This Mellow Releases touching debut single I’m With you

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This Mellow – I’m With You

The ‘I’m With You’ is the shiny debut single to come from Perth based artist This Mellow. Inspired by the lockdowns and being separated from family in the UK, ‘I’m With You’ sums up the sentiment that we can all relate to after the past year. A song of faith that can be turned to in these difficult times, This Mellow fuses the love for his family with the love he feels in his Christian faith.

This Mellow is a Christian contemporary music artist based in Perth, Australia. Born and raised in the UK he was first inspired to pick up the guitar after seeing George Harrison on the Beatles Anthology series. This Mellow started making music when he was fifteen years old and played his first live show only eight months after first picking up the guitar. At sixteen he went into the studio to record his first song, singing and playing all the instruments himself. He went on to spend many years as a gigging secular musician before becoming a born again Christian in 2017. This life changing moment led him to withdraw from the secular music world and to finally go solo, working on his own faith based music. This Mellow spent 2020 writing his first Christian inspired songs, his first being forthcoming debut single ‘I’m With You’. His distinctive sound is described as stripped down acoustic music inspired by CCM artists Chris Tomlin, Leeland and Zach Williams. This Mellow is currently in the studio recording working on new material and preparing for his first live shows.


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This Mellow Releases Touching Debut Single I’m With You

This Mellow – I’m With You


Living Faith Worship Group Releases Single ‘Holy Are You Lord’

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Written to capture the essence of feeling close to God, ‘Holy are You Lord’ is the latest release from Australian Living Faith Worship. With the aim of sharing how to usher in the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, Living Faith Worship express a prophetic voice that music and faith enable. With reverent harmonies and a powerful vocal delivery from Cody Samuels, ‘Holy are You Lord’ encapsulates both the power and tenderness of their faith and love for God.

 Living Faith Worship are part of the Living Faith Community Church in Perth, Australia, who have over 700 churches around the world. They were established in 2017 to bring a new prophetic voice to the global church, spreading their message through their music. Cody Samuels, a worship leader in the community, wrote ‘Holy are You Lord’ as a collaborative effort with other members of his community. 

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Living Faith Worship Group Releases Single ‘Holy Are You Lord’





Living Faith Worship Group Releases Single ‘Holy Are You Lord’

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