New Indie Rock Music from East Of Zurich Band

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New Indie Rock Music from East Of Zurich Band

Indie rock is much beloved here in Brisbane, Australia. From Powderfinger and Regurgitator in the 90s, through to Violent Soho and Dune Rats now, this city has a soft spot for guitar-driven (melodic) rock music. So, I predict that the music of East of Zurich should go over well in their hometown and that the band’s latest single, “Roll Over”, should be a hit on 4ZZZ.


Comprising of Martin Brabec, David Simpendorfer, Nick Ng and Anthony Timbrell, East of Zurich’s brand of indie rock harkens back not only to the early 90s, but also to the garage band sounds of 80s Australian acts such as The Stems and Hoodoo Gurus. Indeed, Timbrell states that the lyrics for “Roll Over” were inspired by an idea to make a “rollicking surf song in the spirit of Hoodoo Gurus”.

The track is solid, a kind of medium-paced ballad overlaid with lush organ sounds, rounded off with earthy production values.


Listening to “Roll Over”, you would never guess that East of Zurich have only been playing together for the last 18 months. On the strength of this, one can only imagine how strong their songwriting will be in 18 months from now.


Due for release on 6th March.


Simon says 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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Sunday March 22nd | The Milk Factory | Brisbane, QLD

New Indie Rock Music from East Of Zurich Band