Gutsy and Explosive Unforgettable New Music from Emme Lentino

New Music Release

Emme Lentino – ‘Some Other Girl’

Gutsy and Explosive Unforgettable New Music from Emme Lentino

Emme Lentino is one of the nicest people I’ve encountered. Born in USA and now residing in New Zealand, Emme has a long history in the music business and with each new music release, she just gets better and better; like a fine red wine. J

Her latest track due for release in October, shows real grit. An unforgettable explosive catchy upbeat love song about ‘Some Other Girl’ who ‘Had My Heart and You Threw It Away’ is a rather common crazy issue in relationships and while it seems from my review that perhaps it’s a depressing song; it’s not! By far.

“The song is about empowerment and not letting heartache stop you from thriving and also helping you to discover who you really are” say’s Emme.

Emme not only shows the grit and guts in her vocals but co-insides with a hard-hitting production that would get anyone fired up.

‘Some Other Girl’ is a fiery upbeat country-pop production recorded in London by Al Clay and lends itself to an array of possible versions; which for me, shows a great quality song in itself proving Emme’s song writing skills and capabilities of the highest calibre.

While the production of ‘Some Other Girl’ is great at it is, I would love to hear an acoustic version as well. Alongside perhaps a different approach to vocal performance in the verses with the voice super close to the mic with an almost angry sung/spoken attitude with less reverb. Don’t get me wrong, this production as a stand-alone is mind blowing, but when I can hear so much else in addition to what’s already there, I get excited.

Emme has also filmed a high-quality music video to co-inside with its release giving the visual element of the story line.

Whatever you do, don’t miss ‘Some Other Girl’ when it’s released on October 2nd on all major streaming platforms.


Pre-Order now through Apple:


Tracey gives 5 out of 5 Stars

Review Rating






Read to find out more about Emme Lentino in our Intervew










Gutsy and Explosive Unforgettable New Music from Emme Lentino

Daisy Spratt Releases Breathtaking Captivating and Emotional New Music

Icon The Great is Back For More with Tripper Remix

Indie Singer


We Can’t Stop Thinkin’ Bout Daisy Spratt’s New Single (Listen Here or below: Watch Here: ) Coming soon.

Daisy Spratt released her 3rd studio single, and this one definitely pulls on our heart strings. Her 2019 release of “Think Again Boy” had attitude and grit, but “Thinkin’ Bout You” is all about emotive lyrics, and verges on a personal conversation with her listeners.

The 24-year-old, Melbourne, singer-songwriter has had a trying year, like all people, coming to terms with the new realities of COVID-19, and the personal strains it has brought on families.

The song was written with certain loved ones in mind, that have been battling depression and anxiety. Her music video contains many personal home-made videos of herself, and her family, from when she was a little girl, which only adds to the emotion of the track.

“I wanted to share a song that would really speak to people in this season. It has been a tough year, we have lost people, lost jobs, lost our sense of order and what was once our reality. People need to know that someone cares and is thinkin’ bout them. I hope people feel uplifted, and emotional, all at the same time, when they listen to it”, she says.

The independent artist has floated between country and pop over the years, but this new single verges on the edge of pop, and indie/alternative genres with a vocal to match and captivate the attention of all listeners.

If you love Matt Corby, Taylor Swift, Vance Joy, Gabrielle Aplin or Amy Shark, you’ll love this song. 

For the release, she has reached out to mental health organisations in Australia. Beyond Blue is kindly allowing Daisy to share the song on their public Facebook profile, to reach over 600,000 people.



Daisy Spratt Releases Breathtaking Captivating and Emotional New Music







Daisy Spratt Releases Breathtaking Captivating and Emotional New Music

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Sam Bartells Fast Becoming New Zealands Next Big Music Artist

A trip to Nashville in 2019 sent the wheels in motion, and truly set up a promising future for country artist, Sam Bartells.

With a husky timbre, a love of raw acoustic guitar and an authentic delivery of melody/lyrics, Sam Bartells’ talent grabbed the attention of Nashville record executive, Peter Strickland. Strickland will be overseeing the development of the NZ based artist through his compan Marathon Talent Agency. Sam has just returned for a series of shows, recording and writing sessions. 

Signed to New Zealand based Resiau Records, Bartells was funded the opportunity to record an EP in Nashville during September, 2019. 


