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Ella Fence releases her new 5 Track EP, NO THANK YOU!

Released through Golden Robot Records, this wonderful collection of new music is, as always, sublime and inspirational. Ella continues to work outside the bullshit pre-existing order of the music industry and has recorded, without fear or favour, an EP that is elegant and experimental, a mix of pop electro beats and soaring cinematic vocals. Ella has tendency to do things differently and this engaging EP is no different.

“Known Better” was the single lifted from the EP, a brooding clash of drums and atmospheric synth. “More to Life”, another gem, combines Avantgarde with pure pop sensibilities and a tip of the hat to Minnie Ripperton. Also noteworthy is “Hurricane”, embracing the spirit of high-octane dance/electro grooves mixed with inspired electronica.

NO THANK YOU is beautiful example of sweet and succulent vocals blended with popish energy and soul all bundled in an unapologetically explorative, emotional and intense listening experience, from an artiste who would rather make own trail than follow a pre-ordained path.

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More to Life
This Was Supposed to be my Freedom
Move to Slow
Known Better



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No, Thank You Ella Fence For Sublime and Inspirational New Music

Ella Fence Shows How it’s Done in Trying Times for Artists







Indie Artist


Every Saturday night until this wild ride is over (starting TONIGHT 6:30PM, Australian Eastern Standard Time), Ella Fence will be performing an hour set that you can live stream from the comfort of your own home.

The show will be ‘Ella Fence: Solo & Electric ‘ and will feature her originals mixed with a selection of hand-picked covers.

The performance will be a $5.00AUD admission ($6.36AUD with the booking fee) and will be streamed on Facebook Live (in a private group I’ll add you to).

BUT ALSO! If parting with any cash at the moment is out of the question, Ella will be offering a FREE ticket option. “Do don’t worry I’ve got you”, says Ella. There’s also an opportunity to pay extra if want to and feel you can. 

“Let’s say no to feelings of separation and loneliness in these isolating times and stick together through the uncertainty and anxiety. So curl up on the couch or dance around your living room with me, let’s do this together. xxx”



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Ella Fence Shows How it’s Done in Trying Times for Artists

Ella Fence The Genre Hopping and Shape Shifting Indie Artist

Ella Fence The Genre Hopping and Shape Shifting Indie Artist

Ella Fence The Genre Hopping and Shape Shifting Indie Artist

Being asked to write about something about myself that people may not know about me really got me thinking.

As an artist I have the luxury of sharing more personal experiences through music as well as interviews, however there are always so many things that get left unsaid. I don’t mind a little secrecy and in some ways I am a can be a very private person, but there are certain stories I don’t mind sharing, particularly those that overcome mental burden.


Australian Indie Artist



This leads me to one of those stories, which I’d like to share for the first time, about when I injured myself on stage during a sold out show in front of over 400 people in 2016. I have previously joked in private that the thing that was bruised that day was my ego, although I actually tore some serious cartilage in my left hip, left untreated cartilage doesn’t heal, without the proper recovery regime it can develop into chronic pain.

So I threw myself into the rehab and tried to keep myself in high spirits mentally.


In reality I was sinking into a pretty low place, and throughout that time I started developing negative thought patterns and unhealthy practices that I still catch myself in now – luckily I’m aware where it came from and am able to disassociate from those thoughts.

Throughout that rehab period, I began to associate things that would usually bring me so much joy (performing on stage and exercising) with physical pain.
I still continued performing and exercising, but it wasn’t the usual liberating experience I was used to.

Loooong story short, I chose to take ownership of an exhaustive rehab regime and through that dedicated work and I can honestly say I’m stronger mentally and physically than I have ever before.

Australian Indie Artist


Instances that would usually let get in the way of my performances no longer phase me. Cause hey, what’s worse than when you fall over in front of over 400 people when you’re the only one on a stage that is set up in the round (where you’re in the middle and the audience literally surrounds you) and you flash them incredibly un-glamorous underwear? (You know the beige ones that stick to your skin so you have no panty lines? Yep those ones.)




“Ella Fence is The Genre Hopping and Shape Shifting Indie Artist That’s Not Afraid To Explore and Go Beyond Musical Boundaries”



Ella Fence The Genre Hopping and Shape Shifting Indie Artist

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Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries with New EP

Australian Independent Singer

Ella Fence – All I Do Is Think EP

Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries With New EP

It seems appropriate that the new EP from Ella Fence, “All I Do Is Think”, released on Valentine’s Day, 2020 – Appropriate, that is, if you like your yearly celebration of forced affection served up with a dash of irony.


