Uplifting Afro-Pop RnB New Music from Toby Octave

Uplifting Afro-Pop RnB New Music from Toby Octave

Indie Artist RnB Pop Toby Octave

Emerging hip-hop artist Toby Octave returns with an uplifting, melodic, and melancholic EP ‘Strings Attached’. The six-track EP features rich guitar riffs, driving beats, uplifting instrumentation, and powerful lyricism by Toby Octave.

The uplifting energy featured throughout the EP adds a unique style. Moreover, ‘Strings Attached’ radiates an intimate, emotional vibe.

The arrangements in ‘Strings Attached’ are unique and different from each other making the entire EP one of a kind. The EP spotlights the Toby Octave’s vocal abilities as well. Undoubtedly, the EP has the ability to impact the listener as it contains a unique style and sound that gives each track an identity on top of the powerful lyricism. The uplifting production and deep lyricism of the EP will take the listener into a musical journey. The EP has the ability to resonate with any pop/afrobeat fan as it has every element to deliver a message, be impactful, and catchy. The entire EP is written and produced by the talented Toby Octave.

About Toby Octave
Toby Octave is an emerging singer-songwriter, guitarist, percussionist, pianist, and producer hailing from Lagos, Nigeria. The now Maryland-based afro-pop/R&B artist seeks to leave his footprint in the music scene. At a young point in his career, Toby Octave earned the nomination for the “Best Upcoming Act”, which he won. With a special talent in composition, Toby Octave is as versatile as an artist can get. Fusing, working and writing different genres Toby has developed his own unique sound and style. EPs like “Mixed Feelings” and “Grateful” showcase his versatility as an artist, and his unique, uplifting sound. With a dynamic sound, Toby Octave is an artist to keep an eye and ear out for as he is set to keep rising in the music scene.

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Uplifting Afro-Pop RnB New Music from Toby Octave

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