We had the pleasure to interview Sam while in transit on the plane to Nashville to pursue more recording, writing and shows. 

Country Rock Singer Songwriter

Sam Bartells Fast Becoming New Zealands Next Big Music Artist

MT/Tracey: Hello Sam, lovely to meet you. Was there anyone who inspired you to begin a career in music?


Sam: From listening to music with my father from a very young age and having cousins and uncles all play was my first inspiration. Music just moved me from the early days.


MT/Tracey: How long have you been singing and playing guitar for?

Sam:  I have been singing and playing for 20years. Holy moly..


MT/Tracey: Who do you enjoy listening to, as a fan?

Sam: I listen to mostly easy listening soulful music or country. I haven’t been a big listener for the last few years but am getting back into it again now.


MT/Tracey: When was your first release?

Sam: First release – Have released music since in my early 20s however a limited amount is available due to relaunching my career recently.

MT: You have had a few battles which you are quite candid about with an underlying important message for others struggling with addiction. What do you tell yourself when you’re not feeling on top of world; do you have strategies to help?

Sam: When i struggle there are lots of things i do but a few things that help are.

Write a list of all the things i’m grateful for.

Accept myself and my situation

Look to help someone


MT/Tracey: How important do you think it is to share the reality of life to others?

Sam: A problem shared is a problem halved.


MT/Tracey: Your last release, ‘Blessed & Broken’ is such a beautiful song musically, lyrically and simple, highlighting the strength of the song and raw vocals, guitar and violin; Can you tell us what ‘Blessed & Broken’ is all about? 

Sam: It’s about my last rock bottom before i got sober 3.5 years ago. And reflecting on it.



MT/Tracey: Do you perform often?

Sam: Planning on a lot more shows in NZ and USA very soon and a tour of USA

Single Promotion


MT/Tracey: Do you have any specific rituals before you head out on stage?

Sam: 30 min warm up. Focus on breathing.


MT/Tracey: Your latest single, ‘Alone No More’ has only just been released; What or who inspired you to write this song?

Sam: Just had a story in my mind of a guy realizing he is lonely without his love


MT/Tracey: 2019 looked to be a stellar year for you with a trip to Nashville meeting many from the industry. What was it like for you while meeting people and recording in Nashville?  

Sam: Nashville was amazing so many experiences and was cool to work with so many talanted musicians recording and jamming. Loved the vibe in town and the people.


MT: Where can people see you perform next?

Sam: We should have some shows announced soon for Nashville.

Australian Songbird Daisy Spratt Looking Ahead and Giving Back

Thanks for your time Sam have a great day and all the best with ‘Alone No More’

Australian Songbird Daisy Spratt Looking Ahead and Giving Back




Sam Bartells Fast Becoming New Zealands Next Big Music Artist

Australian Songbird Daisy Spratt Looking Ahead and Giving Back

Melbourne singer-songwriter, Daisy Spratt undoubtedly has talent to burn. Her energy, songwriting and singing skills are to be admired with her intentions and goals to match. 

Having just released her third single, ‘Think Again Boy’, proving she isn’t just a pretty lady, but a lady with fierce motivation, goals and dreams that are certain to become a reality for Ms Spratt. 

We had the pleasure to interview Daisy. Spratt is down to earth with a certain kind of perkiness about her which reflects in ‘Think Again Boy’. 

Hope you enjoy the interview, and continue to keep an eye on this talented young woman. 


Australian Singer

Australian Songbird Daisy Spratt Looking Ahead and Giving Back

Tracey: Hello Daisy, nice to cyber meet you! Can you tell us where you are from and how long you’ve been singing for?

Daisy: Thank you Tracey for having me! I’m sort of a hybrid. I was born in Southport, Queensland. However, I moved to the United States when I was 1. I moved back to Melbourne when I was about 10, and have been here ever since. I like to think of myself as being from Melbourne. It’s my home here, but a piece of me will always be with the USA, because that was where I first started listening to music, and learning what I liked and didn’t like. I didn’t start getting singing lessons until I was 13, and started performing around 15, so I was a late bloomer in my craft.


MT/Tracey: How did you become involved in music and singing?

