MAD FVN; You Are Hired – You’re A Popstar In The Making

Ella Fence The Genre Hopping and Shape Shifting Indie Artist

MAD FVN; You Are Hired – You’re A Popstar In The Making

I am a performer. There’s never been any question in my mind when it came to what I was meant to do, and I think that rings true for a lot of people in the music industry. The only time doubt comes in is when we’re figuring out how the hell we’re supposed to make it happen! In that regard, there’s a lot of doubt. There are no resume’s to hand in, no amount of internet interviews that say “You’re hired! You’re a popstar”. You simply have to do the work. You have to be good at what you do and prove that you are over and over again before the doors start to open.

What’s gotten me through that process is never forgetting the fun part! Remembering what I do this for: the music.

Music has been my everything since the beginning. The beautiful thing about music is you don’t have to be a musician to love it. It’s emotional, raw, devastating, euphoric, and the ultimate healer. I’m lucky to feel confident in my songwriting, my singing, and my performances, because I get to be that outlet for people that need it. I get to help people heal by being vulnerable myself, and in our darkest times, when people feel the most separated, I’m honored to be a part of the unity that music creates. 


Life is simply too short to second guess your talents. I’ve sung since the day I learned how (albeit not very good in the beginning), began writing when I was 14 (again, not very well) and have been on a stage since elementary school through music, dance, and theater. I was horrified to go out on stage, yet totally mesmerized and excited. It was this need for me to keep getting up there, even when the stage fright hit every single time. In the beginning, none of us are very good! But I knew I could be great, if only I kept pushing.

Now here I am, 23 years old, releasing my debut single “Skeletons”, utterly thankful that I never gave up on myself. It’s hard work but that’s what makes it worth it.

This single didn’t just happen over night.

It was constant practice, writing, planning, collaborating, and perseverance that led me to this first step of many to come, and I’m excited. I like the work, because it makes me better. This song means so much more to me than it’s surface portrayal of power and vengeance. It’s a symbol of what I had to do to get to this point, and beyond. “Skeletons” is only the beginning, and even if just one person walks away from this song feeling like they’re not alone, I’ll know I’ve done my job.

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Ella Fence The Genre Hopping and Shape Shifting Indie Artist

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