like you’re on holiday. I go to pilates three times a week, go to the beach, walk at The Briars, play with my cat, and bake! I just got a watercolour set for Christmas so that’s going to be a new hobby for me.


MT:   We’re really looking forward to your EP ‘Tethered’ due for release on February 27th; what can we expect on the EP?

Sage: A lot more ethereal vocals and cello! I’m really proud of how each song is entirely different from the next, but they still feel like a family. ‘From Dust’ is so happy, but you only have to listen to the next track and things start to get a little dark and cinematic. There’s folk in there, there’s pop, there’s beats, there’s guitar, and glockenspiel; there’s definitely some unexpected sounds going on in there that make it unique, and I can’t wait for people to tell me what they think! 


MT: Did you write and/or co-write all the tracks on ‘Tethered’? Who produced the EP?

Sage: The music is 100% written by me! I wrote, arranged, and performed everything that needed to be tracked before production, then that part went to Richard Vaudrey. I sure could not have done it without him! I learnt so much watching him work and am now starting to make basic demos at home with the skills I’ve picked up. My best friend and colleague Navin Gulavita also played violin and viola on the last three tracks of the EP, and I’m so glad he did! He has a beautiful tone and the strings are one of my favourite parts about those songs. 


MT: Are people able to see you perform anywhere?

Sage: Yes! Stay tuned on my socials for the dates, I’d love to see you! I’ve been in Canada and the US for the past 5 weeks, so now that I’m back I’m rehearsing with the band and putting a show or two together. 


MT: Thank you so much for your time Sage, good luck with the EP release! 





Enchanting, Beautiful & Delicate Music from Young Indie Artist, Sage

Exquisite Debut From Cellist and Singer Songwriter Sage

Australian Indie Artist

Ethereal cellist and singer-songwriter Sage has announced her debut single From Dust, a gorgeous, introspective meander made especially for soulmates, 

Accompanying this stunning track is a beautiful, nostalgic video, shot in collaboration with director Hugo Rose (Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird).  From Dust is the first taste of Sage’s upcoming EP Tethered, a collection of gentle yet striking songs for cleansing the soul, set for release on February 27.


For fans of Laura Marling and classic folk auteur Joni Mitchell, From Dust is a soft bed to fall into after a long hard day. 

Enchanting and delicate, this song allows space for Sage’s elegant vocal to feature front and centre, while her adroit cello playing provides a warm glow that eminates throughout.  Speaking on the inspiration behind From Dust, Sage says, 

“This song is about soulmates, innocence, memories, and endless love.  It’s one of those miracle songs that was written in no time at all by myself in my run-down apartment.  When I sing this song, I think about the movie Stardust.  At the end of the film the two star-crossed lovers, having lived a full and beautiful life together, pass away and become stars in the sky, their love living on forever and shining over everyone.  There’s longing involved, but also hope.”  

The film clip for From Dust is a perfect visual representation of the track – pretty, graceful, and sentimental, with a ‘70s film-camera flair. 


Tethered is an exquisite collection of songs from this inimitable artist.  Like a nostalgic fairytale, these songs unfurl themselves flawlessly; from the pizzicato of All My Lost Loves, to the sweet, strings-infused pop of The Loveliest Thing, Tethered is a glorious, sun-soaked triumph of arresting folk-pop.  Reflecting on the concept behind the songs on Tethered, Sage explains, “This EP was a cleansing process of feelings I wanted to get out of my system through music.  The concept behind Tethered was to write a collection of songs about things that can hold us back and keep us tethered to our place in life, in the hopes of understanding these experiences and learning to let go.  Feeling stuck is a terrible thing so I always try to change and improve.”  Fellow cellist Richard Vaudrey (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Sammy J, Anna Cordell) was the producer and audio and mix engineer throughout the recording process, and was a gem in the studio, as Sage notes,

“I knew I had to work with Richard because he embodies so many things I wanted to do as an independent artist.  Having an engineer who is also a singer-songwriter-cellist like myself was so useful in the studio and nothing ever got lost in translation between us.