Daisy:  It was by chance when I was about 12 or 13, back in the MSN days, I would do voice recordings for fun and send them to my friends. I sang some Linkin Park songs one day. My friends were serious and said I should pursue lessons because I apparently sang well. The singing side of things started from there, in terms of actually pursuing that. Guitar was my first musical love though. I came back to Australia, and lived in a small regional town called Moe, in Victoria, initially. It was there I decided to give guitar lessons a go, and I never stopped playing from then on. I regularly did little performances playing guitar, and also would play guitar with my dad who taught me a lot of basic chords.


MT/Tracey: Do you write your own music and collaborate? If so, who have you recently worked with?

Daisy: I do. I love writing. Even if the initial ideas are terrible, I like to get my heart and feelings down, to release those emotions at the time. I love collaborating, and actually prefer it when I’m releasing music. You get so many more ideas, and can work as a team to make the song the best it can be. With all the songs I have released so far, I wrote the majority of the song on my own, and then would bring it to the studio and collaborate to make it better before recording. The most recent collaboration would be “Think Again Boy”. It was co-written with Brandon Hood in Nashville, and then I had the honour of having it produced by John Capek, who has worked with artists like Rod Stewart and Diana Ross in the past.

Australian Singer

MT/Tracey: How important do you feel music is, in people’s lives?

Daisy: I don’t think I have ever met someone who doesn’t listen to music. Sure, not everyone has a passion for it, or is involved in it per se, but everyone listens to it. It is very important, because it has the power to shift the atmosphere, in a positive or negative way. It can also speak to people in low moments, or give them a “pick me up” for the day. That’s why I love doing it, not just because I’m good at it, or enjoy it, but also because I get to speak to people that I’ll likely never meet.


MT: Do you recall the first song you sang, and at what age were you?

Daisy: The first song I ever sang for an actual audience I was around 15, and sang “Scar” by Missy Higgins. It was the first time my mum saw me sing live on stage. My family jokes about it, because I apparently I sang so pitchy and flat back then!


MT: I’ve noticed you have sung your own version of few covers and your previous releases being more pop.  What was the reason for the style change to more of an Americana Pop feel for ‘Think Again Boy’?

Daisy: I like singing anything and everything. When you grow up listening to a broad range of music, it can be difficult to find your “box” or genre. My song “Love Like That” was more country, my self-titled EP was more pop and rock. So, it’s been a journey of self-discovery and finding what style I can express myself the best through. “Think Again Boy” is the launch of a new era and a new style for me, where I feel I am able to give people an insight into me as a person, through music. Maybe down the track I might venture into something different like blues, but Americana pop is where I am at right now, and I’m cool with it.


MT/Tracey: You have a great voice! Who did you listen to growing up?

Daisy: Thank you! That means a lot. I listened to so many genres and artists growing up. When I was really little it was Kenney Chesney, Shania Twain and Keith Urban. I was also surrounded by a lot of gospel and Christian music. Then I discovered Green Day at 10 years old, and got hooked on rock, American punk music throughout my teens.


MT/Tracey: Are you performing live anywhere at the moment?

Daisy: I’m doing a lot of open mic gigs at the moment through the CBD of Melbourne, and on the Peninsula, to keep myself fresh and try new songs on audiences. I also have some internationally live streamed gigs coming up during the Christmas period as well.


MT/Tracey: Do you have any great moments that stand out to you, perhaps a show or a session that made an impact and you will never forget?

Daisy: Probably when I did the launch party in November 2018, for my EP release. I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the people that came, and having my first experience of doing a full show of my own original music. I remember thinking “this is what it feels like to do your own shows, and have people there that connect with your music”.

Australian Singer


MT/Tracey: What hobbies do you have that you like to do other than music?

Daisy: I love working out with my husband, it’s something we make time to do together amongst our busy lives. We’re on a bit of a health kick at the moment. Anything creative, like scrapbooking. I’m currently trying to finish our wedding album. I also really enjoy baking and cooking at home, if I have the time to just bake a cake.

MT/Tracey: Is there an album coming? What’s next in line for Daisy Spratt?

Daisy: Yes, for sure! Next year we have some singles and music videos in the pipeline, and festival shows. An album will definitely be happening, but most likely will be looking at releasing in 2021.


MT/Tracey: Where do you see yourself with your singing and music? What is your biggest dream?

