This is What Black Lives Matter Sounds Like with Think Good Audio

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Think Good Audio – Black Lives Matter

It is no secret that Think Good Audio is one of my favorite artists. Working in the area of fractured, downtempo, instrumental hip-hop, Think Good Audio consistently produces music that challenges his listeners to both think and expand their musical horizons. His latest album, “Black Lives Matter”, is absolutely no exception to this.


With track titles such as “I Can’t Breathe”, “George Floyd”, “Oppression” and “Giuliani’s Last Stand”, it should be clear what this album is about. But just in cases it is not, it’s worth quoting the artist himself here:


“This album addresses the many shades of police and racial supremacy that continues to push an ugly history of America into its own oblivion amongst a pandemic that knows no prejudice. 

This album is dedicated to the many lives of black Americans killed unjustly; through slavery, segregation, and systemic racism. 

I grew up dealing with racism on a personal level. This is an album of significant importance. To still witness minorities dying on TV and cops being protected, sends a message to a person of color like me that my life has no worth in America.”


The sonic palette on display here is startling. Wistful piano loops and chilled hip-hop beats meet vocal samples from TV news. Fractured industrial sounds are juxtaposed against vocal choirs and Maggot Brain-style guitar solos fade in and out of a number of tracks. It is challenging listening at times but it is also reflective of the fractious, partisan times we are currently living in.


For me, the standout tracks were “I Can’t Breathe” where the subtle piano loops and lush orchestral sounds are abruptly silenced by a lingering gunshot, and the musical painting of the experience of oppression on display in the song of the same name.


I normally wrap up my reviews with a rating out of five, but rather than do that, I will instead end with this…


Simon says listen.

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This is What Black Lives Matter Sounds Like with Think Good Audio