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Raised in the Willamette Valley, and currently splitting time between Oregon and the Coachella Valley, Brandon Richardson has spent years writing songs meant to remind himself and his listeners to pursue what drives them, face what scares them and discover their whole selves before it’s too late. He founded the audio/visual project Before the Funeral in 2014, using his storytelling and personal experiences to provide comfort and insight into shared human conditions. A year into this project, Before the Funeral released “Stay Awake,” encouraging listeners to stay present within chaotic circumstances.” Richardson followed that up with 2017’s “When You Feel Weak,” a loving declaration of protection from the outside world and oneself. 

Now Before the Funeral is out with what may be its most personal song yet. “Choose to Live” is about accepting our inevitable end and it’s unpredictable timing, allowing that to inspire us to live life while we are able. 

It is inspired by Richardson’s recent medical emergency where in March 2019, doctors told him he would need open-heart surgery to save his life. Though he’d written “Choose to Live” several years before, its words now flooded over him as he realized the choice was now his. Motivated by the news he returned to the studio to record “Choose to Live” before his June 14 surgery date. 

The surgery was successful and after a week in the hospital Brandon was released to recover at home. There he slowly began to plan the release, completing a lyric video and setting the release date, August 1st, to share “Choose to Live” with the world.

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