Love & Light appeals to anyone with an ecologic conscience and a taste for melodic songwriting

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“Love & Light”


Following their latest EP “Nostalgia”, Josef and Jan Prasil, the twin brothers from Amistat deliver here a beautiful new single that speaks of our relationship with the oceans and how we should be more conscious of all the damage we are doing around the planet. It’s all about love & light.

The song is weaving delicate guitar arpeggios and beautiful harmonies, and in contrast with the serious theme, there is an aethereal quality to the music that aspires to our better self. In the vein of a Cat Stevens or a James Taylor, the duo’s melodic abilities are particularly well displayed in this new song, with a production that brings the softness of their vocals on a tasty bed of light drums and percussion, sparse piano, acoustic guitars and that bed of vocal harmonies which is their trademark sound.

Adding a new direction to a worthy discography, this great single will appeal to anyone with an ecologic conscience and a taste for melodic song writing, folk and soft rock and generally good music.

Time to give these guys a follow and a listen?

Verdict: 5/5 beards

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The Synergy Of Twins; Souring Vocal Harmonies And Unique Sound From Amistat


Amistat are twin brothers Josef and Jan Prasil. Born in Germany and raised in Italy, with parents originating from Czech Republic and Australia, the European brothers developed their sound after moving to Australia and have since worked their way into the hearts of listeners across the globe with their soaring harmonies and unique sound. 


Born with the closeness and understanding that only twins could share, Josef and Jan produce a unique synergy through the use of tight-knit harmonies, shaped by an honest, storytelling vocal tone. Amistat are able to communicate their inspirations, drawn from a life on the road; infusing their sentiments, hopes and ambitions to develop an honest and heartfelt message to their audiences. Highlighting their individuality, the brothers bring together their contrasting musical styles and personalities to create a balanced sound, which is soaked in melancholy. With influences ranging from The Bee Gees and Cat Stevens, to the folky ballads of Ben Howard and Bon Iver, Amistat have crafted a sound which resonates deep in the soul. 


Following up the release of their latest EP Nostalgia, Amistat are dropping their new single ‘Love and Light’. The stunning and poignant new single was inspired by the recent environmental changes and the ocean’s rising pollution. Amistat express, “Love and Light is about the relationship between humans and every other living creature and how we must treat one another with more respect and compassion again”. Sonically the single steps away from the duo’s typical sound, taking a different and open minded approach. Featuring simplistic organic instrumentation, delicate vocals and glowing harmonies, ‘Love and Light’ captures the true essence of beauty, evoking a powerful and emotive feeling. 


Amistat have embarked on a number of Australian and European tours, as well as performing at some of Australia’s finest festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, Fairbridge, National Folk Festival, Nannup and the renowned Port Fairy Folk Festival where they won the Maton Emerging Artist of the Year 2018 Award.  


Amistat are using their music to encourage others to find inner love and reflect on how they treat themselves and the people around them. ’Love and Light’ is currently available worldwide.


Amistat – Love & Light