Charles Cleyn Returns With New UpBeat Pop Single 

Charles Cleyn Returns With New UpBeat Pop Single

Indie Pop SingerCanadian singer-songwriter Charles Cleyn returns with emotive new single called What Love Is’. Produced by Ainsley Adams (Adele, Jessie J, The Kooks) and co-written by Charlie Grant, Charles Cleyn blends acoustic guitars with electronic synths to create his unique, upbeat pop sound.


Having spent years working in a corporate job, Charles decided to follow his heart and jump into music full time. He moved to Berlin where he released his debut single ‘Decisions’ back in June 2018 and was awarded a Berlin Music Video Award. He spent the rest of 2018 in his Berlin living room, writing over 200 songs with different co-writers, honing his craft to find his new sound.


When asked about ‘What Love Is’, Charles stated: “I’m not always sure if I’m living the right life or following the right path. There are times it feels right but there are other times it doesn’t. I think this happens to a lot of people, so I was inspired to write What Love Is. It’s a song about that feeling of not knowing what direction you’re going in but if you have one person to lean and count on then everything will be okay.”

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Charles Cleyn shouldn’t be ‘sorry’ for his latest single

Musician Singer

Charles Cleyn is a Canadian singer songwriter.
Not always a full time songwriter, Charles started his career in business and technology working for Canadian company Shopify for 6 years.
He put his dreams into action and is now on a mission to become a recognized musician.
This summer Charles will be playing 45 shows between Canada and Europe upon the release of his latest single Sorry which is the first of a four singles that will be released in 2019. 
“Sorry is actually about not being sorry for some of your past relationships that didn’t work out. We learn and grow from our past and we don’t need to feel sorry about it.” say’s Charles.
Written By Charles Cleyn, Charlie Grant, and Ainsley Adams
Produced By Ainsley Adams



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