David Biviano and Jonathan Wood Create Addictive Dance Pop Junk Masterpiece

Junk Single Cover

David Biviano and Jonathan Wood – Junk

David Biviano and Jonathan Wood Create Addictive Dance Pop Junk Masterpiece

David Biviano and Jonathan Wood are two musicians who have seemed to find a mutual understanding and love for writing, recording and producing music while at opposite ends of the world.  

For Australian artist David, writing has been a long-time desire since the age of 13. Now, a few decades later, it looks like the wait was worth it.

Jonathan hails from Cheshire, England and both met online at https://www.premiersongproduction.com/


Junk is a high energy funky dance track which exudes qualities reminiscent of the 90’s era with a groove, vocal harmonies and beats to put a smile on your dial making you feel the need to press replay again and again.

While the track is about the struggle of coming clean off heroin, the vibrancy of this track doesn’t allow you to wallow.

The lyrics could very well portray any difficulty associated with the power of the mind and very cleverly written.


There’s a lot going on within the track, but don’t let that fool you as an over produced song!

The instrumentation is placed so very well, elements of that funky guitar, clean crisp piano and electronic sounds poke through the grooving beats that surrounds and explodes throughout.

There are so many great elements of surprise as the track progresses. Before you know it, it’s all over……hence, having to play it all over again.

Lyrics by David Biviano and music composed, arranged and produce by song writing partner, Jonathan Wood, it’s clear this working duo have found the magic key of writing, recording and producing great quality music.


It has me shaking my booty! A super catchy cracking track!


5 out of 5  Stars from Tracey

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STREAM: https://davidbivianojonathanmwood.bandcamp.com/track/junk

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/davidbiviano4

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/David-Biviano-121680749230679/

David Biviano and Jonathan Wood Create Addictive Dance Pop Junk Masterpiece

Alternative Pop Artist Alto Key is Not Colourless

Alternative Pop

Alto Key – ‘Colourless’


‘Colourless’ is the latest single from London alternative-pop artist Alto Key; and is Nice; really nice.

The vocals of Alto Key were the first to grab my attention. A voice that’s contrasting packed with raw emotion and well performed.


One aspect of a great vocal is the ability to tell the story, to allow the lyrics to sing within itself. Alto Keys vocal empowers a prominent performance. Alto Key’s performance is very clear, enabling you to hear every word integrated with a sense of urgency which is highlighted by use of his vibrato.


The message is one in which many struggle with in life as they attempt to find themselves, with lyrics communicating to those around to accept you as the person you are and not trying to change or modify that person.


‘Colourless’ is, on the contrary, chock-full of colour as the highs and lows of cinematic quality Strings sour throughout choruses, flying through and around, creating the feeling of freedom. A rather clever integration suiting the context of the track.

Like I said, Nice!


Tracey gives 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4.5 Star Rating


WEBSITE: https://altokey.com/

Alternative Pop Artist Alto Key is Not Colourless