The three songs that comprise this EP all explore different moods and textures – from the party stylings of “Pink Mojitos”, to the more middle of the road “She’s Looking Pretty”, and on to the more experimental electronics and introspective approach of “Japan”. Nonetheless, what holds this collection together is an almost ironic reflection on the topics of love and relationships.  Fence proudly declares in the opener that she is “not gonna give a f**k about this night” and closes “Japan” with the line, “I think I’m gonna work on me”. Traditional love songs these are not.


This is a well-produced set of electronic pop music that is not afraid to push the boundaries of the genre. And above it all soars Fence’s voice – a transcendent instrument that milks the emotions out of often understated lyrics. Like her track, “Love Me On Purpose”, that I reviewed last year, I enjoyed these tracks. As a person who does not choose to listen to pop music, it is always a pleasant surprise to hear an artist that I not only enjoy, but who is also a radio-friendly proposition.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars

4 Star Rating

See more about All I do Is Think

Ella Fence is Not Afraid To Push The Boundaries With New EP


Cabinet Of Millionaires Stop The Coup Slick Electro and Perfectly Timed


Sad Twisted Electronic Infused Superb New EP from Ella Fence  

Australian Independent Singer

People yearn to be different, eager to distinguish themselves. Along with ones fashion sense, music has always been a vital metaphorical soapbox to exalt ones individual tastes and freedoms.

Culturally conditions have never been more fertile for revolutions and rebellions and in spite of having access to a variety of opportunities for experimentation, individuals and groups continue to fall well short of mesmerising and charismatic originality (except in their own social media worlds).

Australian Punk Rock Icons The Saints observed in 1978 “ We’ve Got New Thoughts New Ideas It’s All So Groovy , It’s Just A Shame That We’ve All Seen The Same Old Movie”. This ode to the herd mentality rings truer in 2020 than ever before.

While most are huddled together like shivering ducklings, Ella Fence is an artist exploring and genre shape shifting; she is the embodiment of free will. Ella Fence’s new 3 Track Mini EP  ‘ALL I DO IS THINK‘ (available Friday 14 February) is not representative of an artiste in search for a safe harbour. Ella’s new EP is about exploration. Ella’s new musical adventure bravely sails way out to sea, beyond the sight of land. Ella reinvents herself so completely that every new song is a fresh beginning, meanwhile Ella’s previous artistic endeavours disappear into a musical witness protection program.

“Reflecting on the music from  ALL I DO IS THINK‘ ,

“it evolved as I was looking to someone else for answers when all along I had work to do on myself, because no one from the outside has the solution or can give us what we need need to give ourselves. I have to trust myself before anyone else. That’s why my music has such an overreaching arc. I have to keep exploring”, tells Ella. 

 “Pink Mojitos”  is the Mini EPs first track. The song is a tip of the hat to excessive behaviour, to fun for fun’s sake, partying and attention seeking. It’s a Summer tune, an anthem to indulgence.  “She’s Looking Pretty”  is the polar opposite to the EP’s opener. This piece is coy and shy, it’s subtle and pushed along by a quaint 1980’s lightness.The third and final song  “Japan”  is an introspective, acknowledging one’s self. All 3 songs all tempered by Ella’s sophisticated transcendent voice.

Ella’s been name checked with Billie Ellish to Billie Holiday ( thankfully not Billy Ray Cyrus). Ella embraces variety and outsider status. Her music narrative has real peaks and valleys, legitimate light and shade. Ella’s music poses drama and back beats, love, swirling vocals, sadness mixed with electronica, dance grooves and soul. She writes of desperation and love morphed with melodic pop, her musical centre of gravity is unapologetically a complete fucking mystery.

Ella would be overjoyed for you to embrace her work but in equal parts she simply doesn’t care if you refuse to listen to her music. Ella is content seeking out her own fans while surprising and mesmerising existing ones. With each new portion of work Ella Fence unashamedly ushers in her own renaissance world. A time and a place where there are no limitations or boundaries no arbiters, it’s all carefree and it’s all courageous.

Sad Twisted Electronic Infused Superb New EP from Ella Fence






Sad Twisted Electronic Infused Superb New EP from Ella Fence

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Understated and Empowering New Music from Ella Fence 

Australian Singer Indie

Ella Fence

“Love Me On Purpose”

Human contact can be fleeting and unfulfilling. This is especially true of those moments when we reach for something more – when we reach for intimacy. We long for something greater, but often we are left wanting.