Daisy: My biggest dream is doing headline tours, and essentially running a whole business through the Daisy Spratt brand. I’d love to include merchandise, and Daisy Spratt clothing in the brand, and also introduce some form of a charity side to the business, so that I can continue helping people and giving back to the community somehow. Essentially, I want to be able to make a living doing something I love, and being able to help people at the same time.


MT: Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Daisy: Just thank you for having me. It’s been a wild journey since releasing my first studio recording in 2016, and I’m humbled that I’m even at the point that people care to ask about my music and songs, so thank you, and there is more to come!

Australian Songbird Daisy Spratt Looking Ahead and Giving Back

Thanks for your time Daisy have a great day!

Australian Songbird Daisy Spratt Looking Ahead and Giving Back


Australian Songbird Daisy Spratt Looking Ahead and Giving Back

Feel At Home with Leaving Lennox New Single “Weren’t Looking For”

Single Cover

Leaving Lennox

“Weren’t Looking For“

Leaving Lennox has recently released their new single, ‘Weren’t Looking For’.

As soon as the play button was hit, it immediately made me feel at home, easy and free.

‘Weren’t Looking For’ is an easy-going mid tempo country pop/rock song that makes you feel like smiling with vocal harmonies blending beautifully from the Leaving Lennox Duo, Mick and Lauren.

Lauren’s lead vocal is simple and very well sung, just as it should be.

If there’s one thing that now turns me off with a vocal, it’s the apparent need many vocalists feel, to over sing. Lauren knows just how to place the right amount of expression and vibrato, blending some really lovely tones to her vocal, performing the song in the way it was intended.

The strumming of guitars and lead electric swarms through and around the track before it moves into its own solo with no need for screaming or showing off.

This is the true art of allowing the song to sing for itself with clever musicianship and production.

The only downer for me, was that it ended too quickly. A really nice song with sweetest cherries on top.

Verdict: 4/5 Hearts

Music Review 4 Hearts

Feel At Home with Leaving Lennox New Single “Weren’t Looking For”


Country Singer Danielle Todd Releases Edgy New Single ‘Back Burner’

Country Singer Danielle Todd Releases Edgy New Single ‘Back Burner’

Canadian Country Singer

After successfully releasing her debut single ‘Crazy’ to Australian country radio earlier this year, Danielle Todd returns with a highly anticipated new single ‘Back Burner’.  This fast-paced infectious song (co-written with Natascha Myers and Curt Gibbs) unveils a fierce and edgy side to Danielle’s natural charm, focusing on the empowerment of walking away from a toxic relationship. ‘Back Burner’ encompasses classic country vibes with a modern pop-twist.


“I am so excited to follow up my debut single with an upbeat, confident country sound. My first single was received so well in Australia, I can’t wait to see how my Aussie fans will respond to “Back Burner”. This song is for anybody out there who is feeling “stuck” in a relationship that no longer serves them, walk away folks! It’ll be worth it in the end”.


Following a childhood comprised of watching her rock-turned-country musician father make a living and eventually making a name for herself doing the same, Canadian country singer/songwriter Danielle Todd made the move to Nashville, Tennessee. Cutting her teeth day in and day out under the neon lights of Broadway, she quickly learned the grit it takes to survive an industry that sometimes takes as much as it gives. It wasn’t long before she met country/pop producer Grady James, and together they unveiled her sound: a formula of pop/soul, rock and classic country to become what Danielle best describes as “classic country gone pop.”


With the pop sensibilities of the likes of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, a focus on country acoustic elements and a dash of quirkiness, Danielle finds indicative of her sound, songs like her debut single, “Crazy,” came to be. Released  early 2019, “Crazy,” took Danielle to higher heights. The fresh, upbeat tune was well received on Canadian Country Radio, in particular Sirius XM where it enjoyed high rotation for months and charted constantly.  The song also reached #80 on the main Canadian Trax Report.  “Crazy” enjoyed success in Australia, reaching #13 on the high profile KIX Country Chart and #37 on the Music Network Charts, which combines radio airplay.


The release of ‘Back Burner’ will be followed with an East Coast and Ontario radio tour in Canada and shows in Australia in early 2020, including Tamworth Country Music Festival. 

Impressive Debut Single from Folk Pop Band The Pairs

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