American singer-songwriter Vincent Poag has shared his new album, a heartwarming and soulful collection of twelve songs titled Masquerade. The eighth song of the album is the only collaboration from the tracklist, with Diana Hope’s beautiful voice enchanting us from start to finish, especially with the exquisite humming that ends the song in full grace. 

Following in the footsteps of legendary artists like Bob Dylan, Vincent Poag has brought back the power of poetry and music into the modern era. Born in the 1950s in Massapequa, Vincent Poag attended performances by Sinatra and Elvis Presley as a teenager, and was exposed to the Broadway musical era. 

Despite receiving his first guitar at the age of eight, marking the beginning of his songwriting process, it is following a birthday present in 2008 by his wife, who gifted him a guitar, that Vincent Poag began releasing music. To date, he has released four albums, including his debut LP Circling Back in 2011, For The Girls in 2014, Heroes and Demons in 2018 and Masquerade a few weeks ago. 

Some of Vincent Poag’s biggest hits have been streamed over 1M times each, including “America,” “Stress,” and “This Christmas.” 

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