This is the problem addressed by Australian artist Ella Fence on her latest single, Love Me On Purpose. The second track from her debut album, Love Me On Purpose demands more than the fleeting contact of a night together. Rather than a “flakey” love fueled by the vibrancy of the night, Fence requires her potential partner to “love me in the daytime” – to be part of the ongoing fabric of her life.


Backed by crisp, understated electronic production that adds a somewhat ominous air to the lyrics, this is a song of empowerment – a statement of intent from an artist who is not willing to settle for less than what she wants. This is modern pop music stripped of the saccharine graces that too frequently undermines the genre. And I like it.


Available now, I highly recommend giving Love Me On Purpose a listen. I look forward to seeing Ella play it live at the Hidden Lanes Festival in Brisbane later this month.

Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating

Ella Fence Website:

Understated and Empowering New Music from Ella Fence 





Ella Fence Will Make You Want More

If you haven’t yet heard of the exotic and sensual music from Ella Fence, we suggest you take a seat and get strapped in for a ride.

Ella Fence ignited her dark and quirky songs onto the music scene back in 2015/2016 with her Debut release, ‘Unknown Water’, scoring her video of the year and song of the year at the Gold Coast Music Awards.

Since the release of her critically acclaimed debut EP, ‘Wanderlust’, Ella has toured and performed at a plethora of events in Australia, USA, Germany, France, England and Canada which included The Great Escape Festival and Canadian Music Week, wowing both fans and critics alike.

Australian Singer Ella Fence


Ella Fence ignited her dark and quirky songs onto the music scene back in 2015/2016 with her Debut release, ‘Unknown Water’, scoring her video of the year and song of the year at the Gold Coast Music Awards.

Since the release of her critically acclaimed debut EP, ‘Wanderlust’, Ella has toured and performed at a plethora of events in Australia, USA, Germany, France, England and Canada which included The Great Escape Festival and Canadian Music Week, wowing both fans and critics alike.

Ella Fence has kept smashing out hypnotic trance like masterpieces with lyrics like; “I wanna do cocaine in a photobooth, I wanna be downtown too, I wanna be just like you, I wanna drive away to things I’ve never done before, get high on the backseat and rob a liquor store..” from her hit single, ‘Cocaine’;

“Intoxicated, cause you keep me waiting holding onto my breathe, heart is a racing cause I wanna taste it, anticipate what’s next, show me run on water, take me down down to the water…” from ‘Unknown Water’; it’s lyrics like these intertwined with the unique constant beating drums throughout and the voice which truly tells the story to take you on that journey with her in each and every song.

Ella’s latest single, ‘Hollow Drum’, has also received high accolades and high rotation from major radio.

Since the release of ‘Hollow Drum’, 2018 has been seen as her biggest year yet, growing her live shows and band as well as a string of events including performing at the Commonwealth Games Festival 2018 supporting Kate Miller-Heidke and Regurgitator as well as recording her highly anticipated debut album. Her latest single ‘Call Girl’ came out last week…

We asked Ella few questions and this is what she had to say;

MT: The first thing I just have to ask is, where do these lyrics come from; how do you think these stories?

ELLA: Most of my writing comes from personal experience, conversations and scenarios within my own life, or at least the initial idea of the track comes from that place. I don’t think I’ve ever written about anything fictitious, but it’s something I’d be interested in exploring, writing from outside yourself, I think the process would be really different though.

MT: Who thinks of the visuals and ideas for your video clips?

ELLA: I worked with different teams on all three film clips that I’ve put out so far. The process is usually very collaborative but the quality of the clips very much came down to working with absolute legends – on Unknown Water I worked with Gold Coast based Double Deuce, who ended up winning Gold Coast Music Award for Best Music Video 2016 and then I worked with some Brisbane creatives on the Dancer film clip, which ended up making the 2018 Longlist for UK’s UMA Awards for Best International Music Video, which was so incredibly crazy and unexpected.

MT: I suppose you have heard this a few times, but there is this dark quirkiness about your music and your visuals that also go hand in hand that creates this incredible package that is ELLA FENCE. Have you always been unique in this way from your school days?

ELLA: As I’ve grown the project has grown, I’d say there are definitely qualities that have carried through from school, because I was singing as young as 5 and have always been a prolific writer. I’m a very deep thinker and have always been very curious of the world, so those things have stuck.

MT: How important is it to be yourself and not to fit into a mould?

ELLA: Very. Except when it comes to wearing unnecessary hats indoors and at night time because that’s fun sometimes and you really only do that so people think you’re cool #fashion.

MT: What’s your favourite part of the song writing process?

