DJ Fenki Ignites A New Fiery Track and Visuals With Release, ‘Sparta’

Indie Music

Fenki, a young and energetic Portuguese artist and DJ has just released a brand new music video for his latest hit track called ‘Sparta.’ Following the success of his previous releases, ‘I’m Running’ and ‘Champion,’ the mega hit star has done it again by showing off his talent and letting his fans into his musical world. 

Earlier in 2020, Fenki launched one of his hottest songs that focuses on creating hooking melodies and perfectly blends together an energizing tempo and out of this world beats. 

The song is one that embraces positivity, optimism, and empowerment as it has allowed the young star to experiment and create something you can listen to while chilling with friends or even dancing the night away at the club! We are definitely fans! Check it out below! 




DJ Fenki Ignites A New Firey Track and Visuals With Release, ‘Sparta’

Feel-Good Italian Groove Trio Breathe New Life Into EDM  

Icon The Great is Back For More with Tripper Remix

EDM Trio

Feel-Good Italian Groove Trio Breathe New Life Into EDM

Produced by Italian electronic trio LI-ES with guest vocals from Canadian singer Aulivur, the international ’12 Worlds (The World Can Love)’ is the latest electronic pop track to come from the Italian trio. Written about unity, love and going through life’s ups and downs with the help of your loved ones, ’12 Worlds (The World Can Love)’ carries an especially poignant message at this time. 
Formed of three well known dance producers in the Italian scene LI-ES began releasing their own music in 2018, spending years crafting their own feel-good groove. Their debut track ‘Wonderful World’ received over 70,000 plays worldwide and they have followed that with a number of successful releases as they continue to climb the charts, breathing new life into electronic dance music.

Feel-Good Italian Groove Trio Breathe New Life Into EDM

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Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic


Fused – Never Let Me Go

Fused (aka Mark Kendrick) is well known to supporters of independent, electronic music. Hailing from England, Fused makes a brand of synthpop heavily influenced by fellow UK artists Depeche Mode and Gary Numan and characterized by superb production values.


“Never Let Me Go” is the eighth single from Fused – a mix of a track previously featured on the “V2” compilation album. Backed by two remixes (the Capitol Mix and the Beat Box Mix) and a further track, “Countdown Red”, “Never Let Me Down” sees Fused produce yet another slice of modern synthpop magic. Whilst the sounds harken back to the eighties, the production values place it firmly in the present. The sounds are big, the chorus is anthemic and an underlying darkness adds layers to the track that invite you to listen again.


I may be a little biased here (Mark remixed a track of mine last year), but I am genuinely impressed. This is music for music lovers – a pop song with gravitas. Available now for purchase digitally and on limited edition CD, “Never Let Me Go” is a must listen for all fans of electronic music.


Simon says 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Stars

Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic

Fused Release Another Slice Of Synth-Pop Magic

Audio: “The Maeve Song” by Machi

EDM Review

Machi, a Canadian producer, composer, singer-songwriter builds her reputation as one of the most exciting EDM artists to follow. Her latest release entitled ‘The Maeve Song,’ is an example of an electro gem that is well-produced, and polished. Machi plays with instrumental layers and adds some additional flavor of synths. Her music is inspired by gaming, Scandinavian culture, and classic techno, which blended together create electrifying tunes. On ‘The Maeve Song,’ Machi includes heavy rotation of pop influences, and channels a distinct synergy filled with the vibe, and uniqueness. Play ‘The Maeve Song,’ and make sure to have a listen of all Machi’s productions.


Audio: “The Maeve Song” by Machi