Exquisite Debut From Cellist and Singer Songwriter Sage




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thissage/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thissage/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgJI5u053Z7ijMK42VY2GAg 

Exquisite Debut From Cellist and Singer Songwriter Sage

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B.KNOX Latest Single Is Like A Landscape Painting Thats Big, Broad and Beautiful

Folk Singer


“The Fault Lies”

Singer songwriter B.Knox confirms my belief that good things come out of Canada. He rides that line between country and folk music with ease. A teacher by profession, Knox gives his listeners a lesson in life with his songs.


His latest single, The Fault Lies is like a landscape painting, one that is big, broad and beautiful. It conveys feelings of loss, change and emptiness, with a bittersweet edge.


Here’s how Knox describes the song,


“Shifting seasons present stark and beautiful backdrops for changing love.

The movement from loss and regret to unapologetic acceptance draws heavily from both of my self-acknowledged wells of inspiration – heartbreak and landscape.”


This is his fourth single, with his earlier tracks Deep, Dark Love, Living with a Shadow and Corners all demonstrating a talent and a connection with the darker side of life. He is moody and melancholic, and wonderful. I’m a fan.


He is promising to release a full album, “Heartbreak and Landscape” during 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing where this guy will take us.


His music is available now on most streaming platforms.


Jacqueline Gives 4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 Star Rating


WEBSITE: https://bknoxmusic.com/

B.Knox Latest Single Is Like A Landscape Painting Thats Big, Broad and Beautiful


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed



Drifting Channels Release Debut Album, Rising Tide

Drifting ChannelDrifting Channels Release Debut Album, Rising Tides Release Debut Album, Rising 

Folk Singer

Folk singer-songwriter Drifting Channels is set to release their debut album ‘Rising Tide’ on 9th October.

‘Rising Tide’ is an album inspired by living in the wilderness for several years and appreciating both the simplicity and complexity of our world and our ecosystems. Evident in the track, this acoustic guitar melody paired with a soulful harmonica takes inspiration from the likes of Jeff Buckley, Tash Sultana and early Bob Dylan work.

Hailing from Australia, Drifting Channels finds passion in writing simple acoustic songs that talk to the listener about current things happening in the world. This is clear to see in his music as well as in the artists he takes inspiration from.


Drifting Channels Release Debut Album, Rising Tide





Bandcamp: https://driftingchannels.bandcamp.com/releases 

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-760704516


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New Music to Face Your Fears Into The Woods From SERA

New Music to Face Your Fears Into The Woods From SERA

Folk Music Indie Artist

‘Into the Woods’  is the follow-up to SERA’s acclaimed ‘Rabbit Hole’ single which was released in June to acclaimed reviews, and extensive radio support. ‘Into The Woods’ is a continuation on the theme of twisted fairytales.

Into the Woods’ is a response to the reoccurring plot-line in stories and films, where women are often chased into the woods by bad men, pursued by monsters or face great peril amongst the trees. Into the Woods instead becomes a place to grow, gain strength and face your fears.

SERA doesn’t mess around when it’s time to begin telling the story with the strumming of guitar and vocals jumping straight in with the simplicity of her vocals allowing the lyric and the story taking position into the spotlight. As soon as the chorus hits, SERA  takes you on a rhythmical journey all of her own ‘Into the Woods’.

SERA’s new songs will continue to follow in this theme of the mythic-surreal rooted in very real experiences. The track is taken from SERA’s collection of songs for 2019 and from her new collaboration with producer Andi Bonsai.

SERA hails from Caernarfon in North Wales and is a busy bilingual (Welsh and English) performer and songwriter, part of the CEG Records family. Earlier this year SERA was selected as a part of BBC Horizons programme, in which the BBC back a dozen of the freshest acts in Wales and provide them with festival showcases and industry opportunites.

New Music to Face Your Fears Into The Woods From SERA



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