ELLA: Writing the lyrics and talking through ideas, it’s like therapy. I also love when you’re working collaboratively with someone and you can feel in a moment together that you’re onto something with a particular part, or line, or section – that feeling is absolute gold.

MT: Do you play any instruments?

ELLA: Sure do – keys and guitar and I used to play flute in school. I’m keen to learn the drums and traded a set of DJ decks for a 6 pack of beer ‘cause I want to learn to DJ too. Looks like heaps of fun but I hear it can be super stressful actually.

MT: When did you begin singing and song writing?

ELLA: I began singing when I was very young. My mum still had a drawing I made when I was 5 that when I grew up I wanted to sing in front of 1,000 people (which to a 5 year old meant the whole world really).

MT: Do you have a supportive network of friends and family?

ELLA: My friends and family are diamonds.  

MT: You have clearly placed a ‘stamp of your own’ with the sound of your music; Having so much space, yet it’s so full of character and depth. How did the ideas for the unique sounds of the constant beating drums, your vocal characteristics/performances and this trance-like feel come about with your music?

ELLA: I listen to a lot of music, I’d say my biggest influences are Banks, Billie Eilish and Halsey. I’m inspired by the strength in their direction, their character and their music.

MT: What was it like to support Katie Miller-Heidke and Regurgitator?

ELLA: Supporting Kate Miller-Heidke and Regurgitator at Commonwealth Games Festival 2018 was a dream come true – I accomplished the intention I set when I was 5, to sing in front of 1,000 people (in fact there were roughly 3,000 people at the show, so that was hugely a humbling and rewarding experience).

MT: Do you have a preference between recording and playing live?

ELLA: Definitely playing live – it feels more in the moment and spontaneous. I love when you’re recording and you get to the end of the day and think, “wow, this did exist before today” – that’s always a really crazy feeling.

MT: What’s a typical day for you when you’re not writing, recording or performing?

ELLA: I don’t really have days that aren’t music related. It would feel weird. Even when I’ve got a lot of other stuff on I’m always writing or rehearsing or working on a new musical skill. I do like the beach though, and spend a lot of time with friends and family. I also like to party haha and I’ve started learning Spanish.

MT: Just have to ask, do you love shopping? If so, what’s your favourite store or item? i.e. shoes, coats, tracksuits, jeans…(the only reason I ask this, is that I see you wear a lovely fur coat in a few of your video’s, and all girls notice the clothes. Lol)

ELLA: Absolutely not, shopping centres are the devil. My two favourite brands are shuturp and Amy Crow’s future = female. I also wear a lot of band shirts (my current fave is by FeelsClub). The most signature thing I wear on stage is the (faux) fur coat which I bought for the Dancer film clip and that look just kind of stuck. I now have 3 fur coats for stage.

MT: I would just like to go back to the days of the ‘Motel Tour’. Whose idea was it to gig in a motel room? And were all the guests invited into the one room in the Motel? Tell us more…it sounds quite fascinating.

In May 2017, I invited fans on what I called the Motel tour, where they got to hear the unreleased tracks from the EP I’d been working on with Vinnie LaDuce, performed live Australia wide. The show was performed live, fully amplified, to fans inside Motel Rooms in secret locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron, Sydney and Melbourne.

We took over the rooms, leaning the beds against the walls, moving out the furniture; turning it from an ordinary Motel experience, into a live music venue – with champagne, a stage, lighting, a dance floor – all done without the knowledge of the Motel owners…

My artistic intention behind the Motel Tour, was to offer fans a very unique experience that gives insight into the life of a travelling artist – a life which can often be very random and transient, but also lots of fun, inspiring and full of surprises. 

MT: This year has been a great year for you, what can we expect from your debut album? Like is there a theme?

ELLA: At the moment I’m writing a lot of power-femme songs and that’s the current theme, but there’s going to be a lot of layers in there, a lot of light and shade. The album will reveal itself more as the project deepens but for now I’m setting out to write honestly from the heart and see where I end up. I’m planning to do a lot of travelling and try new things over the next six months (with the aim to strengthen my tolerance for uncertainty), and so that will dramatically influence my writing.

MT: Can you tell us who produced the album and where you recorded it?

ELLA: It’s not made yet! But I plan to collaborate with a range of different people who inspire me, to draw out different elements of artistry.

MT: Any tours on the cards? 

ELLA: Sure do – I’m heading to Sydney early November to celebrate the launch of the Call Girl single, performing at Australian Music Week at Low and Lofty’s Cronulla, Friday 9 November and Lazy Bones Lounge Marrickville, Saturday 10 November. 

Check out Ella’s brand new single