B.KNOX Latest Single Is Like A Landscape Painting Thats Big, Broad and Beautiful

Folk Singer


“The Fault Lies”

Singer songwriter B.Knox confirms my belief that good things come out of Canada. He rides that line between country and folk music with ease. A teacher by profession, Knox gives his listeners a lesson in life with his songs.


His latest single, The Fault Lies is like a landscape painting, one that is big, broad and beautiful. It conveys feelings of loss, change and emptiness, with a bittersweet edge.


Here’s how Knox describes the song,


“Shifting seasons present stark and beautiful backdrops for changing love.

The movement from loss and regret to unapologetic acceptance draws heavily from both of my self-acknowledged wells of inspiration – heartbreak and landscape.”


This is his fourth single, with his earlier tracks Deep, Dark Love, Living with a Shadow and Corners all demonstrating a talent and a connection with the darker side of life. He is moody and melancholic, and wonderful. I’m a fan.


He is promising to release a full album, “Heartbreak and Landscape” during 2020. I’m looking forward to seeing where this guy will take us.


His music is available now on most streaming platforms.


Jacqueline Gives 4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 Star Rating


WEBSITE: https://bknoxmusic.com/

B.Knox Latest Single Is Like A Landscape Painting Thats Big, Broad and Beautiful


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‘Corners’ Ticks All Boxes For Lovers Of Americana


Indie Artist

B. Knox



From Barrie, Ontario, Canada comes a new songwriter forging songs out of heartbreak and landscape.

His new single, “Corners”, should tick all the boxes to lovers of Americana, with a laid-back groove, jangly guitars, a groovy piano and heartfelt vocals. It’s a portrait of time passing, and the inescapable feeling that it may also be slipping away. From its author’s own words: “It may not be a song of hope, but it certainly is one of honesty and melancholy acceptance”.

Fans of 3 chords and the truth will certainly appreciate. The production is on point, and leaves plenty of space to B. Knox vocals to shine and we can “hear the ticking of the clock, who I am, what I’m not”. Pretty cool song that will warrant more listens and be welcome in the collection of any music lover.

Verdict: 5/5 beards

5 Beards Rating




Get the song on Bandcamp at: https://soundcloud.com/b-knox81/corners