Catherine Duc ‘Till The Daylight’ Remix Ben Hobbs  

Producer Mixer

Ben Hobbs

“Blind To You”

(Catherine Duc “Till The Daylight” Remix)

The remix is an interesting beast. The remixer is tasked with taking songs that have been carefully crafted by their creators (and never forget, the creators of these tracks can sometimes be very jealous guardians indeed) and turning them into something new. The real trick for the remixer is to respect the original whilst unearthing something in the track that may have previously gone unnoticed – to reveal aspects of the track that were hidden in plain sight. The remixer’s task is thus a delicate one – to simultaneously uphold and move beyond the source material.


Melbourne-based, Grammy nominee Catherine Duc manages to find this balance on her remix of Blind To You by Ben Hobbs. Duc has taken the sun-drenched eighties-electro of Hobbs’ track and molded it into a kind of lush late night R&B version that still gives nods to the beach vibes of the original. The presence of some of her stated influences (Deep Forest and Enigma) are evident in the sweeping synth pads here and the understated arrangement. Evoking the gentle swell of the ocean, Duc’s production successfully reveals the seductive lyricism of Hobbs’ song.


This is a solid track. Duc obviously understands her craft and has produced a remix here that both pays homage to and moves beyond its source material.


Simon says 4 out of 5 stars.

4 Star Rating