Erin At Eleven Eclectic EP Are Not Afraid Of Exploring Boundaries

Erin At Eleven Eclectic EP Are Not Afraid Of Exploring Boundaries

Indie EP

Erin at Eleven

“Over You” from the “Eclectic” EP

Many artists confine themselves in a specific genre, which is reassuring to their fans, and comforting for themselves, at the risk of being too predictable. Yet some artists dare explore a wider range to reveal different facets of their personality, and some do this with great success, like Erin at Eleven for example, a singer-songwriter from Glasgow, who is back with an EP which shows its ambition right in its title: it’s Eclectic alright!

From the chilled trip ambient of the opener (previously released “Only Myself to Blame”), to the rocker “One Thing”, the upbeat “All Roads Lead Back” to this one stripped down ballad “Over You”, Erin’s EP fits the bill of its title.

Eclectic it is in its lyrics as well, from self-deprecating to liberating to reminiscing to heartfelt with this final piano ballad, where Erin is announcing how she’s over someone, while a great soprano saxophone is wailing its counterpoint against Erin’s wonderful vocal. The song is a great closer to this “Eclectic” EP which you should really check out, if you’re looking for something different with every track and like artists who aren’t afraid of exploring new boundaries.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating



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